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  1. newsjustin

    The Guardian headline would have you think that the 11 Ballymurphy victims were on trial. They were not.

    Ditto (London) Independent.

    1. Cian

      By that arguement the Enniskillen bombing is another reason to support the removal of IRA/Sinn Fein from Ireland when the opportunity comes.

    2. Junkface

      Over simplification of the situation will not help. Certainly rushing into a united Ireland to remove foreign forces would lead to economic depression, and social turmoil in some areas. I don’t really like Sinn Fein, but they have a couple of good politicians on board who will stand up for Irish people with regards to the housing crisis, but they still have links to gangsters and terrorists. They really need to clean up that side, nevertheless I think they would win the next election solely on the Housing crises and vulture funds issue.

      Fine Gael and Fianna Fail are a dead end for Ireland. They both incentivized the largest theft of wealth from 4 or 5 generations of Irish youth.

      1. Cian

        I dunno.

        1920-1990: Ireland’s largest export was her people. population was stagnant. (adult population went from 1.9 million in 1926 to 2.3million in 1986)
        1990-2007: Ireland boomed. This lead to a massive increase in population – which put huge pressure on housing. (adults went from 2.4m in 1991 to 3.5m in 2016. (That’s a 45% increase in the adult population – where do they all live?)
        2007-date: economic bust, recovery, then covid.

        Successive governments (FF & FG also Lab & PDs) made Ireland an economic success in the 90s – but the price was a spike in population and the housing costs.

        1. Dame Lula

          “Ireland’s largest export was her people”

          Cian sees People as commodity.

          One step away from Chattel.

        2. Junkface

          That is interesting to know Cian, but the main cause of Irelands housing shortage was a combination of Irish leadership in the late 1980’s allowing people in social housing (corporation estates) to buy their homes for a pittance, my aunt bought hers in Dublin for 1800 punts in 1989 I think, she flipped it 1 year later for 40,000 punts. That’s a massive profit! How many thousand families decided to also do this? The profit would be huge. I’m not against working class people making a profit at all, but this created huge economic instability in the Irish housing market, it could have been done better. It also made thousands (living in social housing) now think of housing as an investment for profit, not a basic human right. Irish leadership at the time also noticed what was going on and decided to put all of the eggs in the housing bubble basket. Totally neglecting younger generations struggling to build wealth while at the same time allowing my parents generation to ransack the country for wealth. It’s human nature to jump at that chance, there should have been more regulations. The generations born from the late 1960’s to present have all been robbed of wealth and therefore emigration continued strongly when it did not have to.

          Wasn’t it Fianna Fail that completely stopped building social housing in 1999 or 2000? Leading them to do deals with foreign investors, wall st firms, shifting all Irish housing to the private market and everything designed for quick profit over economic stability. Again neglecting generations of young Irish people, students, young couples of housing opportunities. Then 2008 crash happened. Ireland was ransacked by corrupt leadership for close to 50 years. We now see the results.

          1. Cian

            It’s strange that when people talk about “the transfer of public assets into private hands” they rarely mention the billions that was transferred to council-house buyers.

      2. Rob_G

        Junk, you seem a thoughtful and reasonable person, but don’t know what you are talking about – SF’s spokesman on hosing, Eoin Ó Broin, thinks that new houses cost €60k to build (hint: they don’t), and objects to the construction of social housing when it’s in his own constituency.

  2. Birdie

    I wonder will varadkar’s bet come through. He’s a great auld lad for the sound bites.

  3. eoin

    The Seychelles is suffering a massive surge in covid cases despite the fact that it’s got the highest proportion of vaccinated people. ‘…..a third of the active cases are people who’ve had two vaccine shots’ .Maybe wait and find out what’s happening here with these jabs before lining up children and pregnant women for theirs? Or will that impact profits too much??


    1. Unreal

      In Seychelles they sell seashells by the seashore

      – hence high transmissivity

      Build the Wall!

    2. Charlie

      500 people in three days is hardly “massive”. The vaccine doesn’t give you Covid nor is it 100% effective. Get the vaccine and stop being such a drama and doom queen. It’s already proven itself a resounding success. The numbers in hospitals and ICUs more than back it up.

      1. GiggigyGoo

        I think he was referring to lining up kids and pregnant women for it. As you say, it neither gives you covid, nor gives you 100% protection. It’s still being tested. I’ve had mine, but wouldn’t be happy about my pregnant daughter getting it, nor her children getting it.

        1. Charlie

          Nobody’s “lining up” anyone. It’s a choice, not a directive. He’s being like my mother. Can’t wait to find something negative in the news to latch on to and disregard 99.9% of the positivity. A scare mongers moist dream.

          1. Charlie

            My mother thinks all culchies are a bit slow and fears for men with pRostrate cancer.

        2. dav

          well a previous comment of his was stating that the mere presence of a vaccinated person next to a pregnant woman could cause medical issues.. so i’m really not interested in what he has to spout..

      2. Junkface

        Seychelles was vaccinated with the Sinopharm vaccine, which is terrible. This is why China was hacking into Oxford to steal the formula for their vaccines. Modern China does not innovate well, they replicate. Like all of their technology, mostly stolen from the USA and Europe. I think the Chinese vaccine is only 50% effective. I wouldn’t take it.

        I mean they created covid 19 in a lab to study how to beat strong corona type diseases, they leaked it, infected the world, and they still didn’t even have a way to cure it. Europe and USA technology had to come to the rescue. This is why the worlds Scientific community needs to stop the program called “Gain of function research”. Under this program the biggest countries in the world collect dangerous viruses and experiment, sometimes making them stronger in order to beat them. It completely backfired.

  4. Jusiph

    I needed a second take before realising the woman on the front page of the Examiner isn’t Amy Winehouse, but in fact, 2 people’s heads.

  5. Donald McCarthy

    Northern loyalists (loyal to the island) will not forget Ballymurphy nor the heavy gangs which enabled Ballymurphy.

      1. Cú Chulainn

        They know how to murder innocent people, and no apologies so no court case 50 years later.. take that paras..

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