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Instead of White Water Rafting in George’s Dock, Dublin 2, what about an open air, all year-round public swimming pool for ALL citizens of Dublin City?

Campaigners Dr Patrick Earls and  Dr Mark Murphy discuss this plan with Jimmy and former champion swimmer Vanessa.

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19 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. Des

    Imagine the skangers. They have these in Zurich and Paris etc but sans skangers. Why is that?

    1. No skangers?
    2. Skangers in those cities are not as obvious?
    3.We are culturally conditioned to identifying skangers quickly in Dublin?
    4. All of the above?

    1. Paulus

      I’ve often wondered about this:
      I believe that european countries which rely heavily on tourism take care to ensure visitor safety so as to maintain the buisness. And I can remember ‘erself and meself strolling across european cities at night without faintest sense of threat or vulnerability.
      There seems to be a growing acceptance by the authorities here of an acceptable level of violence and skangerism – or an indifference towards tackling the problem.
      Me, I’d ship out in the morning if I could!

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        I think it’s because it’s not really a city that’s lived in, apart from a few pockets of community it’s a lifeless commercial shell and even more so now

        1. V aka Frilly Keane

          Its turning into a Company Town
          and the weekends are for Visitors/ Tourists

          They’re forcing Dubs out of Dublin
          and leaving the Inner City Communities to fend for themselves

          a 50 yoyo a session White Water Rafting Set up
          In the North Inner City
          plus Kit

          from Marrowbone Lane to Pearse St to Sheriff St to Aughrim St
          Residents – who go back generations and established communities indiginous to Dublin
          are being corralled by Hotels, Office Blocks and Student Accommodation

          Very Local Authority should have a managed open air swimming facility

          Dublin and Cork should have at least a dozen between them

          For the life of me I don’t see why there isn’t two wooden decking type platforms with proper ladder
          on each side of the Liffey on the Chapelizod Rad
          by the Rowing Clubs

          and larger one, with some huts along Strawberry Beds/ Salmon Leap area

          And thats just DCC

    1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

      This was always the suitable idea for the area, and for the entire city folk, plus our visitors.
      When done right, there will be NO messin’ in the pool. Bring in armed guard if necessary.
      You are a numbers chief, V, so…the cost of the now deemed inappropriate white-water rafting plan vs outdoor pool with maintenance, lifeguard and security is what?

    2. V aka Frilly Keane

      Thanks folks
      If ye’ve time and of a mind,
      shur share it with yere own folly groups

      the Cork Crowd will be up next (❤ ω ❤)
      I’ll definitely tog out for me own

  2. max

    Fill it in and sell it to johnny ronan for 25mil and use that to fix up the other swimming pools

    Who will use an out pool in Dublin.

  3. Brian

    This is a far better idea than the rafting (although that was a better idea than using it for an extortionate “Oktoberfest”). Free in for kids with very cheap entrance for teenagers. Reasonable security could result in messers being barred (I’m presuming it would be fenced-off in some way) – the loss of a good free amenity for any messers might encourage reasonable behaviour.

    Without getting all “blame the system” there is a certain irony that some of the messers in the IFSC did more damage to Irish society than some of the less wealthy locals. This is not to overlook the importance of personal responsibility but having a (hopefully year round) facility which burns off energy and where teenagers can hang out it something there’s always been a shortage of in Ireland.

    Paris has messers too but the working class messers are far from the city centre whereas the wealthy messers are more likely to be pocketing some of the cash from approving the construction of a project. Also the French are in some ways quite obedient when it comes to social niceties. I remember being in a botanic garden in Paris and some kids running on the grass shouting and playing chasing and a park warden roaring at them, “Calm down kids!” (the tone was more STFU kids). I was surprised when they went quiet instantly. The Gardaí can be aggressive at times but a French friend said that Guards are a lot more reasonable than the French police – you don’t have a conversation with a French policeman – you do as you’re told or face the consequences quickly.

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