Stuck On You




Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Have you taken the magnet challenge?

Risible nonsense or Mr Roboto-style shenanigans?

We may never know.





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43 thoughts on “Stuck On You

  1. millie bobby brownie

    Another steaming hot pile of idiocy, brought to you courtesy of the internet.

    Personally, I prefer coffee in the morning.

    1. scottser

      well, i’m going for the ‘they’re building an army of ghouls’ theory. i mean, if you’re going to go batpoo you should always go full on.

      1. ian-oG

        Apparently there is magnetite in the human brain and likely in the brains of most animals. Why is not clear but it is there?


        1. Micko

          Is there not something similar in the brains of birds and they think it helps with navigation?

          I may be imagining that though…

          1. ian-oG

            No, I’ve heard that too. They really are not entirely sure why they are there but they certainly could help with navigation via magnetic fields?

            It would certainly explain how birds are able to take the same routes to the same places every single year, perhaps there is also some sort of RNA memory at work as well? Sadly though, based on what I have read, they will not give you Magneto type superpowers which is a shame because I always liked that Magneto character in the X Men movies, seemed like the smartest of them all and he could do great party tricks.

          2. ian-oG

            Actually my sense of direction is one of my (very few I might add) good points. I have never been lost for very long.

    1. ian-oG

      The Gateway Pundit? Might as well post a link to infowars or Breitbart FFS.

      From another news site:

      ”Doctors in the hospital have clarified that the cardiac arrest was due to a 100% block in the blood vessel, after rumours started spreading that the actor had developed this complication after getting vaccinated against COVID-19 on Thursday.”

      People die everyday with or without vaccines so this is pure and utter nonsense.

      1. Same Again

        Pure coincidence eh?


        Just like magnets sticking to peoples arms after vaccination?


        Nothing to see here.

        Move along now back to you regularly scheduled fear-programming*.

        *No un-approved fears will be tolerated.

        1. ian-oG

          ”Move along now back to you regularly scheduled fear-programming*.

          *No un-approved fears will be tolerated.”

          From the person posting about how someone DIED after a VACCINE.

          The lack of self awareness is quite amusing, YOU are the one doing the ‘fear-programming’. I simply pointed out a report from a more reputable source citing doctors who treated the man who said that he had a heart problem. But you do you and I’ll try to stick to what has been established.


          As for magnets sticking to human skin, that’s just a youtube video, have you verified that’s actually a magnet? No. So feel free to swallow any old nonsense, it’s your constitutional right, innit?


      2. eoin

        And there’s the voice of ignorance right there. Infowars and Breitbart are more accurate than most mainstream media.

        1. ian-oG

          ” Infowars and Breitbart are more accurate than most mainstream media.”

          You are clearly too stupid to insult. So I won’t bother.

  2. John

    Microchips are made out of silicon. Metals used in them are absolutely tiny quantities are Aluminium gold and copper which are not generally magnetic. The quantities are such small volumes that even if they were magnetic they wouldnt stick to a magnet like that.
    If the liquid that is injected as part of the vaccine has magnetic particles in it then it would disperse throughout the body and would not be localised to the injection site. There wouldnt be enough to react with a small external magnet anyway.
    This is pure nonsense. Does nobody learn anything in science class anymore?

    1. Toe Up

      Cue the Covidiots sticking their fingers in their ears and chanting “lalalalalalalalala”

    2. Micko

      I don’t think anyone was actually taking this magnet sticking thing seriously though right?


      1. ian-oG

        Micko, look at the tweet above;

        1. #COVID19 vaccines contain proprietary ingredients that are secret.
        2. One of these secret ingredients is ferrous.
        3. These ferrous elements are difficult to detect, almost invisible.
        4. The technology is extremely advanced. #Nanotech maybe.

        So difficult to detect that a magnet sticks to it. Good God what sort of utter bilge water is being posted on here these days?

        I mean they are not even trying.

        1. Micko

          I thought Bodger was posting this more as a “look at what these dopes believe” rather than a factual post.

          I mean I’m a super skeptic when it comes to how we handled the response to covid. But I don’t think anyone actually believes this rubbish.

          As John pointed out above, magnets work a certain way and no one can change that.

          “I canna change the laws of physics Captain” etc etc ;)

          As for the lad above – I think he’s just trolling ya Ian

          1. Nigel

            Y’see you think Bodger’s being ironic but then he tells you that he thinks white hat hackers watched the 2020 US presidential election being fixed in Biden’s favour and that they sent all the proof to Trump and he’s going to release it any minute now and then when it doesn’t happen and when it gets brought up again he goes back to saying things that can be taken as ironic, such as Trust The Plan. So, no, you can’t take that for granted any more.

          2. Micko

            Ye know that Bodger is a human being and he’s allowed to be wrong though yeah?

            Cut him some slack – he’s given us loads of entertainment here on BS for years. ;)

          3. Nigel

            Allow? When Bodger wants to be wrong there’s no force on earth that can stop him.

  3. ian-oG

    Meh, your no fun. Who needs ”facts” when we can get all conspiratorial and insinuate this is a global conspiracy to turn us into the borg.


  4. ian-oG

    Meh, you’re no fun. Who needs ”facts” when we can get all conspiratorial and insinuate this is a global conspiracy to turn us into the borg.


  5. Dell

    Yes, main stream media is unreliable but this random guy on YouTube and some random glaswegian on Twitter are fantastic sources of solid reliable information. Thankfully your tin foil head gear isn’t magnetic.

  6. Confused

    I have received my first vaccine a few weeks ago, just checked with a rare earth magnet I have and it is not sticking to my shoulder. Have I been vaccinated or not???? My many years working in science have not prepared me for this conundrum.

  7. jeremy kyle

    The irony is now he has his vaccine and can travel freely with his Bill Gates passport, he’ll just be stuck settng off every metal detector in the airport. Some dose, wha?

  8. Papi

    There’s iron in Guinness, and I’m quite prepared to put that in my belly. More than happy to oblige, in fact.

  9. Angela

    So, why all the debunking by fact checks. I saw these videos. Didn’t believe. Checked Google every fact check group and news site claimed to debunk and say it was false. I was vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine on 27 April. I decided to test this on myself and at first it didn’t stick because I hadn’t found the exact spot of the injection. I kept searching for it and suddenly found it and it stuck to it. My husband hasn’t been vaccinated and didn’t believe, so he tried on him and nothing, tried on me and it sticks, but not just anywhere on me, only on one spot, the actual injection spot! I do have pictures and a video of it too. Haven’t posted on social media only to friends in whatsapp who had shared the videos that are circulating.

    1. Shanel

      Just pray and believe now love. What’s done is done. Fear doesn’t help. Next time don’t be so quick to trust the lying ass government/cdc. Imma go try my friend that got it. Either way YHWH bless us ALL.

  10. Char

    Yes my friend is a nurse she has tried this on 3 to f her friends who have had the vaccine and it stuck to the i injection site it is not ball shit !!!!!!!!

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