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  1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Stolen from the Journal:
    Arlene will look like Jacinda Arden compared to Poots.

    1. Bitnboxy

      Word: “I for one believe that Edwin Poots is the man to lead the DUP into the 61st Century”.

  2. goldenbrown

    for anyone following the HSE IT situation:

    Conti deployed by WizardSpider crew…
    Sophos reckons the Conti malware deploys through the (ab)use of Cobalt Strike, with the company’s detailed analysis highlighting that Conti’s operators use the double-extortion ransomware business model: encrypt the target network after exfiltrating data and demand a ransom both for the decryption utility and to “prevent” publication of the data. Obviously nobody can guarantee that criminals stick to their promises.


    so it’s highly likely this is not just a you pay up, we give you the decryption key, you unlock your files and on to sunny plains good luck no hard feelings scenario.

    If like the Scottish scenario last Xmas they are denied the funds, if the HSE don’t pay up, we’ll actually get to see just how far up the HSE this WizardSpider gang got (because they’ll dump/publish the actual data in retaliation). we’ll also see just how much/little the HSE cares about that data too…..

    some conundrum on all levels, very tricky

      1. Yetthi

        And some willy using the use computor for their own use downloading dodgy sites or emails sent them

    1. SOQ

      Its not just a question of entering a key somewhere and everything magically returns as was- decryption is a slow and painful process- so much so that its far easier to restore from last backup- assuming they have one.

      The real problem is the software- which in some cases has been sitting as was for decades, and the original installation kits have been lost or the skill sets are no longer available to load it.

      I have used Sophos and it is excellent mind- very light touch and responsive. Just a pity they hadn’t it deployed across the network beforehand. They won’t pay because they wouldn’t get a key anyways. Hackers tend to use the same keys for multiple attacks, so if one business has it then so would all the others.

    1. f_lawless

      test comment

      edit: interesting my prior comment instantly disappeared but this one shows up no bother

    2. f_lawless

      test 2

      edit: hmm I removed the link from my comment and just left a quote from an article (article by journalist Whitney Webb) but the comment instantly disappeared again after I clicked the reply button

      1. Bodger

        f_lawless, very sorry. I’ve no idea what happened your comment. It’s not in the bin. could you repost it?

        1. f_lawless

          I gave it another go but got directed to a page saying something like “Duplicate message. Looks like you’ve already tried to post that”

          1. f_lawless

            Sorry for the delay in responding Bodger,
            not long home after doing my civic duty at the march in the city centre today.. :)
            Just. prior to this comment I tried re-posting my earlier comment here as suggested (ie. the one with a link to a Whitney Webb article and a couple of quotes from the article) but the same thing happened. Disappears after clicking the reply button. I edited the text very slightly so it wasn’t an exact duplicate

    3. f_lawless

      I wonder if Bodger or one of the moderators could shed any light on why this is happening. Is it due to a system that has been set up by Broadsheet or is it happening at a level outside of that?

      1. SOQ

        Its probably the security which has blacklisted a website? In which case the site needs to white listed from within. I remember the same thing used to happen with Bit C-h-u-t-€.

        1. f_lawless

          but I also tried removing the link and just posting a quote from the article and the same thing happened

    4. f_lawless

      ok last try – out of curiosity
      (I edited the quotes by inserting a few special characters with a text editor to see if that lets me post)

      Keep nations under extended lockdown in order to implode current economic systems, set up infrastructure for new system (new digital IDs, heightened surveillance, digital currencies etc), stage “cyberpandêmic ” events to be used as a justification for a transition to new system.

      Article title: ‘Fróm “Event 2Ø1” tó “Cyber Pólygón”: The WÉF’s Simulatión óf a Cóming “Cyber Pandêmic’
      Website u n l i m i t e d h a n g o u t . c o m

      “Somê wîll say that a “cybêrpandêmîc” îs an înêvîtablê consêquêncê of thê quîckly dêvêlopîng hî-têch world în whîch wê lîvê, but ît stîll faîr to poînt out that 2021 îs thê yêar that many havê bêên prêdîctîng for thê fînancîal dêstructîon of bîg înstîtutîons that wîll lêad to nêw êconomîc systêms that alîgn wîth thê Grêat Rêsêt. Thê înêvîtablê collapsê of thê global bankîng systêm, rêsultîng from thê off-thê-charts corruptîon and fraud that has run rampant for dêcadês, îs lîkêly to bê conductêd through a controllêd collapsê, onê that would allow wêalthy bankêrs and êlîtês, such as thosê that partîcîpatêd în Cybêr Polygon(hostêd by thê WêF) , to avoîd rêsponsîbîlîty for thêîr êconomîc pîllagîng and crîmînal actîvîty. …

      …A massîvê cybêrattack, such as that sîmulatêd at Cybêr Polygon 2020, would allow facêlêss hackêrs to bê blamêd for êconomîc collapsê, thus absolvîng thê rêal fînancîal crîmînals of rêsponsîbîlîty. Furthêrmorê, duê to thê dîffîcult naturê of învêstîgatîng hacks and thê abîlîty of întêllîgêncê agêncîês to framê othêr natîon statês for hacks thêy în fact commîttêd thêmsêlvês, any boogêyman of choîcê can bê blamêd, whêthêr a “domêstîc têrror” group or a country unalîgnêd wîth thê WêF (for now, at lêast) lîkê îran or North Korêa. Bêtwêên thê wêll-placêd warnîngs, sîmulatîons, and thê clêar bênêfît for thê global êlîtê întênt on a Grêat Rêsêt, Cybêr Polygon 2020 appêars to havê sêrvêd not only îts publîcly statêd purposê but îts own ultêrîor motîvês.”

  3. Donald McCarthy

    I hate travellers, not just because I’m a snob. I hate their gleaming caravans trundling through the night on an avenue of stars. I hate how they go to distant beauty spots without permission and discard their glorified shopping trolleys and beaten-up quads. And I hate you, cheerleading the filthy crews tramping across a sky teeming with their own waste. Impotently, I hurl sticks at their space caravans and a handful of my own special faeces. Chinese have put down on Mars but papers won’t wipe their own arses with migrant traveller tales. There are no hedgehogs on the moon.

        1. millie bobby brownie

          Ooooof! It wasn’t meant as an insult!

          I meant that your comment was more poetic and evocative and lyrical than anything I’ve read by Kevin.

          Do you write poetry at all?

          1. Donald McCarthy

            Poetry is just a mechanism allowing sensitive nerdlings some chance of getting laid by lassies who will move on quickly to insensitive herdlings, leaving their lovers to drink, depression and madness. I’m not bitter. My insult quip was fake but my thanks was real. Have yourself a merry little day.

          2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            I hope you are staring out a window stroking your beard

          3. millie bobby brownie

            Hahaha! An embarrassing ‘whoosh’ moment from me.

            Have a nice weekend folks. Just about to light the fire and maybe even find time to bake something.

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

          Sir Philip Sidney, ‘Loving in Truth’.

          Loving in truth, and fain in verse my love to show,
          That she, dear she, might take some pleasure of my pain,—
          Pleasure might cause her read, reading might make her know,
          Knowledge might pity win, and pity grace obtain,—
          I sought fit words to paint the blackest face of woe;
          Studying inventions fine her wits to entertain,
          Oft turning others’ leaves, to see if thence would flow
          Some fresh and fruitful showers upon my sunburn’d brain …

  4. Birdie

    That Bothair CEO cements more of my cynicism of charities. If you’re confident and talk sh*te with authority you will rise up the ranks of corporate and charity worlds. Spoofers do very well for themselves round these parts.

    1. Johnny

      Carmel Buckley homemaker and wife of Les,who enabled Harris long after he had become an insufferable bore,has also lost everything.FG pumped couple hundred grand your money into Carmel’s project,just like that closed up.

      karma carmel-wha:)

      “Haven, the Haitian-focussed charity run by Leslie Buckley, has wound up after just over 12 years and dispersed some $307,000 of its remaining funds (€253,758) to good causes.”


  5. Cú Chulainn

    We have, literally, no homes to go to. A creationist is the top unionist. Boris told Martin to go f himself and the protocol and the murdered innocent of Ballymurphy. The Israeli state has just threatened our state, for daring to say – hey how about using some restraint when bombing civilians. It’s mid May and feels like March.. but, all is not lost: those psycho seagulls are back baby – everything is going to be ok…

      1. GiggigyGoo

        First time I’ve came across that fellow. Can’t believe it. and that has 14+million hits. Will be listening more.

  6. Kingfisher

    I’m wondering why the young (people in their twenties, thirties, forties) aren’t looking for creative ways to get housing as they did when the same kind of oppression happened in the 1970s/80s/90s: pool money to buy sites and build co-operative housing estates or apartment blocks, three or four couples or individuals buy a big old house together, do it up, sell it and each buy their own, and so on.
    It would also be a chance to build apartments with no parking but good bike parking and cycling infrastructure around them, and with shared laundry facilities and proper storage cellars.
    It was said to be impossible then…

    1. Micko

      Very funny. I’ll check more of his stuff out.

      I see Biden has said that if you’re fully vax’d you don’t have to wear a mask.

      “Vaxxed or masked” he gave as a stern warning. If you’re not vax’d you have to wear a mask until you are!!!

      He then proceeded to say that they wouldn’t be enforcing it….

      What a joke – these lads have totally lost the room. :0)


  7. Johnny

    …its just all so tacky,cheap,the fact its only 50 grand,so low rent,going jail over a bribe involving kids,like find better ‘friends’.
    “In 2017, McGlashan, the former managing partner of TPG Growth and co-founder with Bono of The Rise Fund, agreed to pay co-conspirator William “Rick” Singer to bribe a test administrator, to allow a test “proctor,” to secretly correct McGlashan’s son’s ACT exam answers to obtain an inflated score.

    The Rise Fund backs investments,that aim for “sustainable goals” with “social and environmental impact.”

    Prosecutors said McGlashan’s son received an ACT score of 34 and the dad made a purported donation of $50,000 from his personal charitable donation fund to Singer’s sham charity.”


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