It Tolled For Them


Have you seen this bell?

Last week, during a discussion about the derelict Magdalene Laundry site in Donnybrook, Dublin 4, Dr Laura McAtackney, an historical archeologist, shared images (above) of a make-shift bell used by the nuns at the institution.

Laura sadly added that the bell went missing between visits to the site.

Breeda Murphy writes:

 It is not of any monetary value but in terms of what it conveys – we can speculate as to the purpose; calling the girls to work;  to pray – recite the Angelus perhaps; to eat or that it was time to load the van with fresh laundered linens etc – who knows? but it’s significant as a piece that reminds us of absence.  The absence of the women who rang the bell and those for whom the bell tolled whose footprints are erased from such sites.


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