Ruining It For Everyone


World Freedom Day march on Saturday in Dublin

This morning/afternoon.




Anti-vaxxers ‘are main threat to final lockdown freedoms’, minister warns *Metro)

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Pic: KN

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68 thoughts on “Ruining It For Everyone

  1. Nigel

    In fairness that could just be the Tories setting them up as scapegoats in case Boris lets in the new variants from India.

  2. John

    That child on the right has been out of school too long. American spellings on her placard.
    Or her parents need to find her the local anti-maskers kit rather than using the American versions.

    1. Joe

      Here we have the same crowd of dangerous fools on Grafton St.
      If ever there was an example of how poor educational standards are in critical thinking in this country just check out the anti-vaxxers.

      They appear to be quite anal about the vax situation….not surprising really, if you turn up the volume on the little video on the link you can hear them merrily advocating that vax recipients should take it via their botty :)

      1. millie bobby brownie

        You’re being very hard on yourself, B.

        I’d have just called you a mad bastard altogether and left it at that.

  3. Bruncvik

    I’m no vaccination expert, and I’m not anti-vaxxer. My kids are fully vaccinated, and I’ll keep following their vax schedule as they grow up. But in all fairness, from the little I’ve read, the Covid vaccine is more akin the flu vaccine: it will not eradicate the virus the way polio has been eradicated; it will just increase the herd immunity. So, why should we be concerned about the remaining 10-20% who are not vaccinated? The 80-90% will already provide the herd immunity that’s sufficient to open up the country.

    1. b

      “can’t someone else do it?”

      if you’re healthy and eligible take the vaccine FFS

      1. Bruncvik

        I’ll get vaccinated as soon as I’m eligible. However, I’d be willing to participate in anti-lockdown protests as soon as we achieve herd immunity, and the government uses the last few anti-vaxx holdouts as an excuse to extend any restrictions.

      2. E'Matty

        Yeah, I think we’ll hang on and see how you lads all get on in the autumn when you meet the wild virus. Let’s just hope for your sake that whichever vaccine you get, that manufacturer solved the decades long antibody dependant enhancement problem that every prior attempt at a coronavirus vaccine experienced. The funny part is, you won’t even know because the result is a cytokine storm, which is exactly what Covid patients are dying from, so they’ll just tell you you caught a dangerous scary new mutant variant. It’s going to be quite exciting watching how you all get on. I wish you good luck!

          1. E'Matty

            Hi Lilly. It’s called antibody dependent enhancement and affected all prior attempts at developing a coronavirus vaccine. The SARS vaccine (SARS-COV1, this virus being SARS-COV2) being a great example. All test subjects (mice, monkeys etc) received the vaccine and on subsequent exposure to the wild virus (often months later) all suffered an immune system overreaction, or cytokine storm (This is actually what all Covid 19 real deaths are suffering, see IT article below) where the body started to attack it’s own organs (lungs, brain and others, just as we have witnessed with Covid19 patients who have suffered cytokine storms). The test subjects in those trials suffered extreme harm and often death. Liver failure was widespread too. Essentially, the immune response crosses over to where the virus infected cells are and actually increases the pathology rather than reducing it.

            Professor Ian Frazer, Australian immunologist responsible for developing the HPV vaccine (so not exactly an anti vaxxer) and an Honorable Fellow of RCPI said “One of the problems with corona vaccines in the past has been when the immune response does cross over to where the virus infected cells are, it actually increases pathology rather than reducing it. So that immunisation with SARS corona vaccine caused, in animals, inflammation in the lungs which wouldn’t otherwise have been there if the vaccine hadn’t been given”

            Here’s the Irish Times reporting on the worst Covid19 patients and their cytokine storms.

            So, one question I’d like answered is (though not holding my breath that our media would ever address this), did these vaccine manufacturers solve this problem or will the world face a mass casualty event in the autumn? I certainly hope they did solve it, my whole family is vaccinated. As I say above, I’ll be sitting back, not getting any vaccine and observing how everybody who did gets on when autumn comes and the next potential virus wave comes passing through.

    2. Joe

      Excellent to see that you love your children and have them vaccinated.

      About the “Covid vaccine is more akin to the flu vaccine”
      Polio is virtually eradicated worldwide exactly because of how vaccines work, they all work in a similar manner i.e. through achieving herd immunity by building individual anti body resistance and lowering transmission to the point where the virus has nowhere to spread. With no hosts to infect or to pass itself onto,as they are fully vaccinated, the virus eventually dies out.

      The same will be achieved with Coronavirus vaccines. Once herd immunity is achieved it makes it extremely difficult for the virus to reproduce and it will eventually fade into extinction. The stunning drop in people suffering severe illness, hospitalisations and deaths, across the developed world is entirely down to public health measures and vaccinations.

      1. K. Cavan

        Joe, you’re talking rot, frankly. There has never been any immunity possible from a Coronavirus, except by exposure to it. The mRNA jabs DO NOT confer immunity. After you’re jabbed, you have exactly the same chance of infection or transmission as you did before, the vaccine manufacturers claim ”it is reasonable to believe” that the jabs might ease your symptoms & all the wishful thinking in the world won’t change that. mRNA jabs are nowhere as effective, even in theory, as Flu vaccines, which expose your immune system to real Flu Virions grown inside hens eggs, which have no RNA, so no ability to produce mRNA & therefore cannot harm you. Immunity to a virus isn’t like immunity from prosecution, for example, it’s not an on/off state, there are multiple levels, some of which scientists barely understand, as yet. There is almost no chance that Sars02 will ever become extinct, that’s nonsense too, 4 endemic Coronaviruses have been infecting people for at least a thousand years & Sars02 has most likely joined this group. ”Zero Covid” is a childish fantasy promoted by people who either know nothing or know damn well it’s impossible. Herd Immunity, despite the corrupt WHO’s disinformation campaign, is nothing to do with vaccines, we have broad herd immunity to the 4 endemic Coronaviruses but we never had Vaccines, Lockdowns, Masks or the ludicrous Social Distancing nonsense yet they didn’t wipe us out when they were Novel. Finally, you trot out some of the weakest logical fallacies of all, Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc, assuming because A happened first, it caused B, although your conclusion-leaping also contains more than a flavour of Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc, Causation being implied by Correlation, just because A & B happened, you assume one caused the other. Take your pick, although, to be honest, the time-line of Sars02’s progress around the world seems to indicate that neither Lockdowns nor Vaccines played any part at all in the easing of Sars02’s impact, there was no reduction in cases in response to either, the virus had merely killed off those that were susceptible to it’s effects & most of the Public Health initiatives we borrowed from China were too late, had no effect or were never going to stop a Coronavirus, anyway, indeed mask-wearing & lockdowns are as likely to have caused more mortality, infections & transmission, by weakening our immune systems, which, after all, worked fine since the first mammals walked the earth.

    3. george

      We may not achieve herd immunity if significant numbers of adults refuse the vaccine. Children are not being vaccinated so it won’t be as few as 10% who aren’t vaccinated.

  4. K. Cavan

    Everyone who’s paying attention knew months ago that, as the virus became endemic & they ran out of old people to kill, this sort of guff would become the governments’ next port of call. The News has become a misnomer for the daily narrative, it’s not new, it’s old hat, same old, same old, yawn-inducing chatter. Terrorism & demonization has been the stock-in-trade of Autocracies forever, plus ca change. In the last few minutes the number in hospital has gone from 109 to 110, Panic.

  5. eoin

    We’ve gone from vaccinating the weak and elderly to now vaccinating EVERYONE. They have lied and mislead people since day one, constantly changing stories and engaging in dubious statistic gathering practices. The jabs are experimental and nobody knows what the long term effects might be. We don’t even know the actual origins of the virus as of yet. The ‘vaccine’ program should be halted globally, instead they’re ramping it up to try and get everyone jabbed, including children. It makes no sense and is potentially extremely dangerous.

    1. f_lawless

      Agree that from a public health perspective it doesn’t hold up to scrutiny but of course from a perverse political perspective it makes more sense. If a sizable portion of the population don’t willingly enter into the new surveillance system of vaccine passports and biometric digital IDs then the system itself would become unviable or at least, hit a snag for the time being.

      We’re now on the cusp of a new capitalist era. At the heart of all this, a small group of elite ultra-billionaires are aggressively imposing their will upon the rest of us and the current financial system is being systematically run into the ground. Most elected representatives are simply acting as water carriers for these elites The all-encompassing individual digital IDs/profiles are integral to the new system

      1. Nigel

        The ‘odd’ thing about this ‘new’ capitalist era is the fact that when a crisis, such as a pandemic, occurs, the rich make millions. Billions. Crazy money. So you have all these billionaires incentivised to allow crises to happen. What serves these ‘new’ capitalists best? The idea that predicted crises are fake or manufactured or exaggerated. All youse covid-skeptics are the worst patsies of all.

        1. f_lawless

          Great contribution Nigel. Really insightful stuff. You’ve lost your way, distracting yourself with games of one-upmanship in a field of strawmen

        2. Unreal

          F-lawless is glad to see you wading in Nigel
          For once he/she/they is going to appear to the casual onlooker or reader like the sensible, reasonable one

        3. K. Cavan

          Nigel, it looks like the middle of your post, the bit where you try to make some sense, got deleted somehow, leaving us with just the gibberish. I like it!

      2. george

        But you don’t have a public health perspective, do you?

        The results from highly vaccinated countries show that yes mass vaccination does make sense as it massively limits the reproduction of the virus which prevents it spreading and hugely reduces the possibility for new variants.

    2. K. Cavan

      Eoin, 91.7% of all Covid deaths have been over 65’s. The EU’s own ”Standardised Death Rates” system defines deaths of under-65’s as ”Premature”, meaning 91.7% of Covid deaths were NOT Premature. From 2005-15, deaths per thousand in the over-65’s age group have dropped by 16% in Ireland but we didn’t cure these people & make them young again, just kept them alive. We were sitting on a lot of dry tinder, as one eminent Microbiologist said, one bad Influenza season could’ve easily had the impact of Sars02 or worse. I would hazard a guess that every single one of the 8.3% of Covid deaths that were Premature were people who were ill, already & were similarly in a high-risk category. Our Covid deaths even include a 105 and a 103-year-old, who ”died of Covid”, yeah, cut short in their prime. These are the facts, yet our politicians have concluded (or been told to conclude) that the only way to stop all these old people dying is to inject everyone,including under-16’s, who haven’t had a single fatality, with untried, untested, experimental jabs. You’d want to be off your tree to suggest this is anything other than bat-poo craziness.

    3. george

      I don’t ever remember vaccination being limited to those most likely to be killed by covid-19. They were the first priority but mass vaccination was always envisaged.

      Every new medicine could equally be described as experimental. When the doctor prescribes medicine do you ask how long it is on the market?

  6. millie bobby brownie

    My theory is that these folks are just chronically afraid of needles.

    There; I’ve said my piece on the matter.

      1. millie bobby brownie

        Feel like I might have missed out on a good opportunity for a ‘strap on for a good ride’ joke.

        You know what I mean.

        1. Papi

          They come right up behind you sometimes, don’t they?
          Can’t see em coming, till, bang! It’s right in your face!

    1. Nigel

      Hmm. I wonder if Kenny has ever done a slot about the utterly wasteful practice of badger culling in Ireland?

      1. goldenbrown

        dunno about that

        but I can tell you that if you’re unlucky enough to hit one on a country road in the dead of night you’ll be looking at a couple of grands worth of repair work the following morning, their heads are like concrete slabs

          1. K. Cavan

            It’s actually the other way around, badgers are more likely to be infected by cattle, who didn’t evolve to live in sheds half the year. I spent many prosperous years in the meat industry & the richest ranchers are the dodgiest, most skinflint bunch of millionaires I ever encountered. Yes, they’re cowboys.

  7. RuilleBuille

    If these anti-vaxxers wish to put the rest of us in danger they must pay a price. No public travel, no entertainment venues, compulsory mask wearing in shops.

    1. Micko

      And how would you know who “they” are?

      Vax certs are pretty easy to copy. It’s literally a card and half of everyones dumb ass virtue-signaling mates have already posted theirs on Facebook. “Look I got my jab…duuuuuuurp” also here’s a picture of the card that can be copied. Dopes ;)

      I’m afraid your government has already dropped the ball on this one. Vacination records taken on excel sheets in stead of a proper database? What a joke. Never mind the Russian hack in the last few days.

      It’s freedom for all or none.

      But you. I’m afraid they’ll all be around you like dirty filthy rats. Surrounding you, penetrating you with their germs, you breathing in every single bit of bacteria, virus, snot, farts etc.

      Every time someone coughs near you, you’ll never know – it might be an “infected”. There could be a chance that they’d get to you, finally. Maybe not today, but maybe some day in the future – when your a bit run down – and then when you least expect it… yer boned.

      Oh the torture.


          1. Unreal

            I got the joke
            Lot of good reading PG Wodehouse does for your sense of humour Nigel

          2. K. Cavan

            Ah, Micko, I think those sarcastic pearls fell before swine, filthy dirty swine. Nigel could read Oscar Wilde & come away with the impression that he keeps contradicting himself.

      1. Oro

        Would this kind of fraud not be criminal? It seems a step beyond dishonest into tricky territory. Bonne chance :)

    2. K. Cavan

      RB, you don’t reckon you’re just a bit fascist, there, maybe? Still, good of you to make it so obvious, so many others are quite shy about it but you’re loud and proud. Been waiting your whole life to impose apartheid on society, have you? You know what happens to those sort of societies, right? Is that what you want? Cos that’s what’ll happen.

  8. E'Matty

    jeez, you’re a bit angsty. If you’re vaccinated, and therefore “protected”, why do you have your knickers in such a twist about those who don’t want to take a punt on a vaccine?

    1. E'Matty

      yeah sure, “science”, right. You think whatever is conveyed by a “voice of authority” is automatically “science” and anything not from such a voice, isn’t. The herd follow voices of authority. You are ignoring actual science in your slavish obedience to authority. Or perhaps, given the amazing scientific basis for your positon you can tell us all whether the vaccine manufatcurers have solved the antibody dependent enhancement problem that prevented all prior coronavirus being successful? Let me guess, your voices of authority have never even mentioned this to you? Some people are just born to be subjagated slaves.

  9. stephen moran

    if we had websites like broadsheet in the 1950’s we’d still be battling polio. Your coverage of Covid is click bait wankology .

      1. millie bobby brownie

        That’s not very nice. I find you to be an insufferable bore but I’m not going to tell you to bugger off. We’re all entitled to our opinions.

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