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From top: Revellers prove their vaccine status while queuing for Copper Face Jack’s; Professor Christine Loscher

This afternoon.

“The problem with having a cohort of unvaccinated people for a long time means that the virus gets to do the rounds.

“If you have 75% of the population vaccinated, and that’s a good spread amongst the age groups, the chances of them all mixing at the same time are lower.

If you’ve got a vaccination rate of 75% in people above a certain age, you still have a lot of people unvaccinated mixing and I think that’s a real playground for viruses.

“While New York has a similar level of vaccination to us, their vaccination is more spread out amongst the population. What I mean by that is that they rolled out vaccines for 12 to 17 year olds way quicker than anywhere else, which means that they took another kind of unvaccinated population out of the picture way quicker than we did.

“We were spending a lot of time up until very recently, with a lot of unvaccinated cohorts, up to the age of 18. The uptake has been generally okay for 12 to 16 year olds, but we’re not quite there yet.”

Prof Christine Loscher, Professor of Immunology at Dublin City University


5 reasons why Ireland’s Covid numbers are still so high (RTÉ)




HSE CEO Paul Reid at the weekly HSE briefing at Dr Steevens’ Hospital, Dublin this afternoon

This afternoon.

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“Let me be very clear about this. To declare war you declare war on an enemy. And to declare a section of Irish society as an enemy is inexcusable.”

Renegade medic Dr Vincent Carroll defends the unjabbed from a declaration of war against them – announced in yesterday’s Irish Daily Mail (top left) – by Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly.

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Cunning linguist.


Michael McNamara and Aine Lawlor

This morning.

On RTÉ’s Morning Ireland.

Independent Clare TD Michael McNamara spoke on RTÉ Radio One’s Morning Ireland about prejudice against the unvaxxed telling the host Aine Lawlor:

“…now we’re vilifying the unvaccinated. Before it was students and, before that, it was people who travelled…”


Aine Lawlor: “You spoke about the unvaccinated being vilified. I don’t know whether you heard Professor O’Reilly or Dr Gary Stack [on the show] talking to us earlier about what they’re facing on the medical line, frontline and, you know, the impact Prof O’Reilly was talking about, for instance, if somebody and the people in ICU that’s being driven by the unvaccinated at the moment. If they’re taking up a bed that maybe somebody needs a lung cancer operation can’t get into ICU, how fair are they being on the rest of the community?”

Michael McNamara: “Yeah, but you know, people who smoke take up beds, people who drink take up beds, people who in all sorts of behaviour that might not seem very sensible take up beds. If you go to the A&E unit in Limerick on your average Friday night and you’ll see a fair share of people who’ve drunk too much there. I mean they’re taking up spaces too.

“I mean throughout history, we’ve seen groups of people being blamed unreasonably, in hindsight, for various pandemics and various endemics and sometimes, with the benefit of hindsight, that looks ridiculous. We started off, there was a big campaign…”

Lawlor: “Well I don’t know who’s blaming? I mean I most certainly heard no vilification or blaming at the NPHET briefing yesterday.”

McNamara: “No, but there’s been a fair share of, there’s been an outrageous amount of it on social media, and there’s been a fair share of it on broadcast media, including RTÉ television, it has to be said.”

Lawlor: “Well I haven’t heard or seen any vilification.”

McNamara: “[inaudible] to be honest and I don’t think it’s healthy to divide society along that basis. You know…”

Lawlor: “No, and indeed we heard Prof O’Reilly…”

McNamara: “Can we continue…”

Lawlor: “No, just to make the point. Prof O’Reilly in fact spoke about the way that he engages with those who aren’t vaccinated. All the doctors that we’ve been talking to have been talking about engagement. They have also been saying, and this is the message, that for the sake of protecting the community, they are particularly appealing to the 1 in 5 18-30-year-olds who aren’t vaccinated at the moment, to go and get the vaccination for the sake of community, for the sake of the people who won’t be able to get that bed in ICU at the end of November.”

McNamara: “I don’t, I mean, I’m not going to, I’ve never countered medical advice, I’m not going to go against that but what I’m talking about is not doctors, but are commentators who feel they’ve suddenly found a group that they can, you know… We have increasing political correctness in our discourse in our media, it’s perhaps a good thing…”

Lawlor: “What do you say to the unvaccinated?”

McNamara: “I say to the vaccinated, do your research, talk to your doctors.”

Lawlor: “And get the vaccine?”

McNamara: “Talk to your doctors. I mean I’m not in a position to intervene in people’s lives. I don’t know the reasons they’re not taking the vaccine, there are people who can’t take the vaccine. I say talk to your doctor. Everybody, almost everybody, in Ireland has a GP, talk to your GP, listen to what they have to say. I’m not a GP, I’m not a doctor, I’m not an immunologist.”

: “OK, well thank you for coming in to talk to us on Morning Ireland.”

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Newstalk’s Pat Kenny (left) and RTÉ’s Joe Duffy, critics of the unvaxxed

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They all got the memo.

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Who knows how many he would have got had he just taken the jab(s).



Earlier: You’re Ruining It For Everyone

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NBA star Kyrie Irving has said he is “being true to what feels good” by choosing not to get vaccinated after the Brooklyn Nets decided he will not be allowed to practice or play with them until he complies with New York City’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

A New York mandate requires proof of at least one shot of the vaccine to enter large indoor spaces. The NBA has said players who are unable to compete due to local mandates will miss out on pay.

“It is not about being anti-vax or about being on one side or the other. It is just really about being true to what feels good for me,” the Nets guard said on Instagram Live

‘Respect my choice’ pleads unvaccinated NBA star Kyrie Irving (RTÉ)

Paul Reid, HSE CEO

Last night.



Detecting a pattern?

Health expert says lifting of Covid restrictions should continue as planned (RTÉ)

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Taoiseach Micheál Martin






Minister for Higher Education Simon Harris has suggested an extension of the digital Covid certificate beyond October 22nd as a possible way of society fully reopening in a safe way.

Mr Harris said under the current proposals, the use of digital certificates was no longer required after the ending of restrictions on venues, such as nightclubs, from the end of next week.

He said: “We are not in this binary position of do we open or not to open. We have learned a lot about the virus and learned a lot about how to keep us safe. We have a huge amount of our people vaccinated.

“We should be asking more nuanced questions of each other. How can you open and keep it safely open?”

Extension of digital Covid cert could allow further easing of restrictions, suggests Harris (Irish Times)



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What would MacLiammóir and Edwards say?

Probably quote Shakespeare.

Or Aeschylus.

Impossible to tell.

From top: Whelan’s, Newcastle West, Limerick; Landlord Gearoid Whelan


Gearoid Whelan of Whelan’s, Maiden Street, Newcastle West, Limerick.

No need for the language.

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Firm but fair?

Or plainly inhumane?

Only you can decide.

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