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Cummins he bitter.

This afternoon.

Via RTÉ News:

Restaurants Association of Ireland CEO Adrian Cummins said he believes that the 11.30pm curfew should be scrapped from September onwards.

The association is also looking for PCR and antigen testing to be used, to allow unvaccinated people to dine indoors.

Mr Cummins described the current rules, allowing indoor dining for those who are fully vaccinated only, as “very difficult, very problematic, there’s a lot of paperwork

Hospitality sector to push for end to 11.30pm curfew at Govt meeting (RTÉ)


Or not hardcore enough?

Only you can decide.

Philippines locks down 13 million in Manila (The Guardian)


Oy vey.


Regulations published in the early hours of this morning forbidding entrance to restaurants and pubs to the unvaxxed.

Businesses that do reopen will qualify for 30 pieces of silver a three-week double payment of the Covid Restrictions Support Scheme.

Good times.

Contact tracing change to indoor dining regulations – RAI (RTÉ)


Begley’s Bar, Killoe county Longford


Previously: Open for Business: Longford pub owner features in RTE TV show (Longford Leader)

Pic: Begley’s


This afternoon.

God is dead to them.



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Hogan’s, South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2 pre-Covid

This morning.

Following the signing into law by President Higgins yesterday of measures that will deny access to pubs and restaurants to the unvaxxed…

….the new indoor hospitality guidelines are due to be published shortly.


It is understood that under the guidelines drawn up by the Indoor Hospitality Guidelines Group, there will be no limit on the length of time customers can remain in a premises.

Face coverings will have to be worn by customers moving around indoors, and digital and paper vaccine certificates will be accepted on entry.

In addition, there will be no bar service, with six people allowed to eat at a table indoors.

Guidelines on indoor dining to be outlined (RTÉ)




Rogue operators” who “step out of line” from government guidelines to stop the unvaxxed from entering restaurants will be closed down immediately, Adrian Cummins (above) chief executive of the Restaurants Association of Ireland warned earlier

This morning/afternoon.


Representatives from the restaurant and bar sector will this evening meet Government officials as work continues on guidelines ahead of the anticipated reopening of indoor hospitality next week.

The question of whether or not there will be time limits on the indoor service in bars and restaurants will be examined.

The issue of social distancing requirements, along with air ventilation measures, are also up for discussion.

The expectation within Government currently is that indoor hospitality will reopen next week for fully vaccinated people and those who have recovered from Covid-19.

This is contingent on President Michael D Higgins signing the necessary legislation, which was passed by the Dáil and Seanad last week.

Talks on reopening indoor dining for fully vaccinated (RTÉ)

Warning issued to ‘rogue operators’ in hospitality industry (Irish Times)


Wholly Cow Burgers, Newcastle Road, Galway

‘With the Government making the decision on whether indoor dining can resume this Wednesday – we have decided here at Wholly Cow Burgers that we WON’T be opening indoors.

We have made this decision as we simply don’t feel comfortable policing our customers, whom we are so grateful to for supporting us through an incredibly difficult 17 months for our industry.

We will still be open in our newly refurbished outdoor area, along with click & collect through our website.

We are waiting until everybody is allowed to enjoy indoor dining before opening. Thank you all once again.’

Statement from Wholly Cow Burgers, Galway.

Wholly Cow Burgers (Facebook)


DJ Spiral



Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly addressing the Seanad sitting in the Dail

Last Friday.

Debate in the Seanad on measures that will deny access to pubs and restaurants to the unvaxxed.

Senator Ronán Mullen :

“There is a fundamental injustice underpinning this Bill. The notion of intergenerational solidarity, so extensively promoted by the Government when it suits, has been abandoned. A commitment made and restated by the Tánaiste as recently as four weeks ago that there would be no discrimination between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated has been cynically abandoned. All it took was a wave of the magic wand by NPHET for a set of apocalyptic projections to be accepted by the Cabinet virtually without question”

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly:

“Some people here and in the Dáil suggest that solidarity means that if they cannot have something, then nobody should be allowed to have it. That is not what solidarity involves. I have not met any unvaccinated person who has said that because it is not how people outside this bubble think.

People outside this bubble think that we are doing great. We are faced with a significant wave of the Delta variant. Unvaccinated people say that this has been a horrible experience for our country but that if we can get tens of thousands of men and women back to work, then let us do so and that all they have to do is to wait until they get the Janssen vaccine at their local pharmacy or the Pfizer vaccine at a vaccination centre, which is not a problem. That is what solidarity means.

The only Senator who I will refer to directly is Senator [Ronan] Mullen…I will not take any lectures from Senator Mullen, who campaigned against gay marriage. He can keep his lectures on solidarity to himself.

What about staff? People are saying, as an act of solidarity, to let everyone into the pubs. Think about that for a second. They are saying to put people’s lives at risk as an act of solidarity. We have to be careful when we talk about solidarity. Outside of this place, people get what this means.

Some contributors stated that this is not enforceable. At the same time, however, they tabled amendments to bring in things like antigen testing, which would make it much harder to enforce. Pubs and restaurants are capable of asking people their age before they serve them a drink. They are capable of engaging with people and asking to see their proof of vaccination. Here is mine [displays smartphone with QR code]. At the top of the Covid tracker application is my QR code. It is no more complicated than that.

….We are not discriminating against people. We are differentiating. Differentiation is already in place in the context of international travel. Whether a person is fully vaccinated matters. When we brought that in, nobody suggested that it was discriminatory. People said that was based on what is safe or not. Under-18s are not allowed to be served alcohol in our pubs and restaurants. I do not think anybody here would argue that that is discriminatory. We say that is the case because it is safe.

You are not allowed to smoke inside but that is not discriminatory. It is a public health measure to keep people safe. This is a public health measure to keep people safe. Unvaccinated people who I have spoken to get that. The only place that this does not seem to resonate is in the Oireachtas.”

The measures in the bill were passed with little opposition and 24 senators absent during the vote.

Friday: “We’re Not Discriminating, We’re Differentiating.”


KN writes;

Scarce coverage and zero debate on dividing society on medical grounds. This letter in this morning’s Irish Times appears to be the only letter on this critical matter since the announcement…

Irish Times Letters

Last night.

Voting on measures to deny access to pubs and restaurants to the unvaxxed.

Carried 74 to 68.


Marc Macsharry FF

John McGuinness FF

Willie O’Dea – FF, (unwell according to Irish Times)

Robert Troy FF

Ciaran Cannon FG (recovering from accident)

Alan Dillon FG

Helen McEntee FG (on maternity leave)

John Paul Phelan FG

Michael Ring FG

Roderic O’Gorman Green

Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire SF

Aodhan O Riordan Labour

Holly Cairns Social Democrats (paired with Ms McEntee)

Cathal Berry Independent

Matt Shanahan Independent

Thomas Pringle Independent



Last night.

Taniste Leo Varadkar describes the legislation as ‘imperfect’ as hundreds gathered outside the Convention Centre, where the Dáil was sitting.

Last night: Not In Our Name