The Black And White Keys


The votes are in.

Last Friday, with a €20 Currys PC World voucher redeemable in any Currys store on offer, I asked for your favourite piano song or a song whose melody is led by a piano.

You answered in your dozens.

But there could be only one winner.

Third Place:

The Night I Heard Caruso Sing by Everything But The Girl

Noa writes:

“This song has been haunting me a lot recently, a beautiful piano piece, and when Tracey Thorn joins in with Ben Watt it becomes a sublime piece to listen to.”


Uncertain Smile by The The

Fergalito writes:

“While not strictly piano-led, the closing joanna solo by Jools Holland at the end of it really makes it leap from excellent to sublime. Story goes he rocked up to the studio on his motorcycle on a sweltering hot July day, dressed head to toe in leather gear, say down, did the take in one, apologised for the mistake and bolted. I’ve listened to this umpteen times and cannot find any mistake ! I don’t think Matt Johnson can either …. hairs on the back of me neck every time i hear it !”


Martha by Tom Waits.

Truelovewaits writes:

“It is surprising that Tom Waits was only 23 when he recorded this song as it is a wonderfully evocative story of an older man looking back on a youthful love-affair and captures a sense of mature reflection on the past tinged with regret.”

Nick says: Thanks all.

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10 thoughts on “The Black And White Keys

    1. Papi

      Has anyone seen the version of Martha on “Better things”, when it’s done at a wedding? It’s only massive.
      Also, great show.

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