Ich Bin Ein Berliner



Berlin bar Dame Lane, Dublin 2

This evening.

It’s like the 1930s in, er, Berlin.

‘Boozy brunch’ bar loses licence over Covid breaches (RTÉ)


34 thoughts on “Ich Bin Ein Berliner

    1. eoin

      Shutting the economy down for a year over a flu virus with a less than 1% kill rate is irresponsible. Get a grip.

      1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        1% – is that all. Only 70,000 on in Ireland need to die for you to go to the pub. How about the hospitals being overrun? Nah, that doesn’t suit your crazy world.

    1. Kiora

      No worse than what goes on in the Dail Bar, Varadkar, Martin and Ryan on the bar pole dancing most nights , allegedly.

  1. K. Cavan

    If only we had a functioning track’n’trace system we could round up every single reprobate that attended that boozy lunch & put them in camps. They endangered blah, blah, blah, lock ’em up, punishment beatings & waterboarding’s too good for that lot. Hell, let’s get snipers positioned around pubs, so we can take out the germ-ridden scum as they exit, before they spread infections everywhere, it’s not safe to go out on the streets, with other people breathing in & out, willy-nilly, ve need zum order!!!

  2. Broadbag

    ”The court heard that the bar was also checked for compliance with regulations on 10 September.
    Two revenue officers who booked a table for a meal and some drinks, were told after they reached their time limit, that they could stay longer, if they started a new bill.”

    So they clearly didn’t give 2 fupps and were only interested in profit, can’t find much sympathy for them although it seems quite harsh and will probably be overturned on appeal.

    1. SOQ

      And what friggen difference does it make if punters stay the allocated time then move somewhere else? How is that slowing spread? Ah ya know- rules are rules- because the JUNTA says so.

      People questioning will be taken out and whipped, unless they are into that such of thing of course, in which case- just given a stern talking to.

          1. SOQ

            Either print what I have typed or I am out of here again BS.

            I have the screen grabs.

          2. Bitnboxy

            FFS SOQ – you are threatening a flounce?! 1. Nobody cares. 2. The BS comment forum is not to be taken seriously. It’s fun, it’s nonsense, folks row and bristle at the slightest provocation and most of all, it’s usually a load of tripe. Stop wasting your time thinking it matters!


          3. Steph Pinker

            SOQ; you have a thicker hide than I when it comes to sneering snide comments and trying to comprehend other peoples’ nastiness; believe me, the facts will come out, they have to, however I doubt if you, or any of the other commenters who have questioned the madness of the illogical measures taken will be vindicated, probably not in Ireland, but it will happen.

            It’s easy to instill fear into an individual because it’s an easier route to influence more people – we are mammals, tribal and social animals and if you cast a cursory glance over the most democratic countries in the world you will always find a pattern from generation to generation which predominantly vote with ignorance and without imagination.

            As for myself; I’m sorry I never studied law.

          4. Steph Pinker

            Which Django would you be now? You O’ Reilly Django’s aren’t native. Are ye de wans who live at d far side of the hill after u take a left at d church after d slip of turn before u take anudder left to go up d hill before ye come down agin, den take anudder left before ye get ta d top of d hill, den ye take anudder left ta get ta d top of d hill?

            Is dat your Django’s? Or should I keep right on d way up?

            I’m only askin’ cause’ I’m intereste’ in wat ye has te say.

  3. Bitnboxy

    The subsequent undercover operation sealed the fate of the licenses. Trillum Ltd. can likely reapply again but I would be briefing a top licensing SC so whatever way you look at it, Jay Bourke will be down a few quid to put it mildly.

    Quite divided opinion on this one – 50:50 split.

  4. Lilly

    No sympathy here. Most publicans bent over backwards doing everything they were asked to do to keep customers safe, but these cowboys were just taking the mick. They don’t deserve a licence.

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