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This afternoon.

In Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany.

A group of activists have occupied the city’s planned Google campus.

#fuckoffgoogle tweetz:

A small step for Kreuzberg but a great step for humanity. Google Campus is being squatted right now.


Protests against gentrification Activists occupy the Google campus in Kreuzberg (Berline Zeitung)

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He said in order to defend our own freedom he needed to fight for gay equality.
‘When we stand up for our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters…we defend our own liberty as well.”
The reference is an echo to his inaugural address in 2013, when Obama said the journey is not complete until LGBT people are treated like anyone else under the law.

President Obama (top) at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, today with Angela Merkel (right), who opposes marriage equality.

Barack Obama calls for gay equality in Germany (Gaystarnews)

In Berlin, Obama pays tribute to Berliners and Western values (USA Today)


ALeqM5jcYtwNAAl_b-1khMtg7nBeF7M9sQMichelle Obama, daughters visit Holocaust Memorial (Fox)