30 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Papers

  1. Paulus

    Some will pay an increased LPT
    Others face a reduced PUP
    Those who PAYE
    Or claim JSB
    Will be dreading some more VAT.

  2. Birdie

    “Taoiseach announces business focussed recovery.” … hope that includes addressing bogus self employment and giving workers decent rights like getting rid of zero hour contracts etc. Will he feck. Sooner there are protests on the street the better, can’t stomach several more years with this government.

    In brighter news, it’s a lovely day out there and I’m getting my new batch of coffee beans today – yay!

    1. millie bobby brownie

      What kind of coffee do you get Birdie? I’ve only got into the nice coffees recently.

      1. Birdie

        Hey Millie,

        Anything that’s single origin from Africa (it’s all personal but I just love that region for coffee, tastes so good. Delicate yet sweet). I had been getting my coffee from Full Circle (it’s great) but have switched to Imbibe as they have a percentage of their money to women’s aid. Free delivery on orders €20 and over. Some great roasters out there.

        Do you have a grinder? I can recommend a great one too that isn’t too dear.

      2. goldenbrown

        millie, there’s a fierce lot of nerdy bottyology with coffee in this country but if you’re close to Dun Laoghaire at all check out Darbovens….they’ll likely have anything you want in a wide palate range, citrus thru chocolatey and will grind it to suit whatever method you’re using to make it too (espresso, french press etc. the grind is near as important as any of the other factors) ethical/normal, all sorts.

        the best I ever came across in my life was this place https://wackerskaffee.de/

        just a little unassuming 100 year old traditional coffee shop in Frankfurt around the corner from a place I was working in for a while, lads in €1k suits drinking alongside tradesmen, none of your fancy gadgets or stylised drinks but omg the best coffee ever ever. they have an online shop and I buy myself a bag every Xmas as a treat (and not crazy money either)

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Ireland will put €19bn into the ‘recovery fund’. And get €1bn to €2bn from it. (€1bn in grants, and €1bn in loans)
      Bailout mk2. FFG-enomics

          1. Steph Pinker

            Thanks Giggigy, you mentioned this before; it was ignored by many and you were chastised by those who disagreed. The sad aspect is that we’re all paying for it, we have for decades and will continue to do so.

            It’s difficult not to become cynical after such an extended process of abuse and rottenness.

  3. Susan

    What happened to that fella who use to hijack the comments here , Brit fanboy, Johnson & farage worshipper?

    1. Otis Blue

      His reputation was shot here after the ‘Johnnie Walker, Black Label, three cubes of ice’ farrago.

      The BS cognescenti weren’t having that. And rightly so.

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