‘Repudiate The Report’


Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation members at the commission’s launch in 2015, from left: Professor Mary Daly, Judge Yvonne Murphy, Dr William Duncan.

This evening.

Further to the the participation of Professor Mary Daly, one of the members of the Mother and Baby Homes Commission, at a seminar in Oxford University, where she disclosed for the first time that 500 survivor testimonies were excluded from the commission’s final report for ‘legal reasons’…

…And following calls from Tanaiste Leo Varadkar and Labour Party leader Alan Kelly for the commission to appear before TDs…

Social Democrats TD, and Oireachtas Children’s Committee member, Holly Cairns said:

“I have written to the Oireachtas Children’s Committee requesting that we again invite members of the Commission to the Committee to discuss their report.

“It is hard for many to understand why one of the Commissioners agreed to discuss the report at an academic seminar, but unwilling to come before the Oireachtas Committee.

“It is even harder to understand how the Commission report’s findings were, in so many cases, contradictory to the testimony of survivors. To give just one example: that there was no evidence of forced adoption.

Given what we know now about the methodology that was used to prepare this report, the Government must repudiate the report and produce the underlying archive. Survivors must be given the administrative files and all of their personal data.

“Crucially, the government needs to repudiate the report. Survivors were denied fair procedures. This report is rewriting people’s lived experience and, with it, Irish history.”


Speaking on RTÉ’s News at One, Minister for Children Roderic  O’Gorman said clarification would help to address the anger and uncertainty felt by survivors, adding it was not appropriate for the first public comments on the report to be made to a restricted academic event.

He said that “it is necessary at this point for them to come before the Oireachtas committee”.

Commission should ‘urgently clarify’ treatment of survivor accounts – Minister (RTÉ)

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12 thoughts on “‘Repudiate The Report’

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Why is Roderic O’Gorman saying this now? He knows the ins-and-outs of the sordid affair. Why hasn’t he opened his mouth before now? – Because Daly did the ‘Look at me – Big Professor’ thing in Oxford? Is that it? He had to address it (yet again)?

    Varadkar would have known it too of course, likewise Michilin Martin.

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Yes, they all knew and agreed it. We need to get the Catholic Church and all it’s affiliated groups, especially Opus Die, out of schools, health care, even get them out of the church.. it will be better for it

  2. Tony

    Oh thank god – the mother and baby homes scandal.

    Finally something more upbeat

    I thought it was another antivaxx post!

  3. TheFerg

    It’s really tough to follow this saga, my instinct is to just ignore it.
    But it’s a responsibility as a citizen and a human to keep on top of this.
    Well done to the Broadsheet team for keeping this front and centre.

  4. Joe

    Excellent to see Bodger posting on something extremely relevant to society and shining a light on something that FFFGGP has done its utmost to hide under the carpet.

    Roderic O’Gorman’s attempt to whitewash any investigation has deservedly blown up in his face.

    Keep it up Bodger the truth will out!

  5. Ragamuffin

    Fair play to Holly Cairns & Dr Maeve O’Rourke for their dogged determination on getting justice for the survivors. The report needs to be retracted, this whitewash can’t be let become the official history of mother & baby homes.

  6. RuilleBuille

    The parameters of the report were deliberately set by the government to protect the crimes of the organisations involved.

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