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This morning.

The Dáil at the Convention Centre.

Tanaiste Leo Varadkar has asked for the members of the Mother and Baby Home Commission of Investigation committee to appear before TDs while Labour Party leader Alan Kelly has called for the establishment of a new commission of investigation, describing the committee’s report as ‘flawed’.


From top: Tuam burial site: Professor Mary Daly, who was presented with a Royal Irish Academy Gold Medal, considered the highest scholarly accolade in Ireland, last month

This morning

Further to confirmation made yesterday by Professor Mary Daly to an online Oxford seminar on Irish history that the evidence provided by 550 survivors to the Mother and baby Home Commission of Investigation committee was ‘discounted’.

Historian Professor Daly was a member of a three member commission led by Judge Yvonne Murphy which made its final report public in January to an outcry from survivors. The members have since declined to appear before TDs.

The Minister for Higher Education has this morning called for the authors of the report by the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes to address the Oireachtas in relation to their findings.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Mr Harris said:

“I don’t want to say anything inflammatory or offensive here. I think it did add insult to injury, I’m sure unintentionally but it did add insult to injury to people who had been through mother and baby homes and their families and their communities that they never got an opportunity to hear in public from those who did the report

People have every right to speak in Oxford but if they can find the time to speak in Oxford I hope they can find time to speak in the Oireachtas. I think it would be very very helpful as part of the healing process but also as part of the sharing of information and look we have more work to do on this.

“It is my personal view that if you undertake to do a body of work, you should be willing to explain how you did that body of work in a public forum. I think that’s right and proper. The Government commissioned this report; the Government published the report but the Government didn’t author the report and I think it would be helpful to hear from the author. So I think it would be useful in the appropriate forum in the Oireachtas for those who authored the report to have a dialogue and explain the work they did, the rationale and maybe other work that needs to be done.”

Mother and Baby Home Commission urged to address Oireachtas over report (RTÉ)


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  1. Donald McCarthy

    Some awards don’t age well. My darling granny, while working as a nun in Tuam, was awarded a big gold medal for her enthusiastic shovelling. We don’t brag about it now.

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