Bandstand-Off Continues


This evening.

Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2.

Surly young revellers look on as members of the Garda Public Order Unit repair damaged fencing around the bandstand this afternoon shortly after several people had gained access.


This afternoon.

Youths descend on the bandstand on the third day of hostilities over access.

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12 thoughts on “Bandstand-Off Continues

  1. Nigel

    Yeah, suddenly any reamining sympathy for the poor crayturs hiding from the wide open space of the Green by trying to roost in the rafters of the bandstand has evaporated.

  2. Neville

    The Gardai should of removed the drink off them
    Anyway I have had my vaccine and just let the kids learn from experience
    Thank god I live miles away from dublin

    1. Hank

      Yes, thank you god for not inflicting Neville on us. Incidentally, what does “should of” mean??

  3. scottser

    Me and the missis went down to the dropping well for a scoff and a slurp this evening. The park beside it was rammed with folk supping away but there was nobody under 25 there. So the poor Gardai were going around telling everyone ‘you’re technically supposed to bring your pint home with you’..

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