Win Nick’s Golden Voucher [Extended]


Thank Flanagan it’s Friday.

It’s that time of the week when the Broadsheet commenters briefly emerge from the dank basement back into the world, blinking at the sunlight, and putting the kettle on as they stick on an oul’ tune. In other words: it’s music competition time.

This week the theme comes courtesy of reader f_lawless who suggests your favourite song with heartbreak as a theme.

Here’s mine.

Reply below to be in with a chance of bagging yourself a €50 Golden Discs voucher redeemable in any Golden Discs store.

The winner will be chosen by my therapist.

Nick says: Good luck.

Lines MUST close on Saturday at 1pm.

Last week’s wonderful one-hit winner here.

Golden Discs

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156 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Golden Voucher [Extended]

  1. Andy Pipkin

    The song that I used to woo miss P back, superb lyrics and just Freddie and Brian on acoustic guitar.

    Queen – Love Of My Life

    Happy Bank Holiday Weekend

    1. Slightly Bemused

      When this was in the charts, Little Slightly and I were listening to it on the trip between her home and her grandparents. She was about 12, but her insight was surprisingly adult. and she was picking out the different viewpoints of each protagonist.

      She then banned me from ever singing it in her presence. Dear of my (torn) heart! :-)

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Milva – singing Oblivion (J’oublie)

    Lourds, soudain semblent lourds
    les draps et velours de ton lit
    quand j’oublie jusqu’à notre amour

    Lourds, soudain semblent lourds
    tes bras qui m’entourent
    déjà dans la nuit

    Mon bateau part, s’en va quelque part
    les gens se séparent,
    j’oublie, j’oublie

    Tard, autre part dans un bar d’acajou
    des violons nous rejouent
    notre mélodie, mais j’oublie

    Tard, on se sépare dans un joue contre joue
    tout devient flou et
    j’oublie, j’oublie

    Court, le temps semble court
    le compte à rebours d’une nuit
    quand j’oublie jusqu’à notre amour

    Court, le temps semble court
    tes doigts qui parcourent
    ma ligne de vie.

    Sans un regard,
    des hommes on s’égare
    sur un quai de gare,
    j’oublie, j’oublie

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            there now the day just got sunnier, I do miss the flirting on a sunny terrace

  3. Slightly Bemused

    Here’s one they wrote earlier!

    Chance, by the wonderful Big Country from my favourite of their live concerts, at The Barrowlands. Heartache, abandonment, and still a shred of hope. This along with Thirteen Valleys are I think their best on heartbreak, heartache and such matters.

    I once had a very bad day in a particular mission. A very new deputy country manager had arrived, and the regular country manager had taken a much needed break. During this period, a situation arose where we became aware of an upcoming offensive of one of the belligerents against another. Nature of our organisation. At times like this we prepare, but quietly, you cannot let it be known that you are aware, but you can be ready to act. And you use soft channels to try to deter any aggression.

    The new guy wanted to preposition supplies, which was pretty much a telegraphing of ‘we know what you are thinking’. I got in an argument on this matter. I had been called in, after being out for a few days with a flu. Real flu, not man flu, honestly. So I popped a few Solpadeines and went in. I normally take one at a time, and I took two more fairly shortly after taking my one for the morning, and three meant a massive codeine hit and high. I was bouncing off the ceiling, which is not a great way to conduct a reasoned discussion.

    I ended up storming out of the meeting, calling the person a foolish man (slightly more pithy, Irishisms were used) and got in my car and went home. When there, I put on my Big Country CD, and turned it up full volume. I was making a cup of tea while this song was playing, when the doorbell rang. It was our medical director, a good friend and a lovely Welsh lady. She had come to see how I was, as my behaviour was decidedly not my usual manner.
    As if the gods were listening, after she asked me, the boys belted into the chorus. I just shrugged, waved in the general direction of the stereo, and offered her a cup of tea.

    In the end, my deputy was ordered to preposition the supplies, and as I feared and predicted, it did not go down well with any of the sides of the situation.

  4. truelovewaits

    I never got my voucher from the best piano song competition. Can someone email me?

      1. nicorigo

        same for me. For the future song competion. T’was a Curry voucher, gladly swap it for a Golden Disc one…:)

  5. Andy Pipkin

    Just before my debs my then girlfriend broke my heart and this was my go to song, I had it on repeat!
    One of those songs that you can resonate with.
    Still love it!!

    Green Day – Good Riddance


  6. Slightly Bemused

    With a wonderful and somewhat disturbing video, I think this contribution shows just how raw heartbreak can leave you, and the awkward situations it can engender when you forget yourself and your self control.

    Will Young – Leave Right Now

  7. Harold Molloy

    No question in my mind that it’s Lover, You Should’ve Come Over by Jeff Buckley.

    Arranged beautifully and a masterpiece in emotive singing. Lost that lad much too young.

    Fun fact, he was Glen Hansard’s roadie and it was Glen that got him up singing in Sin E following which he got a residency and then onto greatness.

    Another fact, Radiohead were recording their second album close by and after hearing him perform that encouraged Thom Yorke to use the full range of his vocals which gave us such memorable songs in The Bends.

  8. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    Following my worst break up my x cruely moved directly down the hill to an apartment I could see very well from my balcony, to top it off it was over the bar I worked in and the cheating fupper would walk past at least ten times a day often with whatever flavor of the month he was dazzling, well this song fit the bill nicely, Walk on by, Dionne Warwick,

    1. Paulus

      Ah now there’s a masterpiece, with an unexpeted reveal. It featured, possibly in its entirety, in the final Bachelor’s Walk.
      The opening;
      “Eddie Grace’s Buick’s got four bullet holes in the side” fools you into thinking that you know where song is going.
      An all time favourite of mine since my Salad Days.

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      oh I’d forgotten these guys, saw them live in Paris, better gig than I expected

    2. Slightly Bemused

      My younger brother introduced me to these fellows. While I cannot say I liked all their songs, I was pleasantly surprised how many I did, and I could appreciate the story of the songs whose music did not ring my bells.

      Good choice, thanks you

    1. Slightly Bemused

      I will be looking over my shoulder for ladies in yellow jumpsuits now :-)

      This was so much more powerful than Cher’s original which was way too poppy. Nancy’s sultry tones, and slowing the chorus down just makes this a wonderful classic

    2. Redundant Proofreaders Society

      Fair dues to Tarantino for his skilful resurgence.
      Check out the remix by Audio Bullys.

  9. The Tec Dr

    There is only heartbreak song and it’s by Bonnie Raitt. If I can’t make you love has heartfelt timeless vocals by Bonnie and beautiful piano playing by Bruce Hornsby. If this doesn’t bring tears to your eyes nothing will.

  10. CapernosityandFunction

    Go-Betweens – Was There Anything I Could Do

    The Go-Betweens were like an Aussie version of Fleetwood Mac or ABBA. Two couples in the band and all the joy and heartbreak that produces. This song deals with the latter. This was the first band I ever saw live, supporting REM, in RDS Simmonscourt in 1989 on the Green tour. I was very lucky to see them because six months later they were defunct with Grant McLennan (who wrote this song) finishing the band without warning and also finishing his relationship with Amanda Brown (violin in the video)

    1. Otis Blue

      Love the Go-Betweens and was at that gig too. They played the Trinity Ball sometime in the ‘80s as well. They did reform again as a duo later on and released a couple of great albums using Sleator-Kinney as their backing band. I don’t really rate musicians books but Robert Forster’s memoir, Grant and I, is really well written and is a great read.

      1. CapernosityandFunction

        It is a great book. I got to see Robert Forster in Whelans a couple of years ago and he played Cattle and Cane; just wow. There is a magnificent live version of Bye Bye Pride from one of their albums in their second incarnation. I think Australia’s best ever group.

  11. Fergalito

    Almost worth having the heart ripped from your core to enjoy the misery of wallowing in your own despair. I’m sure the Germans have a fabulous word for it. Many to choose from but this kinda sums up the experience for me, The Districts – 4th and Roebling..

  12. Professional Fall Fan

    Excuse me…
    Are you not still the same f_lawless that suggested the criteria of this competition?

    MY comments get deleted…
    …wait a moment…

    Mi hed asplode!

    YOU should be banned, not me!

    1. Professional Fall Fan

      Stop posting my comments Broadsheet.
      It’s too late now. You had your chance.
      You should keep blocking them for no reason.

      I could’ve made myself an obvious winner.
      I just wasn’t bothered.
      What’s the point?

      Win a voucher for a shop that isn’t open and is 30+ miles away…

      Yer cool…

  13. Fergalito

    Stop the presses ! Stop the presses !

    How this tune didn’t immediately bob to the surface of my consciousness i don’t know but thankfully the mariners of my subconscious rescued this gem and brought it on deck ….

    “No sign of love behind the tears” – ah, that moment when your still beating heart slides into the wastepaper basket of hopelessness and you are forlorn !

    The Beatles, “For No-one”

  14. Slightly Bemused

    I pop away for a bit of shopping, and the list doubles. Wonderful, I shall weep all weekend.

    Can I suggest any or indeed pretty much all of Rumours? Fleetwood Mac were in a state of love/hate/hurt/pain during the whole of that album. For me the stand outs would have to be Dreams and Go Your Own Way. One from each side of the break-up of Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham,

    If I was pushed, it would have to be Dreams for me, with the ethereal vocals from Nicks bouncing around the corners of my own heart.

  15. Andy Pipkin

    From the brilliant opening on piano to some of the most memorable lyrics, it’s hard too believe that Agnetha and Björn were in the middle of a break up and she still had too sing this!!
    The ultimate break up / heartbreak song,

    Janet, look away now!!

    ABBA – The Winner Takes It All

    Enjoy !!

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      crying for the wrong reason…I didn’t look away fast enough

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Words are insufficient, but all I have. My deepest condolences. I shall light a candle in her memory tomorrow. While I am not greatly religious, it is one rite I have always loved at these times.

      Take care of yourself, we are here if you need us.

    2. Stop scoring points!

      Never give up Brother.

      I’ve been there too often.
      I know how it hurts.

      Stay strong.

    3. eamonn

      sorry for your loss,
      for what it’s worth, will light a candle and hold a thought for your friend.

  16. seanydelight

    Heartbreak ain’t just for lovers.
    Paddy McAloon eulogizing his father’s death, and looking back at the missed chances to grown their relationship, and acknowledging what he did get from their time together.

    Live at the Beeb version here…

    1. Slightly Bemused

      I would agree. I planned to post this separately, but I think it fits nicely here. Eric Bogle’s wonderful song about how his heart breaks, and how his mother’s does, though she tries not to show it, as he leaves for Australia.

      The wonderful, poignant Leaving of Nancy. I chose his own version, as I think he puts so much different passion to it.

  17. Harold Molloy

    I’d have to stick Black by Pearl Jam down. Very angsty, perfect for an angsty teenager. But genuinely great song. Especially the live version from Live on Two Legs – McCready’s solo weeps.

    1. Professional Fall Fan

      Smokey Robinson sung it first…
      AND much better.

      Tracks of my tears.
      (Look it up)

      It will make you cry.

      1. Professional Fall Fan

        If you don’t mind me saying…
        This is the WORST competition EVER!
        You end up miserable if you participate.

        I should know.
        I was happy earlier on. I”m miserable now, and I’m not even necessarily a Morrissey fan.

        Thank you Nick & f_lawless.

        Step up your game….

        1. Slightly Bemused

          Never mind. Sad songs say so much!

          A friend of mine once went through a really bad breakup. She did not want to give him the pleasure of seeing her cry, so her friend put on a song she knew always made her cry. Sure enough it helped, and she got her release.

  18. Stop scoring points!

    Keep on rocking in your own boat.
    And stop trying to drown the rest of us in your shallow pond.

    Stop being so self-reflective and grow up.

    Nobody cares.
    ALL of these songs are more miserable than the one that was posted before it.
    Please stop!

  19. Jasper

    My Wedding Singer video earlier was obviously a joke, here’s the real entry

    I wish I was that guy doing the backing vocals. In all my years that is probably the most baller guttural tone I’ve ever heard, it almost puts Sam in the corner…

  20. Stop scoring points!

    Thank you, other entrants.
    Some of your efforts were commendable.

    This is ‘Aftermath’ by Tricky

    Shut up, close your eyes and listen…
    …or keep your eyes open and cry.
    It’s up to you.

  21. Otis Blue

    Ted Hawkins sang of life as he knew it. Born into poverty in Mississippi, his life was pockmarked by addiction, crime and lengthy bouts in prison. He took to busking on Venice Beach, where he was later discovered and on the release of his initial recordings, came to a little prominence in Britain and Ireland, where he performed regularly in the late 1980’s. He was deported from Britain in 1990 but later signed a major deal with Geffen. Tragically, he died before its release.

    Ted Hawkins – Sorry You’re Sick

  22. Stop scoring points!

    Before I post this I just want to thank some of the other entrants.
    Everyone’s a winner baby, that’s no lie. May all of your chocolate be hot…

    Some Small Hope by Virginia Astley & yerman from Japan, the group, not the country.

    Trust me…
    It’s very good.

  23. galaxiapolizia

    no, really!

    “not even the government, are gonna stop you now…”

  24. galaxiapolizia


    revue et corrigee, faute de frappe…

    “up-topped full of vitamins…”

    Bonne nuit a toutes et a tous.

  25. bertie blenkinsop

    Tom Jones – (It looks like) I’ll never fall in love again

    Not only is this a wonderful song but it brings back so many memories for me
    Sneaking down the stairs when I was a kid when my folks would have parties after the pub, everyone locked and singing into bottle openers, your aunties oohing and aahing over you, your uncles asking you what you’re gonna be when you grow up and slipping you a pound note, (nobody really carries cash anymore, kids miss out big time!) getting up the next morning and taking sips out of the half drunk glasses of spirits, going into school shattered next morning.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      She had such an incredible voice.

      I remember once being somewhere, and there was an Australian film where, after an accident, a man sang exactly like Billie Holiday. Naturally a comedy, but some great songs from the lady herself.

      Good to see you again bertie. I have not noted your presence recently and pictured you off sunning on a beach somewhere sipping something horribly alcoholic. Probably with an umbrella in it.

  26. Slightly Bemused

    Buddy Holly had a wonderful way of making heartbreak and heartache sound almost fun. He almost hit pathos with the original recording of Peggy Sue Got Married, but the release was his usual light rock fare, and crazily wonderful.

    For this entry, though, I am going with It Doesn’t Matter Any More, which showcases the despair and hopelessness of one whose heart is broken

  27. Slightly Bemused

    And of course there is the country side of things. While not talking about his own heartbreak, but rather heartache about being separated from his baby, he wants to hear songs about other people’s troubles. Typical country :-)

    And in honour of the recently departed man, who our younger posters may know better from Guardians of the Galaxy, and the song Starlord sings into a weird lizard, Hooked on a Feeling, let me offer his ironic Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song. He apparently came up with it while joking with his road crew that most country songs were about loss. You know, the ‘My dog is dead, my truck just left me’ kind.

    The great B.J. Thomas

  28. Slightly Bemused

    I was all right for a while…

    Now I am Crying over you

    Roy Orbison, here with KD Lang just after his induction to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, and sadly not long before his passing. KD later did a tribute version, which I think is great, but you cannot match the original master

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