Forthcoming Attractions


Matilda and Oliver Wren at the ODEON Newbridge, county Kildare

Stop that!

This morning.

Ian Collins writes:

On Monday, ALL eleven ODEON cinemas nationwide (Dublin, Waterford, Cavan, Limerick, Laois & Kildare) will welcome guests back to enjoy films in the best possible way – on the big screen.

The wellbeing of ODEON guests and those that work in ODEON is a top priority and all the sites will be fully Covid compliant with strict social distancing protocols in place including Limiting the number of seats for sale for each film (max 50 seats) and staggering show times to reduce queues.


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6 thoughts on “Forthcoming Attractions

  1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    How many tickets can we win and how do we win them?
    Can it be a dancing competition this time?
    *does a little dance*

  2. Point

    Is there any IMAX screens in Ireland? I know the lie-max ones are about but is there a real one?

    I kinda remember one being about and then it was taken away because reasons

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