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Above from left Janelle Mukiza, Zane Blount Ronan, Jamie Green, Anais Bakala  and Kyle Moloney

Stop that.

This afternoon.

ODEON Charleston, Dublin 2

Cosplaying tykes dressed as this summer’s biggest movie characters as ODEON Cinemas launch their summer season of family films.

To wit:

ODEON Cinemas have brilliant family ticket deals available in all eleven ODEON cinemas nationwide (Dublin (Blanchardstown, Charlestown, Coolock, Point Square, Stillorgan), Cavan, Limerick, Naas, Newbridge, Portlaoise and Waterford).

ODEON’s offers include, Grown Ups Pay Kids’ Prices with the family ticket (2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children*) and for the older kids in the family ODEON has its teen ticket price, which means the whole family is covered!

We have ONE family pass to give away to a Broadsheet reader!

To enter, Just name the movie characters in the photo above (from left) AND list their Summer 2019 releases.

Lines MUST close with first correct entry.


Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland


You asking?

I’m asking.

I’m dancing.

Nicole Osborne writes:

On May 21 at 6.30pm ODEON Cinemas and Pigsback.com will present Dirty Dancing (1987) the cult classic that captivated cinema audiences just over 30 years ago!

For just €15 for a ticket (including popcorn, a drink and tub of ice cream), fans will be able to relive the classic performances from Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey at participating ODEON Cinemas.

Tickets [at link below] are limited and can be used at Blanchardstown, Coolock, Stillorgan, Point Square, Charlestown, Naas, Newbridge, Castleroy, Waterford.

We have a PAIR (yes, two) tickets to giveaway to a Broadsheet reader.

To enter, just complete this sentence:

“The most memorable scene in Dirty Dancing is…………..’

Lines MUST close at 2.45pm EXTENDED until 5.15pm MIDNIGHT!

Dirty Dancing tickets here


Yesterday, we asked you to give an ‘elevator pitch’ for Bodyguard 2.

On offer were four tickets to see an exclusive screening of The Bodyguard (1992) on March 28 at selected ODEON cinemas.

We have whittled down the entries to five pitches.

Daisy Chainsaw‘s pitch:

Bodyguard 2: Electric Boogaloo. Frank Farmer’s son by a heretofore unmentioned ex wife, (Liam Hemsworth) follows in his father’s footsteps protecting former child star turned wild child Wiley Myrus (Miley Cyrus), famous for her role as Dakota North, a teenage singer who nobody recognised without her wig. She’s been getting threats from an anonymous source that eventually turns out to be Farmer’s other son (Chris Hemsworth).

Optimus Grime‘s pitch:

Having prevented so many assassination attempts on various clients Frank finds there’s a hit out on him and at his age HE needs a bodyguard, who of course in these modern times, is a woman. Hilarity ensues in Bodyguard 2 – The Bodyguard’s Bodyguard

Weldoninhio‘s pitch

Bodyguard 2: Bodyguard Harder. Frank is protecting a billionaire in the middle of a messy divorce, everything is almost finalised and the divorce will be done and dusted in 48 hours. His client is worried that his ex will try and bump him off before the divorce gets over the line so that she can keep his fortune. With just the weekend to go, Frank’s client is poisoned. With his last few breaths, he asks Frank to pretend he is still alive until the divorce is through. Frank, dutybound, agrees. Cue, hilarious Weekend At Bernie’s comedy as Frank tries to keep his client out of the way of doctors, his ex-wife and bullets and bombs.

Cloud‘s pitch:

‘It opens with Rachel Marron’s death, Frank Farmer tweets: ‘Rachel has passed away. RIP u will live on forever. Cant believe it. I wanna run to u. Really cant believe this. @’.  The rest of it will just write itself.

Cool Hand Lucan’s pitch:

Bodyguard 2: Riverguard. Michael Flatley plays both the role of bodyguard and entertainment star. The two Flatleys fall in love with each coz they’re both rides. The third act is largely CGI gay porn set to a trad Irish soundtrack.

Only YOU can decide.

Lines must close at 7pm MIDNIGHT!

Screening tickets here.


Yesterday: And I, I Will Always Watch You-Uuuu

Nicole Osborne writes:

On Tuesday, March 5 at 7pm, ODEON Point Square will screen Robbie Walsh’s film ‘Eden’ in aid of the Dublin Simon Community.

All of the proceeds and donations from the screening will go to the services and support that Dublin Simon Community offer people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow and Meath.

‘Eden’ follows Adam throughout a day in his life living on the streets of Dublin, a man who has been left homeless in the wake of the Irish financial crisis.

To support Dublin Simon Community and attend this special screening, click here.



Last week we offered four tickets to see comedy classic Bridesmaids, screened at Odeon cinemas next Monday.

Reader Stephanie Lambert and three of her hen-celebrating pals won the tickets.

Thanks all

Previously: Ready To Party





Nicole Osborne writes:

ODEON and Pigsback.com have partnered up to bring another classic film to the big screen.

On Thursday, 20th December at 6.30pm, ODEON Cinemas Nationwide will screen the iconic Christmas romantic comedy, Love Actually (2003).

For only €15, this package deal includes a cinema ticket, popcorn combo (medium combo with a dispensed soft drink or bottle of water) and one small tub of ice cream. A saving of €9.25! – Tickets are limited so get booking at Pigsback.com

We have a pair (yes TWO) tickets to a screening near you to giveaway to a Broadsheet reader.

To enter, please complete this sentence:

‘While wary of romantic comedies generally, the most memorable scene in Love Actually would have to be____________________________’

Lines MUST close at 5.55pm MIDNIGHT!

Love Actually ODEON offer (Pigsback)




Yesterday we gave YOU the opportunity to win one of three adult passes to any Odeon cinema nationwide, in celebration of cinema giant’s 4-for-3 Awards Season offer.

All you had to do was fill in the following sentence.

“…And the award for least-deserving Academy Award ever goes to_____________________________________[name of movie, actor/actress, etc]’

*tears open envelope*

Liam Deliverance: “The award for least-deserving Academy Award ever goes to My Fair Lady which robbed Dr. Strangelove (How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb) for the best picture Oscar in 1965. The former was directed by George Cukor and was the tale of “Eliza Doolittle”, played by Audrey Hepburn, an over long yarn (almost 3 hours) about a cockney flower seller who was taught to talk proper like in a rags to riches borefest. Dr Strangelove, directed by Stanley Kubrick, was a satirical look at nuclear conflict between the US and Russia during the cold war era. It is a film that is very funny despite the seriousness of the subject matter, it lives long in the memory and is a classic that should be watched by all.”

Clampers Outside: “The award for least-deserving Academy Award ever goes to Forrest Gumps 1994 ‘Best Picture’ win…. beating both Pulp Fiction AND The Shawshank Redemption…. a travesty, in fairness…. but life’s like that, like a box of chocolates.”

Ben: “The award for the least deserving Academy Award goes to…Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side (2009). I’ve nothing against the film. It’s the kind of movie you would happily sit through on TV on a rainy Sunday afternoon, but it – or its cast – are about as deserving of an Oscar as Coronation Street.”

Thanks all

Odeon Cinemas

Yesterday: The Envelope, Please


Would you like to see freshly nominated movies?


Read on.

Christina Torsney writes:

Film fans can see the hottest picks for this year’s Awards Season for less at ODEON Cinemas – with film fans that watch three movies getting to see a fourth for free!

From January 1st until March 31st 2017, guests can pick up an Awards Ticket Wallet in ODEON lobbies, and collect tickets from showings of any of the top 17 Awards Season films showing at ODEON:

A Monster Calls (released January 1st)
Silence (released January 1st)
La La Land (released January 13th)
Manchester By Sea (released January 13th)
Lion (released January 20th)
Jackie (released January 20th)
Hacksaw Ridge (released January 27th)
Loving (released February 3rd)
Gold (released February 3rd)
Toni Erdmann (released February 3rd)
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (released February 10th)
20th Century Women (released February 10th)
Hidden Figures (released February 17th)
The Founder (released February 17)
Fences (released February 17th)
Moonlight (released February 17th)
Miss Sloane (released February 24th)

Tickets for screenings can be purchased online – with no booking fees – via the ODEON website [at link below]

We have three pairs of adult passes to any ODEON cinema to give away to THREE Broadsheet readers

To enter, please complete this sentence:

“…And the award for least-deserving Academy Award ever goes to_____________________________________[name of movie, actor/actress, etc]’

Lines MUST close at 2.45pm 4.15pm

ODEON cinemas