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        1. Cú Chulainn

          Actually, I heard from someone in the know… and she said, filming of the main script is suspended, but Tom is secretly filming an epilogue in which he is the only man left who can save the world from the virus. So he climbs the shard and waits for the virus to come and get him. When it does he catches it in a jam jar his estranged wife, boss, daughter, bell hop boy from the hotel (take your pick) had given him earlier. Then he jumps from the shard, in a sky suit (left in scene 3 by a lazy worker) to Buckingham Palace where he presents the Queen with the captured virus. She knights him and says arise Sir Tom.. you can finish the next line.. only one part of the above won’t make it into the film.. some sort of nda…

          1. ce

            That would actually be a better film than the one they are shooting… you should get a script to Tom or the Scientologist or the Seagulls… whoever is the real power behind the Cruise Throne

          2. Cú Chulainn

            Why thank you… I’m thinking seagull, I reckon they’re in the know, but I have a spooky feeling that if I gave the script to a handsome young car park valet it would definitely find its way to Tom..

    1. Unreal

      Is that bad or good?
      Hazel isn’t popular here but do we really need another toe-the-line, watery, well-meaning, good-looking lite Green?

      1. Lilly

        I heard her waffling on the radio earlier about how she felt it was important to throw her name in the hat even though she knew she wouldn’t be selected. Diversity blah blah. What a martyr.

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