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      1. ce

        I take it all back, on reflection fair play to her for doing her bit (in a senses of the phrase) for an outdoor summer

        Anyway can’t wait for the HSE public information ads promoting the virtues of dogging… in small groups obviously…

        Hard to have baton chargers in the woods, everybody wins

        1. Fergalito

          I think if you’re baton charged in the woods it’s usually the copse that do it…

          I’ll get me coat

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Pat McDonagh is Ireland’s Tim (Wetherspoons) Martin. Takes money from employees for meals whether they eat it or not, successfully campaigned to get rid of Sunday and Bank Holiday rates and rails against young people who no longer need to work in his greasy chippers for min wage.

    1. Unreal

      Actually Ireland’s Tim Martin is well Ireland’s Tim
      Martin, but we sort of get your usual belligerent comments

        1. Unreal

          Haha not really Daisy
          I want to like it because of the low prices and supporting craft beers etc – at least over here – but the whole experience underwhelms frankly

          1. Unreal

            Haha that’s fair enough
            Supermacs actually makes me feel bad, slightly worse, but it was funny I was in the one in Roscommon one day and it all made sense, it’s a weshht/culchie thing and we just don’t understand!

    2. Gokkers

      I once asked Pat Mc Donnagh in his chipper on the Tuam rd, why do you chips taste of fish?, the reply was…when we’re busy we use the fish fryers to cook the chips. His answer confirmed what I thought of him.

      1. Unreal

        Anyone who would frequent that establishment in search of a meal deserves whatever slop they get

      2. GiggigyGoo

        A lot of ‘traditional’ chippers fry the chips in the same oil / grease as they fry the fish. I used to work in one during the summer a while ago, and everything was fried in the same fryer. (Including wasps, which popped, and which were spooned out. Them were the days!)

        Chipper vans – hardly enough room for two fryers.

        1. Micko

          Isn’t there something about celiacs where they can’t have chips from oil that’s had batter in it? Hence the need to separate them.

          I may be remembering that wrong, but I think it’s a thing.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            If they’re claiming their chips are veggie/vegan friendly,they have to be fried separately from meat and fish.

  2. GiggigyGoo

    Well, surprise surprise!
    The €3,000,000,000 McCourt / Dinny / FFG broadband ‘rollout’ -isn’t. Three thousand million euro. Get your head around that. Money for nothing, as the saying goes. Probably covid will be blamed – but wouldn’t this be termed essential work?

    Ever been had?

  3. The Dude

    Can anyone be kind enough to clarify what if any the protocols there are for identity numbers being worn by uniformed police?

    The repeated scenes in Dublin city centre are very disturbing – yet it is of also alarming to see that some police officers are apparently no longer wearing identity numbers. Why is this now occurring?

    As follows is a report from the Independent of September 6, 2002, after this matter previously arose.

    The chaos now occurring is totally unacceptable and must be stopped. Yet it has largely arisen out of the authorities’ failures to govern competently; is there a capital city in the EU that is worse run?

    To see that the police members are no longer individually identifiable does little for accountability – and consequently further erodes what little confidence remains in the state and its agencies.

    All uniformed gardai required to wear identity tags
    Independent, September 06, 2002
    Tom Brady

    ALL gardai are to wear identification numbers on their clothing under a new directive issued by Commissioner Pat Byrne.

    This comes into force within 10 days and follows discussions between Garda management and the four representative groups over the past year.

    Up to now only gardai based in the Dublin and Cork regions have had to wear identification indicating district and number. But the Commissioner has now decided the measure should apply to uniformed personnel up to the rank of sergeant in each division, Garda headquarters and the Garda College.

    The move is part of the overall policy shift towards greater transparency and public accountability following a review of structures and directives that have been in place since the foundation of the force in 1922.

    The extension of shoulder identity tags was first mooted at a meeting last year of the Garda quality service unit’s national customer panel which included representatives from various public interest groups, business and the media.

    The issue was also raised at the first meeting last year of the Garda consultative council which is comprised of the force’smanagement and the representative bodies.

    The authorities decided to opt for tags using personal numbers and letters indicating a division such as Louth-Meath (LM 123) or Carlow-Kildare (CK 123) rather than using names.

    The numbers have already been sent out to the divisions from Garda headquarters in the Phoenix Park and local chief superintendents have been instructed by the commissioner to implement the directive by next Monday week.

    One senior officer said last night: “These identification numbers have been confined to Dublin and Cork for historical reasons and in modern policing there should be no objections to uniformed personnel having some form of immediately identifiable tag to assist the public.”

    In the past the absence of shoulder tags from uniforms worn by gardai who had been drafted from the provinces into Dublin to assist with major policing problems such as potential riots or large scale protests led to allegations that gardai had deliberately removed them.

    Subversive support organisations, in particular, frequently claimed that the gardai wanted to hide their identity if there were violent clashes.

    Similar claims were also made during the last May Day protests as off-duty gardai who were out of uniform were drafted into the city centre to prevent further street disturbances. Two separate investigations into the clashes by the gardai and the Garda Complaints Board are continuing.

    1. Cian

      The repeated scenes in Dublin city centre are very disturbing – yet it is of also alarming to see that some police officers are apparently no longer wearing identity numbers. Why is this now occurring?

      “Some” police officers are “apparently” no longer wearing identity numbers.

      Either they are or they aren’t.

      We’re there Gardaí not wearing their ID numbers? Therr were enough people visiting the events.

      1. The Dude

        Just to clarify, from the footage I viewed it appears there were officers without ID numbers present.

        So is it now policy that uniformed police officers no longer have to wear ID numbers?

        If police are no longer individually identifiable, I would like to hear the reasoning, as based on previous occasions it is a concern that if officers are not identifiable, then there is a likelihood of accusations later being leveled at the police of excessive force being used without individual officers being able to be identified.

        Whether such an accusation is justified or not, if the public see that individual officers are no longer identifiable by ID tags with numbers, it is likely to erode public confidence in the service.

        It all seems very strange following the major scandals of police accountability in recent years.

    1. Johnny it

      …can only imagine the bank him and Matt made profiting off the flu and faux emergency,nice one made for life I’d say:)

  4. Lilly

    Where’s Tommy Bohan? I expect he’ll be along presently to congratulate the Mail on their full Irish. I’m still not buying it.

  5. Johnny it

    -is this really working out-anyone seen the acting minister?

    ‘….would particularly like to thank Minister Humphreys for agreeing to be Minister for Justice, as well as Minister of State Naughton for taking a significant proportion of work within the Department of Justice, during the period of my leave.”

    At one time a minister for say justice was not equated with a school teacher,when it’s the only job you’ve ever had,cling onto it huh.Awful weak leadership by Martin putting up this nonsense and drivel,in the midst of a national lockdown and emergency,all about herself as usual.

    FFS-“ Just as many girls as boys aspire to help our communities and our society by becoming public representatives and leaders.”


    You can’t be making it up….. “her father is a member of the Orange Order, while her grandfather, Robert James Stewart, signed the Ulster Covenant opposing Home Rule in 1912.”

    1. Unreal

      Sexist, offensive drivel of usual, low standards from Broadsheet’s resident buttock clenching stoner

      1. Johnny it

        …just got off chatting with my father,he was only saying what an absolute shambles Ireland’s maternity leave is.

        Shorter this is all about ME,ME,ME-fook the nation I made a deal with my bestie Heather to act as minister while I’m away…..now back to ME,ME……

        “There are still many barriers to women entering politics. One of those barriers is the lack of maternity and paternity leave for councillors, TDs, senators and ministers.

        Women and men should know that having a family is not an impediment to a career in public life.

        Just as many young girls as young boys want to succeed in politics.

        Just as many girls as boys aspire to help our communities and our society by becoming public representatives and leaders.

        But they do not see the equality of their dreams and ambitions matched in equality of representation.

        Just as girls of my generation looked to the strong women who came before us for inspiration and guidance, those of us in politics now have a responsibility to make it easier for today’s girls to fulfil those dreams and ambitions.

        I and my colleagues in Government are determined to change the current system for the next generation.‘

  6. ManT

    Sorry we tootled your lives up for the last 18mts with a virus that statistically is close to zero risk to you but I promise we’re nearly there and we’re going to have a great out door summer we’ll even provide toilets and bins for you all and when you do all inevitably gather in large numbers we’ll baton change you…….this is madness

    1. Scundered

      And they deserved to be charged, they thought they were above the law by not dispersing when asked

  7. Gabby

    Lots of yuppy yobs causing disturbances, some of them violent, around central Dublin. What is the difference between their carry-on and the gallivantings of the anti-masker far right?

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