No Grafton Quarter Given






South Anne Street, Dawson Street, Grafton Street and South William Street, Dublin 2.

Earlier: Passing the Baton



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70 thoughts on “No Grafton Quarter Given

  1. ce

    well, that went well… again…

    Seriously, wear a mask to protect your identity, since it’s not to stop the spread of Covid it’s okay for every poster here…

  2. ce

    The level of on-top-of-bin dancing has also become a virus, and therefore all fun is cancelled…

    From the IT:

    “Many streets in Dublin city centre were restricted to the public from about 8.30pm on Saturday night, with gardaí telling drinkers to return home.

    The primary problem area seemed to be South William Street once again. Some drinkers threw bottles at gardaí as they moved en masse along the road to disperse the crowds. Moments earlier a disco of sorts had been taking place on the steps of Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, with young people dancing on top of bins and with boom boxes.

    A group of male revellers had also set fire to a bin for recycling material.

    A strong Garda presence was evident in the centre city on Saturday evening as crowds of young people gathered in various locations.

    Temple Bar Square was particularly busy with hundreds of young revellers drinking cans. Two youths climbed the walls of buildings in the square while onlookers cheered and bottles were hurled at Garda vehicles on their arrival to disperse the crowd.

    Many officers were stationed at the entrances to St Stephen’s Green, restricting access to people carrying alcohol.”

    The park’s bandstand was cordoned off, but a large group of youths dancing and chanting nearby were moved on by gardaí shortly after 6pm.

    There was, however, a Saturday night atmosphere throughout the city centre among people young and old. Groups clustered around connecting routes to George’s Street listening to music. And the areas outside pubs and bars serving takeaway drinks appeared to be more controlled environments.

    The Garda operation comes after public order incidents in the city centre last night where 14 people were arrested after bottles were thrown at gardaí.

  3. Liam Deliverance

    The guards “lost” to the toe rags a long time ago, that’s why they act with impunity, that’s why they have this situation, this is a just a fun game for them, a game that is ramping up it appears.

  4. Bitnboxy

    I do feel sorry for city centre businesses – already feeling the dissuasive effect as punters stay away from central areas and this on top of months of lockdown.

    I have sympathy for these kids who don’t appear to be from the most salubrious backgrounds or areas with amenities but they do now appear to be taking liberties causing any sympathy to quickly evaporate.

  5. Unreal

    I, for one, am ecstatic to see younger people express their right to freedom and kick against authoritarian pricks

  6. Micko

    Bit of a festival buzz to these gatherings.

    Might have be a good idea to employ some of the event management professionals that’ve been out of work the last 14 months to help corral the crowds.

    Of course that’d be encouraging them, but we can’t keep dispersing these crowds every weekend.

    If they’re going to meet up in town anyway, then we need to give them somewhere to go.

    1. Bitnboxy

      It’s an abnormal situation. They are very young and perhaps not from the best areas. In normal circumstances, they appear far too young to be let into pubs or clubs. I think they are just bored and getting a thrill out of doing something they think is illicit. Where are their parents? The answer I could give would likely upset some folks on here…

      1. Unreal

        What does “not from the best areas” mean?
        Please stop denigrating the children of Blackrock, Sandymount in such an excellent fashion

        1. Bitnboxy

          While most kids were there in a peaceful capacity, most observers (including independent photographers) are now acknowledging the presence of a menacing minority and a coordinated attempt to cause mayhem. We cannot and should not tolerate this chaos in our capital city. This highlights a social issue also – our continued dysfunctional relationship with alcohol.

          1. Unreal

            Haha look at you
            “Most observers “
            Waffle, wobble, wobble

            Speak for yourself there about dysfunction
            You were on this for months at one stage literally gangbanging on one commenter endlessly
            Take the mote out of your own scrote eye first

          2. Unreal

            Yes it figures as most of what you do here is purposely antagonise decent commenters, it is always fun though to watch inveterate trolls like you vainly try to rehabilitate your sodden image.
            And fail miserably at it.

          3. Bitnboxy

            Gosh – I really have got to you!

            I must up the post-level so.

            Now, beat it you violence-promoting troll.

        2. Micko

          Speaking as someone who is from a “not the best area” these kids aren’t necessarily bad kids, but they have a lot more experience dealing with cops and aren’t afraid of them.

          They have no deference to them – whether that a good or bad thing? Sure I’ve told quite a few cops to “go away” in my time. (Nicely of course).

          During the lockdown last year, I remember listening to some influencer girl from Foxrock on the radio, saying that she didn’t go outside the 5k because if a guard gave out to her, she’d probably burst out crying in her car.

          So, better to be from a bad area then a complete wuss.

          1. Bitnboxy

            In reality most of the kids were not causing bother but what appears to have changed is the arrival of a minority neer-do-well gang intent on causing trouble and goading the Gardaí. This lot, despite whatever sob stories are trotted out in court, are a feral and scummy lot.

            Lots of decent folk live in areas considered down at heel and have to put up with this lot above and their behaviour, further destroying and sullying their neighbourhoods.

  7. ce

    Any info on how organized the “organized group” was… or is this another Harrisism…?

    No or resistance tp planning for this due to the perceived snub on vaccines for the Gards?

    Is this why we can’t have nice things?

    Answers – whether based in reality or not – on a postcard…

  8. ce

    “One of the businesses across the road there, their son was attacked coming out of the premises and their window was smashed. That was Thursday night. He had to get stitches under his chin. You just feel nervous leaving. Only for Tony Holohan’s tweet last week, I don’t think anybody would have listened to us.”

    Thought and feelings?

    1. GiggigyGoo

      One line in that report is telling. “That was bad police management. That should never have been allowed to happen.”

      Some comments about urinating and skitting in the streets too. Did those businesses open their toilets to their customers?

      1. E'Matty

        The Gardai do not allow businesses provide their toilets under Covid restrictions. That’s where the pissing in the street problem has always come from. It’s not just been an issue for drinkers. My parents in their 70s and in town for the day not drinking struggled to find a toilet. The entire problem of drinking and pissing on the streets is a direct, obvious and completely foreseeable consequence of Government imposed Covid restrictions.

  9. Broadbag

    Short of beheading someone these scrotes know nothing will happen to them bar a pointless ticking off, so why not set fire to stuff, intimidate people, hurl bottles and get a chase, great craic altogether. The justice system tells them go ahead, there’s no consequences.

    1. Unreal

      Does it make you feel important to denigrate young people or are you just another boring d8cq on the internet?

      1. Broadbag

        What is a ”d8cq” dare I ask? You appear to be roaming the comments section trying to pick fights with all and sundry, are you okay?

      2. Unreal

        Amusing to see someone who is calling for the “beheading” of “scrotes” enquire as to my own well-being, yes I’m fine thank you very much Wndbag, try not to consume so many legumes today there that’s a good man!

        1. Broadbag

          Dumbreal, maybe comprehension isn’t your strong point, or you’re in too much of a hurry to launch your latest vitriolic attack on the comments section, but I wasn’t calling for beheadings, I was saying unless the scrotes behead someone they just get a ticking off, it’s called hyperbole, do keep up old boy. Still no clarity on what ”d8cq” is, just foaming at the mouth and mashing the keyboard perhaps?

  10. MickMac

    I feel sorry for any businesses in the city centre

    With this going on it’s just not going to be worth them opening up because no one will want to go there

  11. eoin

    I think the kids have had enough at this stage. You just can’t lock an entire nation up indefinitely, with no real roadmap and constantly shifting goalposts. And when they do lift restrictions people will fill the streets. Which will encourage to powers that be to not lift restrictions. The only solution is to lift the restrictions and let the chips fall where they may.

    1. ce

      “…and let the chips fall where they may.”, which is likely to be in a stinky bag along with the other bit’s of fastfood rubbish containers all over the place…

  12. GiggigyGoo

    I’ve looked at the photos above, and the videos. The boot boys, with their shields practicing their crowd control techniques in the videos. “I stepped out, you stepped in again” (“learning to dance for Fine Gael Fáil”)
    Do you know what I didn’t see? No bottles being thrown. No missiles being thrown. No evidence either in the stills of the remains of broken bottles or missiles. So, if missiles and bottles were thrown, if must have been after the licensed thugs started their war dance and attacks.

    Simmering now.

    A generation of voters there by the way.

    1. Kdoc

      According to a businessman in the area who spoke on the radio the Gardaí didn’t draw batons until they were attacked with missiles.

      1. GiggigyGoo

        Still no evidence of missiles or bottles in the above photos/videos. Looking at yesterday’s images, the same, yet the scrote gardai were lined up, batons held in a threatening manner over their shoulders, parading their advantage over people and advancing with menaces.
        I’ve no doubt that bottles and missiles were thrown at a later stage, but i’ve no doubt either that would be a result of the approach of Harrisment that the Guardians of the Peace took.

          1. GiggigyGoo

            Ah sure, I suppose the gardai brought cleaners with them so that the images would look nice.

          1. GiggigyGoo

            So, did the local businessman say whether the trouble kicked off before or after the arrival of the licensed boot boys?

        1. Kdoc

          There was trouble before the Gardai arrived: businesses on the street felt intimidated. (It’s difficult to conduct commerce when people are urinating in your doorway).

          1. Bitnboxy

            +1 This is true. Lots of business people from the area have gone on record stating what this feral mayhem is doing to their businesses. The ladies at the Irish Design Store have had to contend with broken glass, faeces and urine outside their shop. They bleach the pavement outside as it is so sticky to walk on. (IT article) The owner of Zeba hair salon is bereft and South William Street restaurants have had cancellations.

            The kids who socialise in their large pods in my local park in south county Dublin are really responsible and aside from the rubbish (they do leave it beside the bins) I can’t fault them. Yet in town, it is another world.

            I have a lot of sympathy for the business folk around South William. They need this like a hole in the head.

      1. GiggigyGoo

        20:20 vision. I can’t see a question mark after your question though. Have you tried learning punctuation?

        1. Bitnboxy

          Lol. Everyone on an anonymous internet comment forum has 20:20 vision! At your age Giggz, I’d be impressed if true but with no receipts, I’m sceptical. You have probably got a good 20+ years on Boxy!

        2. Tom J

          So it’s ok for people to run riot and destroy property? but God forbid someone should leave out a question mark.

  13. Peter Dempsey

    The young people are the salt of the earth.
    The Gardai are fascists. Remember ACAB.
    All property is theft.
    Businesses are part of the evil capitalist system and deserve to be wrecked.

  14. RuilleBuille

    Like they did with the anti-vax campaign the far right are infiltrating these festivities to sour relations between the public (in this case the youth) and the guards,

    And the Gardai walked straight into it.

    1. ce

      de salt of d’earth… rubbed into the wounds of urban decay…

      …Brennans Bread Today…

  15. Johnny it

    …and they wonder why no one buys ‘newspapers’ anyone.

    ‘Two members of An Garda Síochána were injured and received treatment while one Garda Patrol Vehicle was damaged.
    Saturday’s disorder followed similar scenes on Friday evening when one garda was injured and 14 people were arrested after bottles were thrown at gardaí on South William Street.‘

    If that was the NYPD you’d have a vigil,thoughts and prayers,any idea status these brave first responders or severity of ‘injuries’ ?

    So a total of 3 report worthy ‘injuries” no other info released by the state funded press office – why.

    No statement from acting Minister Humphries,you’d have say she’s the least and worst qualified not just because she’s a Protestant,to lead Ireland’s justice dept in an acting capacity at this time,


    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      Not just because she’s a protestant ? Does that make her somehow less Irish ?

          1. Unreal

            He’s a typical type that used to go across the water and then tell everyone in earshot what it’s “like” over there and sure they do everything better, cars big as bars etc, … yawn … pass the colostomy bag

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