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Devin Reardon – Ireland Song

We need to talk about Devin.

The honey-voiced Floridian indie folkster (top) crossed the Atlantic just before the first lockdown hit to connect with his family in County Wicklow.

Devin used the time to record a 5-song EP The Untangling Of Things, and the debut single Ireland Song is accompanied by a cleverly shot video with a heartwarming message.

Devin writes:

This land has a magic in it that I can’t fully explain. Lockdown has kind of switched that up now, and being stuck home, connecting to that has been hard. I had a lot of hard days and night up until 4am just doing nothing again and again. I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons in this time, and I’m excited to come out on the other side with those things close to my chest.

“I just want to share my own lessons and the joy of discovering positives on the other side with other people. Just giving something to people as we emerge from this mad time. I think music can really help people, and I think this song can do that. I’m happy to share that.

“I just want to make some real art and music out of this madness, and I think this song does just that.”


Nick says: Knockin’ on Devin’s door.

Devin Reardon

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