This morning.

“The questions families have relate to management, competence, and why their loved ones contracted Covid-19 and what could have been done to prevent that from happening.”

Frank O’Connell. President of the The Coroners Society of Ireland

Coroners call for statutory inquiry into Covid-19 nursing home deaths (Irish Examiner)

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8 thoughts on “Home Truths

  1. frank

    here we go.
    the lie unravels as it is doing in the UK. The catastrophic failure to protect those that needed protection and the willful destruction of society and the economy.
    …. but but but we took the best advice available to us….

  2. Zaccone

    Why wouldn’t we have an inquiry into Covid-19 nursing home deaths? Theres no reason not to. There are guaranteed to be administrative lessons to be learnt, even if nobody is found at fault for negligence.

  3. Des

    Included in 140 pieces of correspondence between nphet and NHI from 28 February to end-April, were early predictions of how many of the difficulties – shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE), recruitment problems and hospital discharges – would ravage the sector.

    On March 10th 2020, chief medical officer Dr Tony Holohan said the blanket restrictions on nursing homes should be lifted because they were premature and impacted on residents’ social interactions

    Tony has a big broom and an even bigger rug, and he’s an excellent sweeper of dust.

  4. Des

    Also, deaths in Ireland were no higher in 2020 than other years according to CSO, why?

    Did people die of covid or with covid, were non covid deaths prevented by lockdown?

    1. Micko

      Shurrip Des

      Covid is very serious for EVERYONE and as long as I get to work from home it should continue to be seen as such.

      Ohhh…. the lie in’s and having no commute is amazing.

      Don’t ruin this Des – I’m staring down the barrel of another 25 years of the same office with the same boss and the same people and the same commute.

      25 FLIPPIN YEARS DES!!!!

      I need this man – at least another coupla months.

    2. Just Sayin

      Yes 2020 deaths were 30 deaths per million (or 150 deaths) below the previous 5 year average.

      Every year around 4,000 die from respiratory conditions.
      Except for 2020 when it’s approx 3,400 (respiratory non covid) + 1600 covid.
      By my reckoning an excess of 980 deaths, so how come we have a 150 deaths shortage in 2020?
      (when the media/government tell us it should be an excess of 1600)

      Maybe it’s because heart disease was down about 700 deaths, cancer down 180, other causes down 150.

      Did heart disease (which usually kills over 9,000 a year) really fall by 700,
      or could it be that some of those death did actually occur but:-

      A: occurred in a nursing home or hospital which had seen at least one covid death, hence this death could be labelled as ‘suspected covid’

      B: occured within 28 days of the person having a pcr positive test, hence they could be labeled ‘probable covid’

      C: Covid did actually kill a vulnerable person already dying of a co-morbidity (in this case heart disease), but that person would have died anyway (hence not adding to excess deaths)

      D: Some marvelous medical interventions really did prevent those deaths (but such actions are obviously top secret)

      I suspect the cancer deaths were even easier to mis-label than the heart attacks and strokes.

      In the fullness of time I expect we will see that apart from a good many nursing home deaths and some hospital outbreaks, just about all of the ‘covid’ deaths will be explainable as creative labeling of the death cert.

      Otherwise how can you have a pandemic without any excess deaths?

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