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From top: Television presenter Aisling O’Loughlin (right); The Journal website; Aisling’s latest Instagram

‘….unlike many conspiracy theorists who have come to the fore in Ireland, O’Loughlin’s method of communication is somewhat novel here.

Rather than posting angry diatribes against global elites, she speaks in a calm, personal tone, advocating choice and understanding for those who are vaccine hesitant.

The opinions of those in favour of vaccines are sometimes sought, which presents an illusion of balance.

She uses phrases like “my body, my choice” – a slogan previously associated with the abortion referendum in 2018.

Her video messages also reference her status as a parent, framing her views as those of a concerned mother rather than a conspiracy theorist. And false and misleading claims are posed as questions, a subtle move that allows misinformation to be shared without being an outright lie.’


Although O’Loughlin is not an outward advocate for any specific alternative remedies, many of those who follow her and agree with her views are.

The Journal monitored dozens of Instagram pages which shared O’Loughlin’s videos in recent weeks and analysed accounts which liked her posts and posted supportive messages on her feed.

Supporters of her message included people who described themselves as holistic nutrition coaches, wellness advocates, energy healers, acupuncturists, homeopaths and massage therapists.


For now, O’Loughlin’s account remains active and despite being de-prioritised by Facebook, is easily accessible. She did not return requests for an interview or comment on her use of Instagram. In a recent post, she said she did not align herself with any political movement or tactics but aligns herself to “love” and “the question of truth and justice”

‘My body, my choice’: How some Irish wellness Instagram accounts became a hotbed of Covid-19 misinformation (The Journal)

KN writes:

…a really vicious article on Aisling O’Loughlin in The Journal. Regardless of where you stand [on Covid] this is pretty disgraceful…and probably why she seems to be the only Irish celebrity to openly question what is going on.

That’ll learn her.

Aisling O Loughlin (Instagram)

Aisling O Loughlin?

From top: At the Coombe, partners may attend the 20-22-week scan but for all other routine scans, a pregnant woman must attend alone; Social Democrat TD Holly Cairns

This morning.

Further to Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan’s assertion yesterday that there was “no good reason in public terms” that mothers should endure their births alone….

…Maternity hospitals and units are beginning to ease restrictions, including the Coombe and the National Maternity Hospital in Holles Street – but some hospitals  are doing this more slowly.

Social Democrat TD Holly Cairns said:

“It is incomprehensible that women are still being denied the support of a partner as they attend scans and, in many cases, even during birth.

“This morning we heard that the numbers of covid patients in hospitals around the country had fallen to just 104. Meanwhile, there are just two hospitals with ten or more patients who have the virus.

Despite this, women are still being told that their partners are some kind of optional extra when it comes to attending at hospitals for scans and labour.

“It is increasingly looking like pregnant women are just expected, by some within hospital management teams, to endure stressful appointments, like anomaly scans, alone.

“Even going through labour alone is not deemed too high a price for women to pay – despite there being no public health rationale for the infliction of that trauma.

“The HSE has been stating for weeks that visitor restrictions at maternity hospitals should be lifted. The CMO has now publicly stated there is no public health grounds for their continued existence.

“Despite this, hospitals continue to deny women the support of their partners throughout their pregnancy and during birth.”

Ms Cairns added:

It’s hard to avoid characterising this apparent determination to make women needlessly suffer as anything other than misogynistic and cruel. Having a baby should be a joyful experience and instead it is being turned into something distressing and stressful by these intransigent rules.

“In December, the HSE reclassified birthing partners as an “essential accompanying person” for the 20 week-scan. They now need to urgently reclassify them as an essential accompanying person for the entire maternity journey.”

Yesterday: ‘It was like being released from prison’ – mother tells of heartache of being without her husband after giving birth (Independent.ie)



Protests at maternity hospitals over restrictions (RTÉ)


Alberta, Canada.

Calgary pastor Artur Pawlowski was made to kneel while being arrested for committing the crime of holding a church service, which violated Alberta’s public health orders. The pastor kicked out police from his church last month calling them ‘Gestapo’.

That’ll learn him.

Calgary COVID-19 dissidents vow to resist court order (Calgary Sun Herald)

Pic via Twitter

This morning.

Lidl, Drumcondra, Dublin

Rapid Covid-19 antigen tests are now on sale priced €24.99 and limited to five per customer. Tests are not stored directly on the shelves. An antigen test uses a swab from your nose and is quicker than a PCR test, but, according to the HSE, is not 100% accurate.

After you.

Sam Boal/RollingNews

This afternoon.

Thanks, Paul

It was nothing.

Over 30% of adults have received first vaccine dose – HSE (RTÉ)


This morning.

Via Independent.ie:

Letterkenny-based Garda Gráinne Doherty revealed the special phone number has been set up at Letterkenny Garda station which will cover the entire county.

Anybody who hears of illegal parties or gatherings is encouraged to contact the telephone number, 0749167101 to report incidents.

Garda Doherty said all calls will be investigated.

Good times.

Gardaí in Covid-hit Donegal set up hotline to let public report illegal parties and gatherings (Independent.ie)