A worker using one of the controversial portaloos in Portobello, Dublin today, as temporary fencing has been removed from Portobello Plaza ahead of the weekend. Local residents have asked the Council to remove the facilities

This afternoon.

It’s a mobile jacks stand off.



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19 thoughts on “Portosmello

  1. Zaccone

    Young people are going to drink in the area either way. Even when the plaza is closed off people just drink around the canal/surrounding area. Better to have them pissing in the portaloos than in locals gardens surely.

  2. Paulus

    The residents of fair Portobello
    Are as tight as the strings on a cello:
    Can they make up their mind
    Or else they will find
    Their footpaths still stained brown and yellow.

    1. Mr. T

      Read that as “The residents of fair Portaloo”

      Scratching my head trying to figure out how it rhymes..

  3. Johnny

    Give me democracy or give me death Long live democracy!

    Oppose corruption in government; oppose special privileges!

    Patriotism is not a crime!

    Long live the people!

  4. Joe

    Being idiots of long standing Dublin City Council designed a public plaza in a family residential area. As it demonstrably turned out it was a bad idea and of course DCC made a total mess of it.

    The only thing that will make it change in a positive manner is when the new hotel is built on the site of the old Every Ready factory on the plaza. Any messing outside of the hotel and DCC will respond promptly along with the Gardai. DCC are happy to ignore any input from the long suffering residents, except as an after thought but will of course respond to a business.

    1. Johnny

      …it’s no ‘family residential area’ never was,gentrification has no chance against generational drug additiction,
      mental illness, poverty, poor education, and low socioeconomic status.
      -try navigation NY/LA this all part that unique urban fabric,why should these blow in’s get close public plaza’s?

  5. JEH

    The story is “rich white people don’t want outsiders in neighborhood”. There’s no pleasing them unless it’s gated off for their exclusive access. …and they probably want MORE swans! …sick bastards

  6. Chucky R. Law

    When did this “Portobello Plaza” thing start? It’s always been Portobello Harbour to me.

  7. one username per commenter please

    a neighbour of mine went to a residents meeting a few years ago and they were all complaining about the peeing. A councillor suggested portaloos and was roundly shouted down with a chorus of no’s. The main reason given was aesthetics. Seems as though the only solution they want is to actually stop people going there.

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