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A worker using one of the controversial portaloos in Portobello, Dublin today, as temporary fencing has been removed from Portobello Plaza ahead of the weekend. Local residents have asked the Council to remove the facilities

This afternoon.

It’s a mobile jacks stand off.




This morning.

That’ll learn them.


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An anti-hotel protest mural of Sister Michael from Derry Girls in Portobello, Dublin 8.

Sister Michael?


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Last night, down the road…

The Bernard Shaw in Portobello announced:

Hey folks,

Just an FYI, all memorabilia from the Shaw, we don’t use in the new place, will be auctioned off at an event in December.

…Proceeds from that auction will go to the Simon Community, a local community group to South Richmond St, and another close to Cross Guns Bridge. Date and details on the site very soon.

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Heartbreak House

La Touche bridge in Portobello

While Frank McNally could be forgiven for including Portobello in his description of Dublin place names inspired by Italian culture and geography, the history behind this particular nomenclature is altogether more obscure and indeed interesting.

This area of Dublin’s southside was named following the victory of the British navy and its capture of the town of Portobelo from Spain in 1739 on the Caribbean coast of Panama.

The extent of British elation at this victory resulted in the ascription of this name to locations in both London, Edinburgh and Dublin.

However, in so doing, the spelling was changed in a manner that makes it appear deceptively Italian in origin.

There remains nevertheless at least some association with Italy in that it is believed that Christopher Columbus was the first European to arrive at the site of Portobelo in Panama.

Christopher McMahon,
Dublin 15.

Bella Irlanda – An Irishman’s Diary about Dublin’s Vico Road (Irish Times letters page)

Pic: Culture Trip