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    1. Rosette of Sirius

      Engerland…. Engerland… Engerland, Engerland, Engerland…

      It’s the season…

      They’ll swally anything over there right now, as long as they’re winnin’…

  1. Donald McCarthy

    All those years ago, when George was waving his little sausage at the world, few could imagine that many years later the Best Norn Iron sausage would return to lead a resurgent Brexit 11 against the rest of the world in the great G7 tournament and threaten to eclipse the much trailered midfield trio of Captain Covid, Placido Climate and Wan Nil China. Back home the priest haters are squaring up to the free staters, led by the malignant runt of two litters and betrayed by both. From shipyard to scrapyard the hound will savage the meterosexual handbagged dogs of Dublin. All great wars start from little local disturbances and just maybe, as we face the magnitude of the final fury, a great war would be a comforting distraction. Overcast today with notes of rain.

  2. f_lawless

    Has to be one of the most important scientific discussions in the public realm right now

    Brett Weinstein speaks to Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA Vaccine technology, and Steve Kirsch an entrepreneur who set up a Covid early treatment research fund.that operates globally

    Weinstein : I must say this is a difficult topic for us to address. We all are agreed that something very serious is afoot and the public is largely unaware that they have been placed into a kind of danger

    Dr. Malone: (Sighs and nods)

    Weinstein: and we also know that there’s a great deal of stigma directed at those who would explore these dangers.

    Malone: I’m particularly concerned about all the censorship because it makes it so that we can’t have a rational discussion.

    “How to save the world, in three easy steps”

    A long watch but well worth it

    1. SOQ

      Steve Kirsch commented below on that YouTube video- “Tess Lawrie’s report independently confirmed we should STOP these vaccines NOW. NOBODY can explain the cause of the excess deaths of thousands of American lives (minimum 5,000 and could be 50,000). I talked to the people behind OpenVAERS… they estimated the death toll at 20,000 people and they were very concerned about data missing from VAERS… records that have been secretly removed, and how over 200,000 recordid’s have gone missing… that’s nearly 20% of all the records.

      The proper testing wasn’t done. The spike protein is more dangerous than we thought. Animal toxicology studies were never done. “

        1. f_lawless

          But what your thoughts are when the the inventor of mRNA Vaccine technology, Dr Robert Malone himself is raising the alarm on the way the Covid mRNA vaccines have been designed. Surely he’s worth listening to?

          1. Nigel

            I think covid truthers are going to be leaning heavily on havng someone with a vaguely relevant qualification for a while. I’ll hang on until a few more experts chime in, though. If there’s widespread agreement, then we’ll see.

          2. SOQ

            Inventing the mRNA Vaccine technology is hardly just ‘a vaguely relevant qualification’ Nigel? If he doesn’t know what he talking about, then who does?

          3. f_lawless

            It’s clear SOQ was speaking rhetorically, Nigel. There are already more than a few high level experts who are chiming in to sound the alarm, but from within the establishment groupthink that has manifested, their views are deemed as being outside the narrow window of acceptable public discourse.

            Why not give what the doctor is saying due consideration and form your own opinion on it – considering the fact he’s a top authority on mRNA vaccine technology? Whistleblowers should always be considered. We don’t have to wait for establishment consensus first. If your your reaction is to just dismiss him and mischaracterise him as having a “vaguely relevant qualification”,, then could it be you’re suffering from symptoms of cognitive dissonance?

            Also I think there’s a bit of an irony in you resorting to the put-down label “covid truthers” when, judging by some of your comments, one might argue that you yourself could be exhibiting signs of cult-like thinking, apparently without realising it.

      1. f_lawless

        This excerpt was well expressed, I thought

        Weinstein: This is something I’ve spent decades thinking about and working on is that there’s an emergent kind of phenomenon that fits regulatory capture but doesn’t have the components that you would find necessarily when you go looking for it. “Regulatory capture” as a concept has to be broadened: .an industry increases the levers than it uses to influence processes. It increases the power with which those levers work, and somehow we’re seeing the symptoms of that disease.and it comes out in biases in journals,it comes out in the social media environment where what we’re allow talk about is being curtailed..

        Malone: It’s somehow very organic. It’s odd. It’s an emergent phenomenon

        Weinstein: When we are trying to grapple with what’s doing this, it’s very tempting to imagine that there must have been a meeting where people decided it was ok for tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, possibly millions to die needlessly given a pandemic we might be able to end if we just decided to do it
        Malone: But it doesn’t have to be a meeting. It can be a function of the underlying drivers..

        1. SOQ

          Is it possible this guy Malone sees what is coming down the line and is trying to get to a safe space before the proverbial hits the fan? I kind of got the impression that he was apportioning blame.

          If this spike protein does in fact travel all over the body and it is a pathogen- then who is to blame?

    2. Cian

      Both of those experts are fully vaccinated with the Moderna rNMA vaccine.

      Either way they seem to be concerned about the equally un-researched long-term damage caused by COVID-19 itself.

      1. SOQ

        Well it would be hard to paint them as anti Vax although I am sure a few on here would still try.- I am surprised you didn’t give it a go?

        They are actually confirming Simone Gold’s view that emergency use is only granted then there is no other treatments available but anyone questioning the safety of Ivermectin will rightly be treated with suspicion. at this stage.

        As for Covid-19, it is not an either or. You can be concerned about the virus AND the vaccines- the two are not mutually exclusive- the topic being discussed was the vaccines however.

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