No Jab, No Twibbon


This afternoon.


They’re not for us all.


Via News 12:

A 12-year-old from Mount Pleasant is among the students who have been selected so far in drawings for a full-ride, four-year scholarship from New York state’s ‘Get a Shot to Make Your Future‘ vaccine incentive.


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27 thoughts on “No Jab, No Twibbon

  1. Micko

    #ForUsAll is a terrible hashtag.

    It just reminds me of the cult from Hot Fuzz


  2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    off the grid looks more and more appealing, whatever your views on vacation, this heavyhanded fake sugary sweet virtue signaling bull winds me right up

  3. Joe

    Excellent that BS is promoting positive items that are pro vaccination.

    Of course the anti-vaxxers all know that the twibbons contain the number of the beast for facial recognition so the chosen can be saved from the Great Reset when their magnetic shoulder muscles are switched on with the 5G rays Remember you read it here first so it must be true!

      1. Fergalito

        Compulsory pledge as part of the confirmation pageant. In fairness Uncles and Aunts of mine were lifelong pioneers and would always ply visitors with booze when visiting. My pledge didn’t last too long, still have the pin somewhere. Scapulas another religious symbol – remember them?

        1. Paulus

          While it would be unfair to tar all pioneers with the same bushmills, they tended to be a virtuous lot.

          As for proclaiming your virtue; blood donors used to get a pencil and lapel pin. But they also got a car rear-window sticker which said;
          “Be careful, you might need me, I’m a blood donor”.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Blood donors and vaccine recipients doing their bit for the greater good.

            Great to see that the UK now accepts blood from sexually active gay and bisexual men. Hope to see Ireland dump the stupid celibacy rule and welcome willing donors as soon as possible.

          2. italia'90

            So, you’re going to be feeling a little prick
            now that you’re ready to be jabbed?
            That is twiffic news, no one needs it more than you.

  4. eoin

    Anyone who gets the two jabs should get a medal in my opinion. They’re braver souls than I.

  5. Formerly known as

    The Fat Ivor has blocked me on Twitter. It seems he doesn’t like data that shows Australia compared with Sweden when he spruiks Sweden as doing it best. He can’t handle the truth.

    1. Just Sayin

      I expect he gets bored of debunking idiots sometimes.

      Have you noticed how quiet the MSM have gone on Sweden lately?
      It’s almost as if the numbers from there don’t suit their agenda anymore,
      or do you have a better explanation?

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