Yes She Said Shez I Will Yes


In fairness.

From the moment they met, Carla could tell Shez was strangely drawn.

Suit yourselves.

First Dates Ireland couple announce engagement (RTÉ)

21 thoughts on “Yes She Said Shez I Will Yes

  1. les Rock

    Ah this was probably the only episode of this season I watched. Was genuinely pulling for them they seemed good together.

  2. Bitnboxy

    I really like First Dates Ireland. It can be very uplifting and humanising. Always decent folks wearing their heart on their sleeves and being honest about their vulnerability. It doesn’t attract many trolls either, the few that try and have a go (usually attacking minority groups or migrants) are usually shot down quickly on Twitter. There was one known Youth Defencer who had her backside handed to her last season. Glorious to watch!

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      Didn’t you post this exact comment word for word before ? Just curious, must have been a pain to go back, find, copy and paste

      1. Bitnboxy

        Sure Jan, well actually Yes Jan! Well spotted. Like Giggz, I have, shall we say, good recall! I may or may not have a connection to the show ;-p

        Took 5 seconds!

        By the way, you have a good memory. I’m impressed.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Ah you just can’t resist it eh?
          The usual gaslighting attempt, and yet another true sign of Narcissism.

          “Narcissists seek to be the center of attention at all costs. Often they watch for responses to their chatter to see what gets a rise out of their audience. They are less interested in substance and more interested in the attention their chatter can elicit. Not only do narcissists repeat themselves but their comments are often blunt, antagonistic and demeaning. Narcissists love gossip and telling out right lies is not beneath them. Grandiosity and self referential comments are often part of the narcissist ‘s speech. Repeating what others have said, imitating and mimicking are the trademarks of narcissistic speech patterns.”
          (Phyllis Antebi phD Clinical Psychology)


          1. Bitnboxy

            I thought you were on a redemption drive GiggidyPox?

            Claws out again I see – and auld fella claws at that. I pity you. My parents work hard and don’t have the time that you appear to have to devote to online trolling. At your flipping age! AND with a pregnant daughter. Jaysus.

            I wonder who is the real narcissist, eh???

            Spare me your usual rancour. I’m simply over it. You’re too old for this sort of thing.

          2. Papi

            Box, you’re not making a good impression of yourself, no matter what you seem to think. If you do.

          3. Hyper real

            The funniest part of this is the multiple username piece of plop who thinks I’m boxy

          4. Andrew

            This is all a bit sad really None of the comments reflect well really. Reminds me why I don’t come here much. ‘be kind’ merchants are anything but. passive agressive and downright aggressive saddos, one and all

  3. missred

    This is lovely news, best wishes to them. That was probably the only episode in the series I didn’t see.

    Still trying to work out what Shez is short for…

    1. Micko

      I’ve a mate who’s family’s from Pakistan and we call him Shez – short for Shehzad

      Could be that?

      1. missred

        I’ve just looked at the clip and his name is Gerard!

        Also, that’s some Dundalk accent on him, g’wan the town…

  4. Rasta Zeneca

    One of the best programmes on RTE. Never miss it. Yer man at the reception is a great schmoozer.

    (Top 3 are:

    Tommy Tiernan, First Dates Ireland, and Fair City.)

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