Seeking Answers


This morning.

RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Supporters, including People Before Profit TD Brid Smith (pic 2) and members of George Nkencho’s family, including sister Gratefull (above right) with mum Blessing (in orange) and dad Frank (above centre) gather ahead of Mr Nkencho’s Inquest, which was opened briefly and adjourned at the Dublin Coroner’s Court sitting in the RDS.

Last December’s shooting is the subject of an inquiry by the Garda Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) and an inquest cannot get fully under way until all investigations are complete.

Inquest opens into death of George Nkencho killed in garda shooting (

Last week: Maximim Force


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12 thoughts on “Seeking Answers

  1. eoin

    So you cover this, but won’t cover the several hundred people who marched in Dublin on Saturday concerned about adverse vaccine effects, forced vaccinations, lockdowns, silencing and deplatforming of whistle blowing doctors etc.? Much the same as The Journal and RTE. You’re better than that Broadsheet.

  2. Dany Blanchardstown

    Were they chanting “No Justice! No Peace!” again?

    Wouldn’t see it on the Southside. Blackrock Lives Matter.

  3. Fearganainm

    If Justin Barrett was deplatformed you’d not be able to see him in a crowd. They’re probably the only shoes he has.

  4. Broadbag

    Good to see the classic orange tracksuit/Burberry scarf combo making a comeback. Trying to turn this into a race issue is really clutching at straws.

    1. Sara

      Do you really think a middle class white young adult with mental health issues would’ve been shot dead by the gardai? Racism is endemic in the gardai.

      1. Cian

        Probably. But there are so few people shot dead by the Gardaí it is difficult to know.

        Previous person killed was 40-year-old Mark Hennessy (white) in 2018
        Before that it was 28-year-old Gareth Molloy (white) in 2009.
        33-year-old Colm Griffin (white) and 24-year-old Eric Hopkins (white) were shot in 2005
        27-year-old John Carthy (white) was shot in 2000.

        1. Broadbag

          Go away with your facts Cian, those racist feds were hell bent on killing an innocent black man that day, little old George wouldn’t hurt a fly, cops showed up and seconds* later they’d filled him full of bullets.

          *It may have been hours later after trying all available non-lethal options to subdue the violent, knife wielding assailant, fearing he was going to attack the occupants of the house, who by the way didn’t seem too keen to intervene even though they were his family, but…racism!!!

        2. Sara

          All the people you reference were either (presumed) armed with guns or had murdered people (in the case of Mark Hennessey). It wasn’t the case of a man with mental health issues being shot in the back four times while brandishing a kitchen knife.

        3. Darren

          Those facts simply underline the basic fact that the killing of a citizen by an garda siochana is not common. The killing of a citizen outsides their home is even less so. The inquiry they seek is absolutely justified imo. Those who keep on about it being totally not race related should wait for the inquiry rather than allow thier fear to shape thier thinking. The family have every right to say as they wish. It was their loss after all.

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