Lifting Requirements


This morning.

Via Sky Sports:

Hubbard will compete in the super-heavyweight category, her selection made possible by updated qualifying requirements.

The 43-year-old, who will be the oldest lifter at the Games, had competed in men’s weightlifting competitions – although not at international level – before transitioning nearly 10 years ago.

Olympics: Laurel Hubbard to become first transgender athlete to compete at Games (Sky Sports)



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102 thoughts on “Lifting Requirements

  1. scottser

    see lads, our pair are off school this morning and they’ve been squabbling and clacking like hens around the place. now clampers and nigel are going to be doing the same on here now because of this.
    on foot of charger’s outing, there won’t be any peace on here today..

    1. Nigel

      Meh. This, as Mad Max would point out, is bait, and I’m on holiday. Trans men are men, trans women are women, good luck to her. Nige out.

      1. Nullzero

        Have to salute you fupping out of such an unwinnable argument. Good man (or whatever you identify as yourself) Nigel

      2. Broadbag

        Good luck to her and hard luck to any women who were actually born women and now have to compete with ex-men.

  2. Can a Da?

    I don’t think she will gain any advantage by doing this… what people seem to have a problem with is going in the opposite direction

    1. Can a Da?

      oh I see now I read that article wrong initially

      *clutches pearls
      *also, grabs crotch

  3. Clampers Outside

    Seen this one coming, and some people believe this is fair.

    Imagine the mind bending one must go through to justify this to themselves as a “fair” competition.

    Now think of all the competitions competed in to qualify for the Olympics, and all the women who lost a place in each and every one of those comps… :/

    This is not “fair competition”, not in the slightest.

    1. Can a Da?

      You’re right, they will lift you up with their little finger and spit you out anyway…

    2. Junkface

      I’m sure everyone is tired of this topic now. I don’t think I have anything else to say on it. So I will just leave this thread that gathered a record of the ever increasing number of men transitioning to women to compete in women’s sports and break all of the records. It’s not right, and some women will get incredibly hurt or killed in action. I hope common sense will prevail.

        1. Junkface

          Cheers Janet. I’ve been following this issue for a while with some shock, but now as the data is gathering, the general public needs to know what is in store for future sportswomen and young girls training over the next decade. Cheating does not belong in any sport.

          Parents with daughters need to start standing up to this cult ideology, being silent will not help future sports women. Parents boards in schools really need to open their eyes to this.. It’s already moving too fast.

      1. newsjustin

        It’s nonsense that people who were born and physically developed (even competed) as biological males are allowed to compete as woman against biological women.

        Completely unfair.

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    She satisfies the qualifying conditions which have been in existence since 2004. Note how sports haven’t been overrun with transgender athletes since then, but it’ll give the GC hatemob something to clutch their pearls over.

    1. Clampers Outside

      LOL! Scream “hate” when there is no argument. Like India Willoughby the other day.

      Don’t forget, those rules acknowledge the advantage that trans women have over women. And in so, acknowledge the lack of fair competition.
      Call that whatever you like, facts are facts.

    2. Broadbag

      6 years, not 17:

      ”Hubbard has been eligible to compete at Olympic Games since 2015, when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) issued guidelines allowing any transgender athlete to compete as a woman provided their testosterone levels are below 10 nanomoles per litre for at least 12 months before their first competition.”

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        So she’s the first trans woman who qualifies under IOC rules that have been in existence for years. The GC Chicken Lickens would have you believe that the likes of Andy Murray or Usain Bolt just have to throw on a frock to win more golds.

        1. Junkface

          Loads of them! Nearly all of them on that list have done this to win women’s sports medals in the Olympics. So it’s easily more than 50 or 60%. Have you looked through that thread and read the sports history laid out for each transwoman? It’s pretty shocking how easily they destroy any women’s records they encounter. Fair play used to be a principal in Sport.

          Where are the actual feminists willing to stand up for women’s sports? Can they do it without being cancelled?

          1. Junkface

            According to that list 3 or more transwomen are on track to qualify for the Olympics in their sport. Why are you now ONLY concerned with the Olympics? National Championships matter too, then European or regional championships. This is how Olympians climb the ladder.
            Are you getting semantic because of the overwhelming evidence showing women’s sports getting more infiltrated by former men every year? Why only worry about the Olympics? This affects women and young girls all over the world.
            Are you a feminist? There’s a logic loophole here, you might be indoctrinated in a religion without knowing fully.

          2. Daisy Chainsaw

            Out of the two of us, I don’t think I’m the one indoctrinated here.

            But you keep obsessing.

          3. Clampers Outside

            Choosing to be informed on a topic is now “obsessing”… always good for a giggle when that line gets rolled out :)

          4. Junkface

            “Out of the two of us, I don’t think I’m the one indoctrinated here.

            But you keep obsessing”

            Signs of indoctrination are a refusal to acknowledge common sense and reality, for fear you might be cast out of your group/ groupthink. Are you upset when someone says men are physically stronger than women?
            Or that men are taller than women on average?

            Which of these statements is false according to you? Because according to your logic both MUST be false.

            People who are not in a religion/ cult do not get upset by facts based on reality. Very simple.

          5. Junkface

            I think you entirely missed the point Daisy. I’m trying to get you to recognize the obvious reality staring us all in the face. If you refuse reality, then you are the problem, not the rest of the world.

            2+2 = 4

            Good luck with the cult!

          6. Daisy Chainsaw

            “Are you upset when someone says men are physically stronger than women?
            Or that men are taller than women on average?”

            What point did I miss?

            Keep obsessing, though.

    3. NobleLocks

      She ? lol how quickly you’ve thrown your sisters under the bus for Gavin Hubbard, the beta-male cheat

      Just eff the girls isn’t that right Daisy? A traitor to your own sex… how do you think you’re going to explain this when the fit finally hits the shan ?

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        And I expect when the GC bigots seize control, I’ll be put on the wall a la The Handmaid’s Tale.

        1. Andrew

          Any education you may have had was wasted on you. You’re a piece of work who can’t bring themselves to acknowledge evidence. You’re in too deep and haven’t the humility or insight to recognise your own pathetic mindset. You’ve been duped you fool!

  5. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    if this remote as my career I’d be pissed, it’s not sporting

    1. Micko


      Dead right it’s not.

      I hope Hubbard gets absolutely demolished by the other competitors.

        1. Can a Da?

          All sportspeople have to contend with physical advantages/disadvantages of competitors. Physical attributes are only one small factor of elite competition at any level. Except Ms World.

          1. Clampers Outside

            Male v female advantage…. You know, like when a bunch of school kid teen boys beat the Canadian women’s soccer team. That physical advantage.

            Plenty on it out there.

        1. Can a Da?

          But Janet what is ‘sporting’? I see you think that a man suddenly identifying as a woman ‘officially’ is some kind of ethical problem, whereas maybe it’s more ethical to ponder why it took them so long to face reality? Why did society make them hide from their lived reality for so long? I think that’s a more sporting way to look at it myself.

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            Transition all you want, don’t pretend it doesn’t give you a physical advantage, have you ever taken a punch ? I have from both sexes, even a pulled punch from a male has way more impact. Have you ever tried to outrace a man ? I have, my x was a world champion kick boxer and there’s no way I could beat him over 10km, I gave myself a hairline fracture trying, he had bigger faster muscles, long distance I creamed him, being lighter and having better fuel reserves as a woman.

          2. Can a Da?

            Were you at the same level of training as that man? I’m sure there were also other differentiating factors, but you’ve chosen to focus exclusively on some female ones.
            I think you’ll find that many women would find your comments here extremely sexist.
            To infer that a woman can’t train to give a proper punch for example. Poor.

          3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            trust me I can throw a proper punch but you know that isn’t what I was saying

          4. Clampers Outside

            Da, you’re arguing there’s no difference accept for training?
            Seriously lad.. give that a rest.

            Even the Olympic Committee who drew up the rules ACKNOWLEDGE the advantage male bodies have.
            And they were honest enough to admit NOTHING can be done to change that physical advantage.
            Velo magazine did a great piece on it a couple of years ago when there was talk of changing the rules. Have a Google of it.

          5. Can a Da?

            Hi camper, now YOU are doing what you said I was doing with Janet earlier, it’s clear to me that men who identify as women could have many other vulnerabilities that a “real” woman could easily exploit in any competitive arena, you guys sound exactly like the sort who wouldn’t let women join a men only golf club etc years ago, of course now I get, Janet’s from Portmarnock, right? Bred into this she is. And you where are you from Clampers? Ballygobaskinshark?

        2. Clampers Outside

          I’ll say it, it’s not right…. for a male bodied person to compete in female sports due to the advantages that body gives them.

          Read the link Junk face posted, for anyone who thinks this is an isolated or rare issue.

          1. Can a Da?

            Yea I already answered you above. pal. It’s not only physical attributes that decide a sporting contest at any level though. Is it, pet?

          2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            you don’t win a boxing match without explosivité, speed, power and agility no matter how mentally prepared or tactical you are, the clue is in the weight divisions

          3. Can a Da?

            You’re saying a woman is incapable of developing advanced facilities in those areas? What about the mental and tactical side of it? You don’t think those are important either?

          4. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            hahahahahahaha, you might be good at twister but there’s no way you can twist what I said into that, Oro

          5. Can a Da?

            hahahah not Oro. I can’t believe you just threw all women under the bus though janet! We all saw it!

          6. Can a Da?

            actually you literally lifted up that bus with your little icky little finger, and then you slammed it DOWN on the sistas

          7. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            what a strange difficulty you have with basic English comprehension,
            anyway I’m off for my physio, I’ll be sure to let them know that I don’t really need it as a woman’s physique is a fiction.

  6. Broadbag

    Imagine a young girl training most of her life dreaming of competing at the olympics only to lose out to someone who used to be a man, the world has gone bonkers.

    1. Verbatim

      Great podcast Birdie, would recommend this to all the “wokers” on here whose little brain can’t get around the subject.

      1. Can a Da?

        That’s because we are men and can only really think with our main groin-located brain exclusively. See how this works?

        1. NobleLocks

          Here’s some real science behind yourphysical advantages/disadvantages trope:

          When you have an actual arguement, that hasn’t been debunked a million times over, I’d love to hear it. The rest of those ‘arguments’ are so tired now, even nige doesn’t repeat them all…

  7. Gavin

    Very unfair and a joke to suggest otherwise…just be done with it and open it up to drugs, bionics, and whatever youre having yourself…certainly make it more interesting

  8. NobleLocks

    The woman Gavin Hubbard is cheating out of a place is Kuinini ‘Nina’ Manumua. her hopes and dreams have been stolen from her by this useless beta-male.

    There is a growing movement amongst the women in weightlifting that they will ALL refuse to lift and get rid of this cheat.

    Personally I’m delighted he is there as it really underlines how utterly stupid these Autogynephiles are.

        1. Can a Da?

          Comparing me adversely to Nigel, if that’s not a silly little slur, I don’t know what is!

          1. Can a Da?

            That’s because I’m a woman trapped in a man’s body you see, or wait, is it a man who is actually a woman but has no testicles…ban me either way.

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        I do but no matter how hard I train I’ll never beat that person because they have the advantage of a male body.

        1. Can a Da?

          You did it again! God bless you Janet, wait till the feminazis read your posts here!

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            sure we’ll settle our grievances over a friendly match, better yet I’ll get a trans friend to settle it for me….if ya can’t hear you must feel as my Mum used to say

  9. NobleLocks

    Oh no! you don’t like the real objective verifiable science? Whatever will the world do! OK stop the world, someone doesn’t like reality!

  10. NobleLocks

    For those of you who want to hear what is actually going on Jess Kelly was on Radio 4 today and was excellent, she will be on “The Mess we’re in” at 4pm today

    I highly recommend watching, even those who deny objective reality might learn something :)

  11. SOQ

    It is obvious that someone who had a man’s body is going to have an advantage and it is not fair on cis women who have spent their entire life training for such events. That said, I don’t really know what the answer is but I honestly don’t know how anyone who considers themselves to be a feminist thinks It is ok, because it has a bang of misogyny off it.

    I think it is all doing harm because most Trans women – at least the ones I know- have no desire to compete with cis women on any physical level. They just want to be left alone to do the boring stuff in life like earn a living, pay the bills and maybe, just maybe, be happy- IN SAFETY- and that is something we should all support.

  12. K. Cavan

    Perhaps this is Womens’ fight, they’ve successfully managed to avoid competing with men in academia, with women-only professorships & in other areas, so if they’re not prepared to stand up for the biological reality of their sex & the principle of segregated sporting competition or toilets or changing rooms, it’s everybody’s loss but moreso theirs. Obviously, women who do stand up for undeniable scientific & biogical fact face a barrage of lunacy, a misogyny reimagined for the Age of Woke Liberal Hedgemony but that’s inevitable when any viewpoint becomes both dominant & fundamentalist, witness any Islamist nation, strange how women suffer under both forms of totalitarianism. The Irish Boy’s (Under-17) 100M record is faster than the European Women’s 100M record & we’re hardly known as a nation of sprinters & this man will, bar injury or other misfortune, take the Gold, the first man to ever do so. Suggesting that trans men will have a similar impact on men’s sport just makes it impossible to claim functional adulthood for yourself. If women have to learn to enjoy competition that carries no chance of victory, that’s in line with liberal attitudes to sporting competition in general, all the women competitors will be “winners” but the males, the trans women, will take home the prizes.

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