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      1. scottser

        i’m kind of struck by how decent the refereeing is – the epl is dogpoo in comparison.

      2. Redundant Proofreaders Society

        The Royals must have felt conflicted though, given their heritage.

  1. f_lawless

    Reading this recent piece by UK’s independent health expert group, HART, I was struck by the parallels between the actions of NPHET and those of the CDC over in the US.


    “Worrying new safety signals emerge”

    In the USA, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) gave a presentation on 23 June. This contained the astonishing admission that the observed incidence of myocarditis and pericarditis in the 7 days following second dose of Pfizer in age groups between 12 and 24 could be anything between 30 and 200 times that expected to occur naturally (see slide 28).

    Given that a significant proportion of cases of viral-induced myocarditis require heart transplantation within a decade after apparent recovery, this is extremely concerning. The outcome of vaccine-induced myocarditis could be better, worse or similar; it is simply a total unknown at this stage.

    This safety signal needs to be considered within the context that young people are at an extremely low risk from COVID-19; however, in a further presentation the CDC sought to justify continuing vaccination of young people by the use of statistics which has come under criticism for very significantly exaggerating COVID-19 risks, and not taking into account the (by now) high levels of immunity in the population from exposure to the virus, or prior immunity from previous exposure to other Coronaviruses.’

    1. Cian

      The increase in myocarditis and pericarditis in younger people is a worry.

      They need to balance the risk of covid vaccine with the risk of long Covid.

      I agree that there should be some sort of acknowledgement for youngsters that have had had a previous Covid infection as they should be immune from that.

  2. Kate

    Fair amount of Irish DNA in that English team. Delighted for them ….fans delirious with happiness is rather cute though quite manic!!

    1. goldenbrown

      well their passage to the final is definitely working out really really well innit..
      they just have to get past by a long way the weakest team left in the competition next and then at home (again) in the semis and finals
      and if they win it outright then we’ll have Boris presenting the cup and Brexity boors lording it as god intended for the rest of time to look forward to
      what more could you ask for

      I’d say you’ll make a few quid on it anyway, what did you have them on? 8/1?

      1. Junkface

        I expected a more exciting game to be honest. Germany were dreadful, England struggled to get shots in during the first half, but they improved in the 2nd half. Sterling played very well, he was the only major threat for most of it up front, bringing on Grealish to hand a goal on a silver platter to the sluggish out of form Kane was a good move. They were lucky Muller missed so badly for Germany too. The better team won, but for the neutral, they’re frustrating and a bit boring to watch. But hey, that might win them the competition!

    1. SOQ

      A lot of calls for NPHET to release their modelling code which is entirely reasonable at this stage. If such decisions are going to have such a detrimental impact on people’s lives then the very least they can do is justify how they reached them. But unless forced to they won’t, because they are drunk on power and are doing both FF and FG’s public images serious harm- they are tramping all over them.

      Interesting that the only country who tried this was Israel and it was abandoned after three months. Reasons why are unclear but their infections rates were very good. It was also observable was that children were in most restaurants, so very few were checking. Asking Jewish people for papers, even in Israel, is not something many would attempt in fairness.

      It won’t happen in the UK because the bars and restaurants are already open and the public blowback would be huge. So they only have one chance to make this nonsense stick here, but it is highly likely that people will just ignore it. If the Guards get involved, that is where it will really kick off of course, and they would be very silly to do so.

      1. Bitnboxy

        As various posters mentioned yesterday, Denmark is nearly fully open. The Danes have an app allowing one to scan a PR code attesting to positive vaccine status and for the non-vaccinated, mass free testing means it is very easy to quickly access, get your result (antigen) and enter a bar, restaurant or wherever. The Danes conduct nearly 150K tests a day. This is where good planning gets you. Don’t worry, no such thing will exist here.

        1. SOQ

          There is no option for testing, so the two are not comparable. The geniuses in NPHET have decided they know better than international rapid antigen experts and won’t accept it?

  3. Gabby

    The Irish Daily Mail says We must stop our Shameful Obsession with Bailey and focus on the murder victim Sophie Toscan du Plantier. The royal WE used in a banner headline says it for me. It is newspaper journalists, subeditors, headline designers and documentary makers who have chosen to focus on Mr. Bailey and his difficult lifestyle. So yes, shameful obsessions begin and can end among members of the journalism profession.

    1. The Dude

      + 1

      And now that it’s summer, watch Maddie McCann stories being floated by the Mail while the season lasts.

  4. Freddie

    Daily infection rates from Covid,overwhelmingly the Delta variant,are now back at levels last seen at the end of January in the UK.Yet the daily death rate is around 98% less than what it was then.Not only do you wonder how NPHET dreamed up its nightmare scenario but why Martin and Varadkar have been so easily spooked.This is Government by Holohan.

    1. Cian

      There is a lag between cases, hospitalisations, and deaths;

      Comparing now (start of 4th wave) with January (end of 3rd wave) is nonsensical – the deaths at end of January were from the peak 2 weeks earlier; the deaths today are from the start of the 3rd wave 2 weeks ago.

      The last time the UK was at 15K cases going into a wave was October.
      In October they had 100-150 deaths; now there are 10-15 deaths; A big reduction yes, but not 98%.

      Vaccinations work – they reduce hospitalisations & deaths.

      But the unvaccinated are still gettng sick, still getting long covid.
      376,000 people in UK have had long Covid symptoms for at least a year – ONS

      1. SOQ

        So are you saying that in two weeks we should have the same ratio of cases to deaths as January?

          1. SOQ

            But this variant is in the main, infecting younger people who for the most part have not been vaccinated?

            According to Prof. Tim Spector og the UK Zoe symptom app- the symptoms have changed and are much milder- nobody is challenging him on that, oddly enough.

          2. Cian

            But this variant is in the main, infecting the unvaccinated, who for the most part are younger people

            Fixed that for you

            Younger people are less likely to die from Covid.

            Prof Tim Spector says the symptoms are different, yes; but did he really say that the symptoms for Delta are milder than from the other variants?
            Or did he say that the symptoms for younger people are milder [than for older people]?

      2. Freddie

        The UK data on the Delta variant cites a death rate of 0.1% – one death in a thousand.The NPHET modelling turns 700,000 cases into 2,000 deaths, a death rate almost three times that currently in the UK.NPHET has not provided any reason for this discrepancy.
        The number of Delta infections started rising steeply in the UK more than 10 days ago yet without a corresponding spike in deaths.If the bodies are going to start piling up it would have happened by now.
        NPHET said boo and Martin/Varadkar jumped out of their skins before going back to watching the football in packed stadiums across Europe.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          Packed stadiums eh?

          The report said that 1,294 of the 1,991 total cases had reported travelling to London, including 397 who were actually at the match.
          Only 55 of those who tested positive reported being at the Fanzone, while 38 had been at Scotland’s match with Croatia at Hampden, and 37 at the team’s opening fixture against the Czech Republic.
          About 90% of the cases were male, with three quarters of the total – 1,470 cases – being aged between 20 and 39.
          It is not known whether those who tested positive contracted the virus while they were watching a match, or elsewhere.

          1. Freddie

            Again, infections are not important.It’s hospitalisations and fatalities which are the key metrics.
            If you want to see the failed experiment of Zero Covid look to Fort Knox – sorry Australia – where 70% of the population is back under lockdown with only 5% fully vaccinated despite more than a year of closed borders and travel restrictions.Here in Ireland we should be asking over and over again why a country with a population the size of Greater Manchester is still nowhere near fully vaccinating enough vulnerable eople.
            Jab shortages or terrible planning ? There’s a reason why Donnelly only occasionally pokes his head above the parapet.

  5. Slightly Bemused

    I just want to say I appreciate the honesty in the Broadsheet community. They post the first papers at ‘oh my god am I still up?’ o’clock, and say “More to follow”

    I wake up, and guess what? More has followed! Thanks guys. In a world where others let us down, you kept your promises.

  6. Fergalito

    Telegraph bleating that there’s finally something to cheer about!?
    Sure all they do is cheer Brexit, Boris, The Tories, Royals and so forth.

    Re: NPHET – i think a reigns needs to be put on that beast, entirely reasonable that the inner workings of how they arrive at their conclusions are shared and made available for scrutiny. No excuse in this day and age for covering the copybook with the arm. Another kick in the nadgers for the hospitality industry but we’ve been led by a succession of conservative governments for decades now. In fact i don’t think we’ve ever had a radical one

    Hard to follow Monday’s matches for thrills and spills in fairness – England much better than the Germans, Sweden versus Ukraine was like watching paint dry and realising that for the 120 minutes you’ve been watching it was dry all along. Ugh !

  7. Johnny

    Clinton links and Foundation issues are more Doug Band,it was suggested it was Band himself,but this is getting a second look.

    -Teneo, the highflying corporate advisory firm founded by former associates of Bill and Hillary Clinton, has been dragged into arbitration after having worked for both sides in the takeover battle for Anadarko, the US oil company.-
    However, top executives at Occidental were angered by Teneo’s decision to work for a rival bidder, according people close to Occidental-


    1. Johnny

      Occidental Petroleum Corp.made a really,really bad deal and overpaid to buy a rival Anadarko Petroleum Corp.

      It was financed by a very predatory bond deal with Buffet,legendary NY street fighter Carl Ican had 3 Billion in Occidental,he most definitely has the skill set to methodically and surgically take out a cheating drunk paddy.

      best non-paywall backstory on the deal.

      Teneo/Kelly had worked for Occidental before Chevron made its offer for Anadarko.

      It then went on to work on the Chevron’s bid.

      Occidental prevailed but overpaid,Chevron’s bid advised by Kelly was 50 billion driving up the price,the deal closed with 10 billion hard money from Buffet at 56 billion,burning gods knows how much of street scrapper Ican’s cash.

      its early,but h/t irish central,keep in mind old guys like Ichan want claim they took down Kelly,DOB has been gunning for him for years after the American Ireland fraud debacle,so O’Dowd –DOB BFF-could be trying provide some cover.But I just don’t believe DOB has the game,Ican definitely does.

      Payback Straight Up: The Directer’s Cut.

  8. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    What lockdown level are we currently in? Is it 2 moving into 1? The confusion is trickling down from the top, as Mehole is probably the most confused-looking Taoiseach we’ve ever had.

    1. Junkface

      USA’s billionaires are mostly obscenely greedy. America’s infrastructure is falling apart, because the super wealthy have evaded tax for decades, it has an effect. The tech billionaires are very similar in mindset to the rich men of the industrial revolution. That’s where they would take us all if it were not for pesky labour laws. They have even helped to wreck Ireland’s housing market. Tax them all and close the loopholes.

        1. Junkface

          You don’t think Facebook, Google and Apple have had an effect on the Dublin housing market? All of those employees ended up pushing up the house prices in central Dublin, in turn pushing out local renters or buyers. This is the very reason why cities like Berlin will not allow those tech companies in. They are protecting their local population from being squeezed out.

          It’s called “planning ahead.”

  9. Cian

    I wonder is newsjustin happy?

    The number of abortions in Ireland dropped last year from 6,666 in 2019 to 6,577 in 2020.

    1. Johnny

      …are you not,is that not a goal of FG,provide services and resources to minimize this,or are you hoping for upwards only?

  10. Johnny

    Digicel ratings update by Fitch,in effect. the poor governance by DOB is negatively affecting its debt,Fitch doing what successive FG/FF govts have faiuled to do,calling out O’Brien.

    “ESG – Aggressive Corporate Governance: Digicel’s decision to restructure debt for the second time in as many years remains a constraint on the ratings. The group has a concentrated ownership and control structure along with a complex group structure that weakens both Digicel’s corporate governance and the group’s consolidated credit profile. While the group’s financial reporting is appropriate, management’s financial strategy of carrying high leverage and a history of high shareholder distributions (last in FY2016) further weigh on the company’s overall corporate governance assessment.”

    You would assume he’s working on changing the perception/reality that his cash stripped crown jewel,the company he built and leveraged with debt,now teeters on verge again of bankruptcy.


  11. Ben Madigan

    Woohoo! Belfast Telegraph and the Irish News!
    Thanks BS HQ!
    In fairness the Newsletter was a bit of a push! :)

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