First Rough Draft


Magill, August 1997. Click to enlarge

24 years ago.

A Magill article introducing Ian Bailey and looking into the mystery surrounding the death of Sophie Toscan Du Plantier, published eight months after her murder.

Anon writes:

Still holds up. Surprising how little more we do know now…

Thanks MOD

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13 thoughts on “First Rough Draft

  1. Toodles

    Thanks for this, a wonderful piece, timeline, attention to detail and tone reminiscent of some of Broadsheet’s greats.

  2. scottser

    i watched the netflix doc last night; it’s surprising that the DPP never brought charges. shambles of an investigation though.

      1. scottser

        cheers for that phil. it doesn’t make much of bailey’s penchant for violence against women though, and should have stood out more.

  3. Andrew

    It’s not much of a documentary if it’s selective with what actual accepted facts it includes.
    Phil’s link above to the DPP report is all that needs to be said really. Thanks Phil by the way.
    Documentary makers leaving out stuff to suit a narrative is pretty low and unethical but this is the way of things I suppose.
    Gardai messed this up really, really badly. Both by incompetence and wilful distortion.
    It’s an embarrassment and should open a few eyes of those who have complete blind faith in our police force.

    1. phil

      I dont know if its real, just found it on the internet , it looks kinda real. In my mind it does not clear anyone, however it was a good lesson to me, I had a vague opinion on the whole thing , like some of the opinions you see or hear out in the wild.
      The lesson for me was not to be distracted by the noise and pay close attention to what Im responsible for, the people we elect and the services that are provided by the state.
      I was most disturbed by how some of the unfortunates in this country are terrified and dominated by the Gardai. I wonder how many other people are locked up that shouldnt be. I think the difference in this story is Bailey is not Irish.

        1. phil

          From reading what I attached above , he couldn’t be extradited because there is no evidence to suggest he killed her, but again it does not exonerate him.

          What I meant about him not being Irish, is that he was able to standup from himself , probably. knew his rights.

          Im not suggesting he is innocent , its kinda none of my business. The state failed, Im not going to hound the man.
          What I will suggest is our Gardai were worse than incompetent, I find that very disturbing , and it appears not much has been done about that. Forget Bailey the real story is about us.

        2. Andrew

          Why would we extradite him? We have no legal basis to do so. He hasn’t been charged with anything and never will be.
          Bailey being English in my opinion worked against him with regard to his treatment by Gardai.
          Fully agree with you phil. An utter failure by the Gardai. That’s on them, not on Bailey.

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