Some Of Us Are Looking At The Stars


This morning.

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. 10 Burlington Road, Dublin 4.

Josh Mathews (above) with his photograph ‘To the Waters and the Wild’ selected as the winning image in the inaugural ‘Reach for the Stars’ astrophotography competition, run by the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS).  Josh’s photo, along with 22 other entries to the competition is now part of an outdoor exhibition on the railings outside the DIAS building for the month of July.

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

2 thoughts on “Some Of Us Are Looking At The Stars

  1. Slightly Bemused

    Sadly I cannot fully see the photo, but I think I saw it before. I am always amazed at those who have that keen eye to catch something wonderful. And the patience implicit in setting up, trekking up, and eventually heading home.

    I had to chuckle and wonder was it the poem or Gerrit was the inspiration for the title. An evocative poem, and a great wildlife series. But Josh looks too young to remember the programmes, so I will make a guess at the poem, especially as I spy a waterfall in the photo.

    Well done Josh, and all the winners and entrants. The current world needs reminding of the beauty around us.

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