A Violet By A Mossy Stone


This morning.

Unidentified location, Cork city.

Frank O’Connor writes:

How is this not a home?

It’s a real character home, in an old part of the city, part of a terrace that is about 200 years old, so it has significant heritage value also.

Very sad to see it decay in this way.

The reality is our government & local authorities deliberately allow properties to stay vacant & go derelict in a housing & homeless crisis.

Would they rather have people homeless than take the chance of prices dropping on their watch?


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6 thoughts on “A Violet By A Mossy Stone

  1. Hank

    “Would they rather have people homeless than take the chance of prices dropping on their watch?”

    In a word, Yes.

  2. wearnicehats

    This house is someone’s property. Someone bought it. That someone decides what is done with it – no-one else. What’s next – I don’t have a car, Frank drives an old banger – the state of it. I think someone should take Frank’s car off him and give it to me. OK?

    There could be any number of reasons why this is in disrepair – probably a family legal issue.

    There is a derelict property register


    anyone who has an issue – Frank clearly does – can report a site.

    1. george

      “probably a family legal issue” – just making stuff.

      If there is a shortage of something which is essential the governments do sieze control of it like steel and horses were taken during the world wars.

      The ownership of property is a right granted by the state which comes with conditions. The property owner’s claim to own a piece of the country only has any legitimacy because the legal framework of the state enables it. If the existing legal framework doesn’t serve the public good it can be changed. That’s what we elect governments for.

    2. Hank

      If you think the deliberate actions of some property owners to keep prime property vacant and allow it to go into disrepair bears any resemblance to your laboured and nonsensical “old banger” car analogy, it suggests you’re either not too bright or are one of said property owners and you’re trying to defend the indefensible.

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