Against The Wind



Anti Covid response ‘Enough is Enough’ rally and march from the GPO, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1 to Government buildings, Merrion Street, Dublin 2.



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  1. Cian

    Easily over a million people protesting with me on Saturday to abolish the 1 and 2 cent coins.


    1. missred

      You can’t do that, I met the world’s most ridey Kerryman in there! He rescued me when my pints got stolen, y’see

    2. f_lawless

      Do you know the one thing that’s even sadder than the lack of a significant push back from the general Irish public over the past year and a half as the liberal democratic principles we all once took for granted have ebbed further and further away? The people who take to social media to deride the few citizens who actually do take to streets in protest.

    3. scottser

      is that what that was about? i thought ye all had something against the re-opening of the favoured haunt of rural types who live in dublin.

        1. dav

          healthfreedomireland.. jesus wept
          “Health Freedom Ireland is lead by Maeve Murran, a “kinesiologist” and anti-vaccination campaigner, and Kelly Johnson, a homeopath who has claimed vaccines can cause autism.

          “Got a letter in from “Health Freedom Ireland” advising me, as a GP, to use low dose hydroxychloroquine in conjunction with zinc for my patients with #Covid19
          Apparently it’s “proven safe and effective”
          They are spreading misinformation and lies – does anyone who they are”

          1. SOQ

            Did you even look at the friggen graph? This is people lives we are talking about here- not some petty stupid school yard political game.

            You are exactly the sort who kept accusing others of not caring about the elderly and now when the truth is out- that a form of euthanasia was performed- on exactly those you claimed to care about, all you can so is launch person attacks.

            Hypocrite- you never really cared about those poor people now did you? Pathetic.

      1. scottser

        i think that protest was a case of ‘tuppence ha’penny looking down on tuppence’..
        *gets coat*

        1. Cian

          My da was part of the 100% successful “get rid of the farthing” campaign 50 years ago!

        1. SOQ

          They injected old people who then died in large numbers- if not the vaccine then what happened Cian?

          1. E'Matty

            Vaccine induced Antibody dependant enhancement resulting in cytokine storms and ultimately, death. Essentially all this entire pandemic has ever been.

          2. SOQ

            Cian goes silent of course- we’ve gone from ‘don’t kill granny’ to ‘sure she was on the way out anyways’.

            And the frightening thing is, the exact same thing happened in both UK and Germany.

          3. SOQ

            You don’t know that- the full analysis has yet to be done- the same questions are being raised in UK and Germany.

            That you are trying to spin this is absolutely contemplable.

          4. Cian

            What are you talking about?
            I’m not spinning anything.

            You linked to an article. I looked at the article and decided to “do my own research”. I checked RIP for matching deaths from one of the first few charts… and found that the chart in your linked article was demonstratively wrong. I didn’t bother looking any further, I couldn’t be bothered. You keep linking to articles that are wrong, incorrect, rubbish, false.

            Pointing out that sites you link to are wrong isn’t “spinning”.
            Pointing out that sites you link to are wrong isn’t “bullying”.

      1. Cian

        I just did a search on one of those nursing homes (I selected Bridhaven) that had 12 “alleged” vaccine deaths in Jan/Feb 2021 compared to only 2 deaths total in Jan/Feb 2020;

        And I have (after 2 minutes of in-depth searching) uncovered five deaths from 2020 on for Bridhaven, Mallow… so the numbers on healthfreedomireland don’t stand up to the slightest scrutiny.
        (The same search reveals only nine deaths for 2021 – so I’m looking at a jump from 5 to 9… versus the 2 to 12 they were pushing)
        – Maurice (Mossie) Power 10th February 2020
        – Andrew Flynn 10th February 2020
        – Michael (Mick) Doyle 13th February 2020
        – Eileen O’Brien (née Manning) 14th February 2020
        – Sheila O’Flynn (née McCarthy) 24th February 2020

        1. SOQ

          Well it’s what RTE is referring to it as a third wave, but the narrative or inference is that this wave is CoVid-19 alone. Of course they are careful not to give figures but they had no choice but to address the elephant in the room- albeit it as a spin.

          I hope that HFI put the raw data out in the public domain and justify how they arrived at their conclusions. What is interesting is they are not claiming 100% but are calling for an inquiry and I personally think that is a reasonable request.

          1. Cian

            Stop diverting.

            You introduced a website to make some point. That website is demonstrably wrong. Their data is wrong.

            Your point is lacking evidence.

  2. Slave to the Rhythm

    Why do these people even exist?

    Can’t they all just get the Delta variant and give it to each other already?*

    (*post may contain elements of morbid sarcasm/irony)

    1. Lilly

      My main problem with ‘these people’ is that Covid has turned them into insufferable bores who can talk about little else.

      1. Slave to the Rhythm

        Ah sure it gives them something to fill their little heads with*

        *see disclaimer above

  3. Formerly known as

    Ask them to sign up to volunteer in the Covid ICU ward. That might soften their cough, so to speak.

    1. Micko

      Should be grand.

      There’s only 14 people to look after.

      A year and a half into this madness and people are still using the “ go work in a covid ward” bit. Jesus Christ.

      1. Formerly known as

        Thanks, Micko. If these covidiots had their way, there would be lots more. A year and a half into this pandemic and people are still using “there’s only 14 people” while they are against the lockdown that means it is only 14.

        1. Micko


          Man, you’re so last year. Now their ‘right wing radicals’

          Keep up dude.

        1. Micko


          Formerly brought up ICU wards. “Go work in an ICU” rhetoric blah blah blah

          What’s your point?

      1. Micko

        Typo on my part. I meant 4K cases a day at the start of June, not 4000k. Soz.

        Point is, (as you have confirmed) the UK had seen massive growth in the number of cases in June, with no practically no deaths.

        They’re opening up and the Gov here are trying to milk every last penny they can from us.

        1. SOQ

          One of the largest street protests in the history of London took place last Saturday week Micko, and they already have the pubs and restaurants opened. There was a very clear message sent to the British government that day- and fair play to them.

          Interesting that there is no word about vaccine passports in England at all, but the horse has bolted on that one now because people just aren’t getting sick in any sort of real numbers anymore.

          1. Micko

            The real funny thing to me is the UK are leaving us behind.

            Just like Charger predicted Ha!!

    1. Cian

      The number of deaths has doubled in the last two weeks (7-day average below 8 to above 16).
      A doubling of deaths is significant.

      “But, sure, it was only 15 deaths yesterday”

      1. Micko

        Are we talking about stopping all deaths then?

        Is that when we go back to normal yeah? When no one dies of covid?

        Great plan there Cian

          1. Micko

            What’s the end game then?

            We’ve seen that some people won’t / can’t be vaccinated.

            Do we keep society shut down to protect those people. Or do we let them die?

          2. Micko

            Ah the old “ you just want to go to the pub” argument followed by a Guardian article on long covid. Sounds scientific! :p

            Lazy Cian. Lazy

            It’s ok to admit that you don’t have a clue how to get us out of the corner we’ve painted ourselves into you know.

            You’re among friends.. ;)

          3. Micko


            Did you even read that before you posted it? Lots of “estimates” and people self diagnosing

            “Of people with self-reported long COVID, 869,000 first had (or SUSPECTED they had) COVID-19”

            And I do care.

            I just care about our society getting back to normal more than people who are a bit out of breath and fatigued and having a bit of a hard time concentrating for a few weeks.

            Get your priorities straight man. We’ve stopped people dying with vaccines and now it’s time to get back to normal.

            Unless… you don’t want to. ;P

          4. Clampers Outside

            Self-reporting in the middle of a pandemic…. A local GP could tell you all you need to know about the reliability of self reporting whenever there’s a seasonal bug about.
            Means sweet f a.

          5. Cian

            I just care about our society getting back to normal more than people who are a bit out of breath and fatigued and having a bit of a hard time concentrating for a few weeks.

            Get your priorities straight man. We’ve stopped people dying with vaccines and now it’s time to get back to normal.

            It’s time to get back to normal (except for those that get long covid and who are “a bit out of breath” and “fatigued” and “having a bit of a hard time concentrating”). But you can get on with you stuff, so that’s okay?

          6. Micko

            “But you can get on with you stuff”

            No Cian.

            So WE can get on with stuff. I don’t know if you you’ve noticed lately, but society is fecked. OUR society is fecked!

  4. Johnny

    As a irish person trapped overseas,unable visit for a few days,I don’t tootily pootiling have two weeks spare,I just want see my father,I applaud these people for peacefully protesting,standing up for their opinions,the overreaction to any dissent is a bit worrying.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          And we have people who won’t take them which will continue the spread and the lockdown restrictions.

          1. Micko

            Then those unvaccinated people will die.

            While the vaccinated will be safe.

            Vaccines either work or they don’t.

            Make up your mind.

  5. RuilleBuille

    Aside from these 100 or so idiots thousands of young people are clamouring to get the vaccine.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Great to hear reports of pharmacies getting 100s of calls a day.

      Shame that a tiny cohort of conspiraloons will ruin it all for us.

  6. george

    So no mention of the anti-semitic imagery in photo 2? I don’t think that should be posted without comment.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Antivaxx and antisemites going hand in hand at the ratlicker rally, instead of commenting on it, the image gets censored by Bodger! Out of sight, out of mind eh?

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          Was she at the ratlicker rally too? Must have been uncomfortable for with the antisemitism on display.

  7. ian-oG

    I was in the city centre on Saturday.

    Had a great time I must say, went to 3 different bars, sitting outside in the good weather, had a feed in one as well. The buzz in town was great as well, everyone is good form, none of the scenes we all saw a short while back.

    Loved it.

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