Everyone Stay Cool


From top: Drusilla the Sulawesi Black Crested Macaque, Bainne (Alpaca), Bumi (Sulawesi Black Crested Macaque); Dolly and Lemmy (Ring-Tailed Lemurs) and Babe, the park’s domestic pig.


This morning.

Tayto Theme Park and Zoo, Ashbourne, county Meath.

Ian Collins writes:

With Met Éireann forecasting warm weather to continue this week, this morning the resident animals at the Tayto Park Zoo were staying refreshed with a range of cool down treats prepared by the Tayto Park zookeepers ensuring they can also have fun in the sun!

One way to ensure animals stay comfortable during this sunny spell are frozen popsicles. As animals don’t perspire in the same way as humans, iced treats using the animal’s feed such as fresh fruit or vegetables ensure they stay hydrated.

Visitors to the Tayto Park Zoo will catch a glimpse of the Asian small-clawed otters taking full advantage of their pond, as they splash around to cool down, along with Ossie, the Tayto Park Emu bathing in cool water while the sun is shining.

Tayto Theme Park and Zoo

All pics by Emma Babington

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