Next Day Delivery


This morning.

Kipkeno writes:

Credit to the department of Foreign Affairs! I used their online facility to apply for a new passport yesterday morning and received a shiny new one (above) courtesy of An Post this morning.

Credit where it is Due! A happy potential traveller!


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7 thoughts on “Next Day Delivery

  1. Bertie blenkinsop

    It’s taking them four weeks (and counting) to process my son’s application.

  2. joe cool

    God I remember my first passport. took 6 weeks to come. My 2nd passport picture made me look like a Russian hitman and I was stuck with that for 6 years

  3. missred

    Yep, renewed mine online at the end of May and arrived in less than 48 hours. The only hassle I had was covering my roots and sticking on makeup for the lady in the pharmacy to take my photo. It turned out awful anyway but job was done

  4. Bruncvik

    And here I am, waiting for my driver license from another EU country to be replaced with an Irish one (Go Car is no longer accepting foreign licenses, so I had to switch). It’s been 15 weeks since I sent them my old one, and whenever I call I get the same response that “it may take up to 12 weeks”, even when I complain that it’s been taking well over 12 weeks. Time to outsource that service as well.

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