What’s Your Password?


Here’s How.

The current affairs podcast presented by William Campbell (right) meets legal scholar Cian Ó Concubhair (left).

William writes:

If you had to choose between jail and giving the gardaí the password to all your online accounts, would you choose Mountjoy or Wheatfield?

I talk to Cian about new laws that give gardaí the power to demand access to your devices and social media profiles. Can they be trusted? Also, what happened to AA Roadwatch?

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4 thoughts on “What’s Your Password?

  1. ian-oG

    I’d like to think your previous stuff about AA roadwatch and Conor Faughnan had a hand in its demise?

    Sick of listening to a fully paid up shill for the insurance industry on public radio, so if it was you, well done.

    As for the passwords, not going to happen unless its with a court order, they can try but without a valid reason it will just end up at the ECHR I’d imagine.

    Oh and I’d pick wheatfield, I believe they have better jacks.

    1. William Campbell

      I’d like to think so too, but I try not to be too self-regarding. I think that the reasoning given doesn’t add up, and the speed of it’s disappearance is notable, but beyond that I don’t think we’ll have much more than speculation.

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