29 thoughts on “Monday’s Papers

    1. Cian

      What part of your body do you use to drink with?

      What part of your body do you use to pee with?

      Do you now understand why you can wear a mask for one and not the other?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Very childish post Cian. Of course, it was another attempt at your bullying of SOQ.

        1. Bitnboxy

          WHAT?! You are literally one of the biggest bullies on here auld lad Giggz. Incredible hypocrisy. Disgruntled low born old-man bully tactics are your MO. If you won’t take my word it for it, here is your performance abusing others on St Stephen’s Day with V aka Frilly Keane spelling out your passive aggressive bullying of others and delightfully handing you your flat auld lad backside. The latter is decidedly not a pleasant thought!
          Thank you.

        2. millie bobby brownie

          That’s not bullying. That’s debate, and SOQ clearly loves it considering the amount of times he drops Cian’s name round here.

          I doubt you need me to point to an example of a bully, tbh, when the commenter above does such a good job all on their own.

          1. Slave to the Rhythm

            May I suggest we all reflect on the cutesiest meows of a two week old kitten, Millie?
            Just try it, it really works.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Antivaxxers are such loud, angry shouty little trolls!

      Still wondering why they’re calling our President a paedo.

      1. SOQ

        “… are such loud, angry shouty little trolls!”

        That reminds me- I have a heap of ironing to do.

      2. Fearganainm

        They’re trying to smear the President via a borrowed smear employed by Lin C. Wood against Chief Justice John Roberts (and others, including Mike Pence). Wood, in turn, borrowed the smear from its place of origin, 4chan. It’s a Qanon thing. Basically the story goes that any targeted individual is only carrying out a particular function because they have been compromised by shadowy malevolent forces who have recorded said targeted individual abusing then murdering a child. Allegedly there are hundreds, maybe thousands of persons in positions of authority all around the world who have been compromised by ‘them’ in this way and that is, in effect, how the world is run. That’s according to the diseased minds who promote such a ‘theory’ anyway. It probably only makes sense if you’re very, very, very seriously mentally ill.


      3. Spot of Bodge

        They are like stingless wasps, impotent but really, really annoying and carrying no real brain to speak of.

  1. missred

    So bottom burping spreads covid, well another reason in pubs why groups shouldn’t mix. Those Guinness side effects….tut tut

  2. Andy Pipkin

    I have used my bottom trumping as a guide for other people, if you can smell it, you’re too close to me!, move!!

    1. Bitnboxy

      ROFL! Come off it auld lad Giggz. You’re one to talk. Your low born low brow-self knows all about sewers. Not to mention your mad auld fella potty-mouth.


  3. Fearganainm

    The people’s uprising – what the MSM won’t tell you:

    ‘Leader’ of the Yellow Vests Glen Miller was in the mood for a spot of collaborating:


    “Yes Guard, I’ll march them up to the top of the hill, then I’ll march them down again. If that’s all right with you, of course. And I’m thinking of taking a leaf out of Daniel O’Connell’s book and calling a monster meeting at Clontarf, then calling it off at the last minute. Would that be OK, Guard? Of course I’ll let you know in advance. Yes Guard, I’ll use a code before my message so that you know it’s me for sure. What code should I use, Guard? “Remember Carey!” Very droll, Guard, whatever you say. Can I go now?”

  4. Johnny

    Can we hear it a little for Tom Barack today,all alone now and in court in Brooklyn soon,he posted the largest bail like ever,250 million,will LA based Paddy McKillen be there or Dublin based Johnny Rohan or Mickey Noonan?

    Colony Capital and Tom Barrack parked 3 Billion with Paddy McKillen and Johnny Rohan,if you search the IT you will find 52 results for Colony Capital,not one on his arrest or his charges,which includes arabs placing large sums at Colony,which he used to buy loans from the FFG-Anglo/NAMA.


    ..his first irish debt deal they built that book to over 3 billion with dodgy saudi money earned illegally influencing US policy,given the discounts Noonan was handing out to dodgy slick perma tanned yanks,they could easily have bought 10 billion of irish loans with 3,how will they ever know…

    Any room at the inn,will the inept IT hack travel up to NY,catch up with her BFF John Fitzpatrick,who it would appear is the only irishman in America according IT.

    Noonan looses his cherry to a hot yank,best today Tom,hope they treat you better than Epstein,and keep you safe….


  5. Lilly

    So many drownings lately. News reports should give specifics, where available, to alert people to the dangers. On a calm, sunny day, most people think what could go wrong.

    1. Slave to the Rhythm

      Apparently lake swimming far more dangerous and risky that most realise, especially if they only ever normally swim/ trained in a pool.

      1. Johnny

        ….yanks just have a higher tolerance and acceptance around suicide and death,keep it simple stupid.
        Don’t swim alone,unless your saying goodbye.

  6. Johnny

    After Noonan lost his cherry,he became such a deal slut,this is a partial list Irish state owned assets sold,nobody’s gonna know…the discount of face or loan values,they state secrets !

    Tom Barrack/colony Capital in handcuffs in Brooklyn today paid NAMA €455m (hot saudi money) to secure Project Tolka 1.4 Billion book.

    The Anglo/IRBC loan book,how’s that inquiry into SiteServ coming,either way both Johnny and Paddy will be looking over their shoulder for a while….

    HI WE ARE WITH THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (they refuse wear bodycam its just you and them:) he’s reaching…

    best deep dive with incredible links,oh i hear a down on his luck paddy hotelier is leaning into the new mayor new york for a tax break…..read all bout it in IT.


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