Not Another Motoring Podcast?



It’s much, much muckier than that.

Via RTÉ:

Hosted by 2FM’s Laura Fox and Emma Power, My First Ride is a brand-new podcast from RTÉ which celebrates all the big firsts of a weekly celebrity guest, from innocent moments to more, eh, adult events. Available for today, Thursday 29 July, each episode will hear a well-known name look back at some of the most momentous moments of their lives – happy, sad, challenging and occasionally mortifying.

In the first episode Vogue Williams talks about her school days (where she got suspended a few times), fighting with her sister (and a notable incident, where she got her bum slapped for hitting her sister during her birthday party!) how she was ‘always in trouble for swearing’, her first kiss at 12, her first proper boyfriend and the ensuing heartache…

Splutter, etc.

My First Ride (RTÉ)

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21 thoughts on “Not Another Motoring Podcast?

    1. Nullzero

      The usual quick scan of the RTE canteen approach to sourcing guests is being applied here.

  1. Clampers Outside

    My First Ride? Is it like locker room talk, womens’ style, and so comes with added giggling?
    I take it they won’t be playing ‘winkie or boop-boops’ then… I could tell some story about my first ‘winkie or boop-boops’ game :0p’
    BS, if you edit this, your kids will be next! :) I jest of course!

    BS SEZ: Sorry Clampers, you effectively asked for it.

    1. Clampers Outside

      Ladies, if you have to ask what the game is, consider that a good thing, and don’t ask.

      1. Clampers Outside

        Never heard of that but, yeah, I think so.
        Hold it in you hand with a bit sticking out between the thumb and index finger, and guess which bit is visible… LOL! :) Stag night games when on a few… Only time Ive experienced that game :)

        1. bertie blenkinsop

          Ah no, phone or bone entails hugging someone from behind and they have to guess what’s prodding them.
          Or so I’ve been told.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Captivating stuff. Can’t wait. Very to the point advertising – why I got my bum slapped at a birthday party.

  3. Verbatim

    A rather vulgar and provocative name for a podcast, they could have called it, I don’t know…Foxy Power. Pity about the spoiler on the first episode, that’s enough already… though will eventually listen as I like a good podcast. Could see Marion Keyes being invited on.
    Some of my favorite podcasts have been recommended by BS posters!

      1. Verbatim

        “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments, and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”

    1. millie bobby brownie

      If you’re looking for a recommendation, my current favourite is for Mad Men fans, called ‘They Coined It’. Its a rewatch/analysis type podcast where the two hosts have experience in the TV industry and the advertising industry. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, it’s a very enjoyable listen and it’s definitely added to my own rewatch of my Favourite TV Show Ever™.

  4. Bort

    Virginity losing stories? Bit crass, the Word already did this on channel 4 in the early 90s.
    What about all the people who got their v stamp under the age of consent?
    And for a lot of people it’s neither a funny or romantic story.

    Will there any real deep dives or honesty? When did you do you first yoke, key of ket or rail of coke?

    But didn’t Vogue already have a drugs show?

    We license payers do not owe these people a living!

  5. Scundered

    If that was a male podcast there would be absolute mayhem over the title. I thought that humour style was supposed to die along with the carry-on films

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