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It’s much, much muckier than that.

Via RTÉ:

Hosted by 2FM’s Laura Fox and Emma Power, My First Ride is a brand-new podcast from RTÉ which celebrates all the big firsts of a weekly celebrity guest, from innocent moments to more, eh, adult events. Available for today, Thursday 29 July, each episode will hear a well-known name look back at some of the most momentous moments of their lives – happy, sad, challenging and occasionally mortifying.

In the first episode Vogue Williams talks about her school days (where she got suspended a few times), fighting with her sister (and a notable incident, where she got her bum slapped for hitting her sister during her birthday party!) how she was ‘always in trouble for swearing’, her first kiss at 12, her first proper boyfriend and the ensuing heartache…

Splutter, etc.

My First Ride (RTÉ)

Above from left: Betty Ashe from Pearse Street, Anne Doyle and Author and Historian Turtle Bunbury officially launch the ‘Vanishing Ireland with Turtle Bunbury’ podcast

This morning.

Merrion Square Park, Dublin 2.

Anne Doyle launched the ‘Vanishing Ireland with Turtle Bunbury’ podcast supported by SuperValu – 20-years since the acclaimed Vanishing Ireland chronicles began.

Historian Turtle is creating a new series of interviews with Ireland’s over 70s documenting ‘never-before-heard extraordinary stories’.  He is inviting people across the country to propose family members or friends over the age of 70, to share their stories. Details at link below.

Vanishing Ireland

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

Outside It’s America.

A podcast covering 50 states in 50 days.

Journalist and broadcaster Philip O’Connor writes:

I was in the Hilton Hotel in New York where Donald Trump’s campaign was based on election day 2016, and the result shocked everyone – that shouldn’t happen if the media and journalism had done its job.

But it didn’t.

A major part of the reason for that was that nobody listened to ordinary American voters whose ballots decided the election.

So this time around, instead of sitting at a desk rewriting press releases or talking to academics and other journalists and regurgitating opinion polls that turn out to be wrong, I’m going to hit the road through all 50 states for 50 days and see what they have to say.

I’m going to visit diners and laundromats, gyms and gas stations, main streets and city halls to find out exactly what they are thinking and what will influence how they cast their votes.

To do this I need support, so I’ve started a Kickstarter campaign (see below), and there are sponsorship opportunities available.

For €10 (or a measly 20c per episode) you’ll get 50 podcasts, plus an e-postcard from the road every week, and €35 will get you a daily email. For €500 you can sponsor a whole episode, and if you have a big brand and want to sponsor the whole series, then I’m all ears.

The media business is broken, and this is me trying out a new way of making it viable while bringing you something unique that nobody else can or will do.

On November 3, I’ll be in New York, on the ground as the votes are tallied.

Join me.

Outside It’s America – 50 podcasts, 50 states, 50 days (Kickstarter)

‘Modern Problem’.

A  hard-hitting new investigative podcast hosted by Mayo-born journalist, broadcaster and writer Jane Mc Namara (above).

Modern Problem seeks to examine ‘new incarnations of old problems’.

Jane writes:

In the first two episodes (above), I cast a critical eye over Ireland’s controversial system of direct provision – now in its 20th year and currently housing over 6,000 asylum seekers and refugees…

….The podcast features testimonials from a number of people currently seeking asylum in Ireland, vox pops from the general public, as well as insights from experts such as Lucky Khambule of the Movement of Asylum Seekers in ireland (MASI) and Fiona Hurley of NASC. the Migrant and Refugee Rights Centre….

Modern Problem podcast


Remain placid.

And read on.

Conor Creighton writes:

I’m a meditation teacher and a men’s work facilitator. I’m also the founder of the Dublin Boys Club. Myself and three other men’s work facilitators started an online platform during corona to help men who might be having a hard time.

And speaking about hard time’s we also made a podcast about erectile dysfunction.

If you ever wanted to hear two young(ish) Irish men talk bravely and openly, and even jokingly about the ups and downs of their penises, then I’m pretty sure this is the only place you can.

We created the podcast as a type of public service – a shot in the arm for all the young men out there suffering from ED (and their partners who don’t understand what’s going on) and feeling isolated because their dicks aren’t working.

A little older now, we can see the funny side of it and know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel (no euphemism intended).

We are four men, two Irish, one Aussie and a German, who all knew each other online before the pandemic and decided to join forces during it.

Listen Here

The Brother’s Seeker’s Guide To Erectile Disfunction (The Brother’s Seeker)

Pic: Shutterstock

Niall Breslin is hosting a bi-daily podcast with Spotify will help listeners ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Wind Down

This morning/afternoon.

Songwriter and mental health activist, Niall Breslin has been revealed as the ‘voice of mindfulness’ on Spotify’s new podcast series ‘Wake Up/Wind Down’.

Ian Collins writes:

Available to stream now, the podcast will open and close a listener’s day as part of a Spotify curated playlist called Your Daily Wellness’,

Niall’s latest bi-daily podcast will help listeners ‘Wake Up’ and log into their day by clearing the head before taking part in the chaos of the modern world, while helping to ‘Wind Down’ in the evening by re-framing and settling the mind.

Playlist name: Your Daily Wellness
Podcast name: Wake Up / Wind Down
Hashtag: #wakeupwinddown

Niall Breslin


The tough listen to the Operation: Project podcast.

The podcast about the art of actually finishing creative stuff.

Hosted by Caroline Swords (above), who writes:

Over the years, I’ve started a bunch of creative projects I’ve failed to finish. So I wanted to talk to creative people – writers, filmmakers, comedians, photographers, musicians, and more – about how they work, and what they do when things get tough – learn the secrets of finishing.

My first guest is Emily O’Callaghan comedy promoter, event organiser, journalist, photographer.

She constantly gets creative things done, and I wanted to to know how. We talk about getting over your fear of trying, why it’s important to have a few failures behind you, and how to pack out the first night of your new comedy club!

Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify here: – new episodes weekly.

Operation: Project

Calling all manic Pixies fangirls and boys.

The indie rock legends have just released a new podcast titled ‘It’s A Pixies Podcast’.

The first in a series of 12 weekly episodes chronicling the making of their new album ‘Beneath The Eyrie’ is available all over the world to subscribers on their website.

The album itself, which was recorded in Woodstock, comes out on September 13.

The video for the current single ‘On Graveyard Hill’ can be seen here.

Nick says: Once more around the planet of sound.

It’s A Pixies Podcast

Podcast kings Peter Dunne (left) and Liam Geraghty

Last night.

Irish podcasters Peter Dunne and Liam Geraghty achieved  a double win  at the 2019 New York Festivals Radio Awards.

Peter and Liam took home the Bronze trophy in the Best Drama Podcast category for their horror anthology series Petrified.

Liam then won Bronze for Best Culture Podcast for Meet Your Maker – a show ‘about the people who make the things we love’.

In fairness.


Meet Your Maker

Pic: Pedro Giaquinto