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Calling all manic Pixies fangirls and boys.

The indie rock legends have just released a new podcast titled ‘It’s A Pixies Podcast’.

The first in a series of 12 weekly episodes chronicling the making of their new album ‘Beneath The Eyrie’ is available all over the world to subscribers on their website.

The album itself, which was recorded in Woodstock, comes out on September 13.

The video for the current single ‘On Graveyard Hill’ can be seen here.

Nick says: Once more around the planet of sound.

It’s A Pixies Podcast

Podcast kings Peter Dunne (left) and Liam Geraghty

Last night.

Irish podcasters Peter Dunne and Liam Geraghty achieved  a double win  at the 2019 New York Festivals Radio Awards.

Peter and Liam took home the Bronze trophy in the Best Drama Podcast category for their horror anthology series Petrified.

Liam then won Bronze for Best Culture Podcast for Meet Your Maker – a show ‘about the people who make the things we love’.

In fairness.


Meet Your Maker

Pic: Pedro Giaquinto

The original Rock’.

Cult of Personality is an Irish-made podcast series following the entire career of an actor or director each season.

Co-host Ian writes:

We generally start from the start of their career and working through it (for better or worse!) In Season One we choose to follow the work of Sylvester Stallone (episode 1 above). One of us lost a Sly Stallone Trivia quiz and had to watch his infamous adult film

To listen to all episodes from Season 1, just click for Web, Spotify, iTunes or YouTube….

Cult of Personality podcast

Twenty years ago….

Rachel Carey writes:

January 15 marks the 20th anniversary of Pádraig Flynn’s memorable appearance on the Late Late Show.

During a routine interview with Gay Byrne, Pádraig Flynn, then EU Commissioner, was portraying himself as a perfect politician. When pushed to speak about Tom Gilmartin, a property developer who was reluctant to speak at the Mahon Tribunal, Flynn snapped.

He launched into a rant about Gilmartin and his wife, who suffered from multiple sclerosis and was paralysed in a wheelchair. Gilmartin who was listening to the interview at home in the UK vowed to bury Flynn.

It was an interview which would change the shape of Irish politics forever and cause the demise of Pádraig Flynn.

Jack Murray, CEO and founder of MediaHQ.com, wrote and recorded a podcast (above) vividly recounting the story of the interview.

The podcast really gets into the detail of the story and gives us some background that many people wouldn’t be aware of….

Media Moments

Previously: I Wanna Tell You Something, Try It Sometime

The Pod Skwod.

With Matt & Adam.

A weekly podcast of weird world news.

Matt (him off the cookery show!) writes:

We’re a comedy news podcast. Each week we take a delve into some of the more interesting and weird headlines from around the web.

And we take a look at news that was lost around the time of massive events in history – this week we focus on the news that was lost around the assassination of JFK.

Get us anywhere you get your podcasts!

It’d be great to get some feedback on our new format, 131 episodes in we’ve been doing it for close to three years – some outside perspective on a fresh turn would be great.

The Pod Skwod

Roy Keane Versus.

A podcast about what makes one footballer mean so much to one fan…

…deploying Roy Keane and his various deeds and misdeeds to examine the human condition

That fan, Neil Brennan writes:

From Saipan to Vieira, Ferguson to prawn sandwiches Roy Keane is the most fascinating footballer of his generation..It’s time to find out why

Available on iTunes here

Pulling Out All The Stops.

The second episode of Meet Your Maker, the podcast about the people who make things YOU love.

Presented by Liam Geraghty, who writes:

This week on Meet Your Maker, we go on a road trip with An Klondike music composer Steve Lynch (top left) in search of a harmonium and end up finding a priest in Cavan, Fr. Darragh Connolly (top right) who is a self confessed harmonium restoration “geek”.

You can subscribe to the Meet Your Maker onApple Podcasts, Casts, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts…

Meet Your Maker


Meet Your Maker.

An inventive new podcast from face-painted broadcaster Liam Geraghty (top).

Liam writes:

Its been a long time coming but I’m thrilled to finally announce Meet Your Maker – a new podcast about the people who make the things we love, hosted by myself.

The first episode launches on July 31. Subscribe now on iTunes / Apple Podcasts and  Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts.

You can listen to the teaser trailer (…origin story!) above and please spread the word to the podcast loving people in your life

Meet Your Maker

Pic: Ruth Medjber

Screenshot (145)



From top: Moby: Donal Scannell

Irish multimedia producer and podcast specialist Donal Scannell has kicked off a new arts & culture podcast.

His first guest? None other than songwriter and producer Moby.

Among the topics discussed were diet, existential angst, fame and the current state of world affairs.

Speaking on writing his memoirs:

I mean, I’ve never written a memoir before and I had worked under the assumption that memories were written by old politicians, or disgraced public figures or pop stars. But then, I guess, it honestly all started with Patti Smith’s “Just Kids”, for me at least. That was when I realized that you could write a sort of discrete – when I say discrete I mean dealing with a specific period of time – memoi before you turn 90.

I mean, Bob Dylan’s “Chronicles” were similar, it was partially about Bob Dylan, but very much about what it was like to be in New York during the nascent folk scene there and I thought, presumptuously perhaps, that I had had enough interesting things happen to me, and also I thought that enough interesting things have happened in New York during the period that’s covered by the memoire that it warranted being written.

You know, if I was Chris Martin from Coldplay, and I like Chris, I’m not saying this to malign him, but there’s not much to write about, you know, he had nice parents, I’ve met his parents, they’re lovely, and his first record became successful and his entire adult life has been spent being successful. So if you’ve had a relatively stable, prosaic life, it’s probably not going to make for the best memoire, but my life has been neither stable nor prosaic so I sort of thought why not try and write about it?

And then the question I had to ask myself was: Ok, how do I write a memoire and not waste people’s time? I didn’t want to just craft, I didn’t want this to be a PR exercise, I didn’t want to try and portray myself in some sort of flattering light that might help my Q rating, you know, I didn’t want to write a self-penned hagiography, I wanted to write something honest because that’s, I mean, it should be self-evident, but I don’t know if it is to say that the goal of art should either be abject entertainment or honesty, you know, because we’re, maybe I’m rambling on, but there’s sort of existential sort of underpinnings of everything that we do is trying to make sense of how baffling it is to be alive as a human being especially in a universe that’s 15 or 16 billion years old, you know, so we’re alive for a couple of decades, we pretend that we’re immortal, we pretend that our lives have meaning and significance, but deep down we know that we die, we disappear and we have no idea what, if any, meaning or significance our lives have had.

So, for me, the response to that is just solidarity and communication, you know, and so that’s one of the reasons why I aspired to write an honest memoir because I wanted to talk about my experience being human, I didn’t want to lie about any aspect of it because there enough disingenuous culture in our world, like, I don’t feel the need to add more disingenuity to our sort of cultural pantheon.

Read the entire transcript here.

Listen to the podcast (grab a tay first, though) here.