‘Beyond Proud’ [Updated]


This morning/afternoon.

Croke Park, Dublin.

No doughnuts?



Citywest Vaccination centre on Saturday

This morning.

Via RTÉ News:

Chief Executive of the Health Service Executive Paul Reid said the success of the initiative exceeded all expectations.

The HSE is considering reopening at some point the walk-in centres because of their popularity.

It comes as the HSE expects to begin vaccinating children aged between 12 and 15 within the next two weeks.

Over 30,000 avail of walk-in vaccine centres (RTÉ)

Pic via Fergal O’Brien

62 thoughts on “‘Beyond Proud’ [Updated]

    1. Berlingo

      Certainly smarter than some of the anti-vaxxer Bodger minions on here although the bar isn’t set too high for him or them.

  1. Cian

    Is this a first for Bodger?

    he has reported on a Covid vaccination story without pushing any anti-vaxx agenda?

    1. Sam

      Your absolutely right the vaccination is great no down sides at all and all the 2yr/5yr/10yr and 15yr studies show it works a treat with no damage done to anyone – hurrah Oh wait there are no long term studies , well sure batter on there with them and what ever you do don’t have a discussion about the possibility that they may not be anything less than wonderful. Ohh except for my pal that had a multiple strokes and a heart attack at 33 after receiving it or my other 2 pals that are fatigued all the time and have actual heart pain since taking it . But yeah walk in centres for kids that don’t really have an issue with covid19 , sure vac em up I’m sure it’ll be grand.

      1. George

        When did anyone ever develop symptoms related to one or two doses of any vaccine or medication 2 let alone 15 years later?

        How are we supposed to get 15 year data on a medication? Do a trial and wait 15 years before letting the public access the medicine? After 15 years how would you even prove the cause of a side effect. This is spurious scaremongering not based in reality. When a doctor prescribes a medicine do you ask when it was invented to be sure your 15 year period has elapsed?

        1. Sam

          @George Like I said , bang on there with the vaccine, governments and and large corporations are known for being infallible and not causing harm to the people. Im sure it’s all fine and completely safe . Are you looking forward to your first booster shot

      2. Blob

        I got heart pain from my second Pfizer .. so I went to the doctor, diagnosed with Myocarditis, and confirmed its a rare vaccine side effect. And it’s treated by… waiting. It’s not serious at all and just goes away after a week or two. It’s just inflamation. I’m happy to deal with it, and now have a strong defence against a virus that could effect me in god knows what way. There’s risks with everything, you just have to weigh up which you want to take. The odds are with you taking the vaccine over taking a chance with covid. But.. it is up to you. So stop trying to influence other people’s decisions. Make your own choice. That’s what annoys me about Bodger posting being “just his opinion” .. is it influences others. And he’s clearly trying to influence others.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          And here you are, facilitated by Bodger, trying to influence people based on your experience.

          1. Blob

            I did not! I said each option is a risk. and I chose my risk. others should choose theirs, and that’s totally up to them.

          2. SOQ

            Wishing you have a speedy recovery Blob.

            Did the doctor give you an estimate as to how long it will take?

          3. Blob

            Thanks, SOQ .. the doctor said about a weak, and it should be gone. It’s dissipated alright, but two weeks on and it’s still there. I tend to carry inflammations for a very long time though.

          4. SOQ

            You could try natural anti inflammatories like fresh turmeric and ginger? Just add them to food when cooking or make a tea out of them.

            They’ll certainly do no harm eh?

          5. Blob

            I take Turmeric every day already. and Turmeric and ginger tea too, its lovely. Thanks for the advice tho, a rare moment of soundness in the BS comment section haha. I have issues with other things which are all inflammatory issues too. Tamulosin is very good, but a year into the Doc decides to tell me it’ll mess up a pregnant woman very easily. and I had been trying for a kid! scary oversight

          1. SOQ

            OK so- to date

            A total of 76 reports have been received describing an individual who was known to have been vaccinated and subsequently passed away. Of these, 65 were reported with an mRNA vaccine, seven with adenoviral vector vaccines and the remaining four were reported with brand unknown/not specified.

            Suspected side effects are

            General symptoms and local reactions e.g. chills, fatigue, ‘flulike’ feeling, fever, injection site pain or swelling 17 147

            Nervous system e.g. dizziness, headache, lack of energy, pins & needles, fainting or feeling faint 8911

            Muscles, tissue, bones or joints e.g. general muscular pain or weakness 6265

            Gastrointestinal e.g. nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea 4872

            Skin e.g. rash, itchy rash 3103

            Respiratory e.g. cough, shortness of breath 1452

            Behavioural, emotional and mental health e.g. insomnia, trouble sleeping 1172

            Blood and lymphatic system e.g. swollen glands 598

            Reproductive system, obstetrics or gynaecology related e.g. menstruation change 679

            Eye e.g. eye pain, vision blurred 762

            Social circumstances e.g. need to rest in bed or take a break from normal daily activities 861

            Abnormal clinical or laboratory result (i.e. where information is provided on results of relevant tests) e.g. high temperature (via thermometer), increased heart rate or blood pressure (via BP monitor) 668

            Cardiac (heart) related e.g. palpitations 628

            Blood vessel related (i.e. veins/arteries) e.g. pale complexion 665

            Infection e.g. local or general such as influenza or cold sore 461

            Procedural issues and complications e.g. injection site bruising 534

            Ear related e.g. earache, tinnitus 477

            Metabolism and nutrition disorders e.g. decreased appetite 596

            Immune system related e.g. hypersensitivity, allergic reaction 120

            Kidney related e.g. change in frequency of urination 100

            Liver related e.g. jaundice 19

            Endocrine (hormone) 8

            Cysts and polyps <11

            Of course that could be 1:M relationship between patient and symptoms.

          2. Junkface

            65 Irish people died after taking the vaccine!! Is this another version of the VAERS system, where anybody can call in to report all sorts? I mean, I think you need a more rigid and verifiable system. Otherwise my hypochondriac aunt will be reporting every condition known to man., ditto for my friends Dad. There’s got to be loads of them on that list.

          3. SOQ

            Well it does ask for all contact details and I would expect they follow up on each report? I doubt if the 76 deaths is wrong mind.

          4. SOQ

            Also, it is unlikely that many OAP’s would be using computers and websites to report such- much more likely to be a family member or a medic.

        1. Rob_G

          you spend literally all week obsessing over vaccines – how is it that you do not know this?

          1. Michael O'Sullivan

            The bit in the report after they mention 76 deaths?
            “The types of events reported mainly include fatalities often seen in the
            general population, such as those due to natural causes, progression of underlying disease. In
            some cases, the individuals concerned tested positive for COVID-19. For a number of reports,
            the cause of death was unconfirmed at the time of reporting, with post mortem results awaited.
             Reports describing a death are carefully reviewed. However, it can be expected that fatalities due
            to progression of underlying disease or natural causes will continue to occur, including following
            vaccination. This does not mean that the vaccine caused the deaths.

          2. SOQ

            Agreed Michael but, one has to assume the deaths occurred in a short period of time after vaccination. It is the same thing as a CoVid-19 death where comorbidities are a factor.

            I suppose the core question is- would those people be alive if they had not had the vaccines?

          3. Michael O'Sullivan

            Odd that you omitted information in first place?
            It would be very surprising indeed if no one had died of natural causes of the millions vaxed within weeks of jab. Its a vaccine not a miracle.

          4. SOQ

            Not at all odd- that they included a disclaimer is just that, same as every other country. But, if someone dies unexpectedly after receiving such an injection, the reason is most likely what it appears to be.

  2. goldenbrown

    obvious Reidy dad down with the kids

    FOMO technique, a staple of any mass marketing campaign

    he’ll be on the SnapTok and pushing shiny kewl “invite only” things next lol

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    Ten times the attendance of any ratlicker rally. The Paytriot Freedumb fighters must be absolutely raging.

    1. jungleman

      But most of the uk is vaccinated so that would make sense. That number will only increase. Presumably there is a massive drop in the death-rate at the same time.

    2. Cian

      Considering over 90% of the over 50s are vaccinated (and this is the age where most deaths occur).

      90% of the population ended with 220 deaths; 10% of the population has 131 deaths.

      Vaccination works

      1. Michael O'Sullivan

        Can’ reply under this comment by SOQ: “Not at all odd- that they included a disclaimer is just that, same as every other country. But, if someone dies unexpectedly after receiving such an injection, the reason is most likely what it appears to be. ”
        Read the disclaimer again

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        If I read about a venue denying access to them, I’ll definitely pick that one over the ones that don’t.

  4. Junkface

    Great to see the younger age groups taking it seriously. People just want to get back to normal, the more people we have vaccinated, the more likely we can do that.

    1. Micko

      Normal man?

      The relationship between citizen and state has now changed – possibly forever.

      The state is now mandating that you have to undergo a medical procedure to enjoy parts of normal life. That os literally where we are. Regardless if you agree with presenting papers or not – it is MENTAL that we are here!

      Next Tuesday will mark a YEAR when they brought in masks – still required, even for the vaccinated.
      They’re not going away anytime soon – are they?

      We’ve now over taken the UK in vaccination rates – still no talk of opening up fully.
      Do you think it’s going to get better going into winter?

      When exactly do you think your life is going “back to normal”?

  5. stephen moran

    clearly they are not planning on taking in that dream Eric Clapton muppett cruise with special guests the Belfast bore aka Van the Belfast tinfoil cowboy with talentless Jim Corr with talks by grifters and assorted loons including Piers Corbyn / David Icke / Lawrence Fox compared by Bodger & other armchair idiots

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      A captive audience and a petrie dish of gammon and disease. What a treat!

      Will it be on the Diamond Princess?

  6. one username please

    I read ‘Spiked’ at the weekend. An account of the run up to and walk through the UK pandemic. Unreal to read it. Changed my mind about lots of things.

  7. Cian

    Dr. Catherine O’Neal, Our Lady of the Lake (Louisiana) chief medical officer and infectious disease expert. Talks about how Covid patients are overrunning her hospital. And the impact that has on all care.

    This is haunting.(5 minutes)


    Get vaccinated. Wear a mask.

      1. ProfessorMark

        They seem to be good communicators of what is really happening there. So maybe its essential. Most large organisations have a Communications Dept and its necessary for clarity on what is or is not happening. I personally think they need to do this communication given how strapped they are with Covid. Seems like cases are racing up again in various parts of the USA again.

      2. Cian

        214 videos over 5 years.
        Big deal.

        What about the content of that video? ¼ of the beds are filled with covid cases. They are full and can’t accept any more patients- neither covid cases or man-Covid cases.

        Get vaccinated. Wear a mask.

        1. ciaran

          Put your pants back on, turn the internet off and go for a walk mate – you’ll feel better.

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