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Opposing views outside government buildings, Merrion Street, Dublin 2 last month during a covid response protest



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  1. George

    You’re in the minority so no you can’t stop action being taken to limit address Covid-19.

    Did you lose what? The contest is in your mind.

    1. Micko

      Well, I believe that NPHET confirmed last week that they will be releasing the numbers that have died in the previous week every Wednesday from now on.

      Starting with today.

      So, let’s see (later on today) how many have died in the past week and then let’s start to have a grown up conversation about how many deaths we’re willing to accept from Covid so our society can move on.

      1. Mr T

        Remember when Michael was on the blower to Nicola Sturgeon about Scotlands new wave and how Ireland should put restrictions in place?

        Well Scotland are now on the cusp of their “freedom day”, despite higher cases, deaths, ICU numbers than us. No risk of being overwhelmed, theyve just decided that freedoms are more important than a (low) amount of illness.

        Why does MM only follow Scotland when imposing restrictions? No word of an exit strategy for good old Ireland, just keep getting vaccinated and then get your boosters or else we’ll revoke your pub entry status.

      2. Nigel

        If it were possible to calibrate everything in order to achieve precise numbers of deaths we probably wouldn’t be subjected to pandemics at all. Otherwise that’s the sort of conversations grown-ups have in films about hijacked planes that are going to be crashed into buildings unless they’re shot down first.

      3. george

        No idea what you imagine you’re replying to Micko which kind of proves my point.

        These people think their in a fight but the other side isn’t in the fight. They are focussed on fighting the virus.

    2. Mr T

      Loss of common sense.

      We have a vaccine that doesnt prevent spread but does protect people.
      And yet we mandate that everyone needs the vaccine to protect the people already vaccinated?

      1. ProfessorMark

        @Mr T
        It does reduce spread but not prevent – but reduces enough so that life can get back to semi normality.
        We mandate that everyone gets the vaccine to protect the people unvaccinated – they are the ones in hospital. If they are in hospital then lots of other hospital beds cant be used/ procedures cannot go ahead. So its not to protect the vaccinated. Its to protect the unvacinated becauase they think they are invincible – and from a health point of view they are probably not too badly off if infected especially if they are young ……BUT them not being vaccinated facilitates the spread and thus prevents lots of other non covid healhcare taking place. My friend waiting for cancer treatment waiting for a bed for example…

        1. Micko

          “the people unvaccinated – they are the ones in hospital.”

          They are the ones in hospital?

          Where are you getting that data from?

          1. Micko

            I’m assuming that someone wouldn’t make a claim like “the unvaccinated are the ones in hospital” without serious proof (data) to back it up.

            Also, that link you provided George, not only is it from the UK – it literally says “press release” at the top of it.

            So yeah….

          2. George

            So yeah what? It is a press release by Pubic Health England. Part of their job is communicate with health information to the public. So what?

            The press release contains a direct link to the study they used their press release to publicise.

          3. Micko


            Data or source that people in Ireland IN hospital right now ARE UNVACCINATED as per ProfMarks claim

            A completely unrelated UK press release that says “vaccines ae great” isn’t showing anything in Ireland

      2. george

        It reduces spread.

        That’s not the only issue though. Again and again selfish people characterise their unwillingness to be vaccinated or follow Covid guidelines as personal decisions affecting only themselves when this is not the case. Covid-19 is highly infectious and does not confine itself to the individual who chooses not be vaccinated or not to socially distance. When people are hospitalised with Covid-19 it has a big impact on our hospitals and those working there. Your decisions in relation to a highly infectious disease affect others.

        1. SOQ

          Where is you evidence that it reduces spread? We have the exact same numbers of hospitalisations and fatalities as this time last year when there was no vaccines.

          1. George

            CDC: “COVID-19 vaccines currently authorized in the United States have been shown to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 infections, including asymptomatic and symptomatic infection, severe disease, and death. These findings, along with the early evidence for reduced viral load in vaccinated people who develop COVID-19, suggest that any associated transmission risk is likely to be substantially reduced in vaccinated people.”

            We have both a more infectious virus and more people protected from the virus. Both the virus and the population are not the same as last year so direct comparisons don’t work.

  2. Kim Cardassian

    Anonymous Twitter account using username inspired by a character in a book has asked a question. Cool cool.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      So called doctor who associates with barista at law Tracey O’Mahony. Absolute dregs.

  3. Nilbert

    ‘Did we lose 2020’. I think its inspired by the Trump claim that he didn’t lose the election. Some people just crave victimhood.

    Nazi masks, Peado scum, and so forth… It is really disgusting, the anti-vaxx/anti-mask brigade are getting more shrill and desparate each day.
    It is heartening to see how tiny that minority is here though – we seem to be a lot less gullible that I thought!
    It bodes well for the future health of democracy here, even if the current one-party system is a bit of a sham.

    1. Boj

      “It bodes well for the future health of democracy here”
      We’re basically giving the keys to society to gov and big tech companies who are now working together! These entities can (and will) analyze and determine your life and liberties! This is crazy! Only thing crazier is everyone clapping along with it! Science is long gone at this stage imo. Be nice to each other, be you vax or no vax cos we’re all only human.

        1. Boj

          Why at a distance? Is their virus more dangerous than the one the vaccine is protecting you from? Will you die if you get it…presuming your’re already vaxed.

      1. Cian

        “We’re basically giving the keys to society to gov and big tech companies who are now working together!”

        what does that even mean?
        What keys are you talking about?
        What big tech companies?

        1. ian-oG

          @ Cian

          Leo gave Mark Zuckerberg an oversize novelty key the other day but as it was all hush hush we’ll never know about it.

          I know about it and even I don’t know about it, mental what?

          Now nobody knows nothing about nothing*. Its all very clandestine.

          *Except Donald Rumsfeld but they got to him using that old classic ‘old age’. He knew about the unknown unknowns. Look it up, unless they have already wiped him from existence, who knows? Donald did but he’s dead. Now we have no knowledge of the known knowns, the known unknowns and the unknown unknowns. I believe they were all nouns though, so possibly ‘Person, woman, man, camera, TV.’ But who can ever really know these nouns, its unknown.

          1. Boj

            You’re right and I’m wrong…silly me, nothjng more to talk about, carry on…just let me check your papers first….yes you are allowed to leave sector 4 now.

          2. Boj

            Ah so you’re a Medieval Zone kinda guy…nice! You’ll have 2 minutes from when the door closes to bring that crystal back for another 5 seconds in the Dome. Good luck.

        2. Boj

          You are a clever cloggs and I think you know what it means. If you dont, then why waste my scientific keyboard strokes on you?

          1. Boj

            If you truly believe what I wrote was meaningless drivel then maybe you are not as clever as I thought you were.

      2. ProfessorMark

        Science is getting us out of this. Where do you think the keyboard you are typing from came? Where do you think the language you are using came from? Technology & sciene make our lives better regardless of where you look. Sure, there are data concerns. But if you had data concerns you would not be using a credit card, having a bank account or even typing on a comment board like you are now.

        1. Boj

          “Sure there are data concerns” is the most insightful thing there, ridiculously played down but glad to see it got in anyway.
          Do I really need to answer where keyboards and language come from? Sheesh!

          My point on Scinece is that its NOT being listened to anymore. Info/disinfo all over the place. No one truly knows whats goin on anymore so they pin their flag to the right or correct side and their mind is at ease. This is political. Why should we place our trust in these leaders of the world…all seemingly doing the same thing. Do people not question these things? Even internally?

          1. Nigel

            If you don’t like unaccountable technocratic elites havng too much power, then I rather suspect you would object to unelected sicentists setting all public policy.

  4. freewheeling

    One guy challenging a Covid fine in Alberta court brought the entire regime of Covid restrictions there to an end almost overnight. One person can turn the tide – history proves it time and again.

  5. freewheeling

    One guy challenging a Covid fine in Alberta court legally invalidated all Covid restrictions overnight. One person can make a difference – history proves it time and again.

    1. george

      Well I guess the mainstream media refuses to cover this because I can’t see any reporting of that.

  6. scottser

    People are sick of it now. Anyone spouting extremism of any shade can do one, nobody is falling for the fear any more now that most have been vaccinated.

    1. Boj

      Most have been vaccinated but everyone is still fearful…and if not, sure theres always next season, maybe another (movie voice) MUTATION!!! ;-)

  7. ian-oG

    I’m gutted. Did I miss the Nazi masks? I was hoping for a Goebbels but then realised he had no balls at all so was thinking maybe an Adolf or a Heinrich instead?

    I have drawn a swastika (right way round) on a photocopy of my vaccine passport thingy though which will come in handy for the auld ‘Nazi lockdown cosplay’ when it becomes a thing.

    Also, LOL what a sap, ”there is no pandemic”. Grand so love, lets get you into a ward with covid patients for a big sweaty hug and document what happens.

    All angry anti vaxxers can reply via idontcare@nobodyelsedoes.fu

      1. ian-oG

        Better, a Calvin Klein! Like yer man from Back to the Future. Gianni Versace was his name I think or maybe Jack Torrance?

  8. Junkface

    I really wish the whole covid pandemic did not become so politicized. It shouldn’t be, its a public health issue. I blame the USA for that, particularly Trump.

    1. SOQ

      Trump is responsible for the US vaccine rollout? Besides, he doesn’t have an impact here and still, its all politics.

      1. Nigel

        He absolutely was not responsible for the vaccine rollout in the US, are you amnesiac? Or do you think he’s still president?

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