Bespoke In The Wheel


Traders from numbers 2 to 18 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge (above) oppose the cyclepath plan

This morning/afternoon.

A cyclepath In the sleepy village of Ballsbridge?

Only you can decide (until a judge throws it out).

New cyclepath in Ballsbridge would ‘destroy village’, traders claim (Irish Times)

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8 thoughts on “Bespoke In The Wheel

      1. ce

        I was talking about the maniacal cabal that is the green illuminati – who are in allegiance with the Dublin corporation illuminati – that have taken over the country and will soon also destroy the national herd and ban the consumption of turf for recreational purposes…. not the illuminati made up of ballsbridge traders, who also seek world domination beyond control of D4 (and have you noticed that the dollar sign is on the 4 key of your keyboard. so D4 is actually D$) … they’re a whole other sinister illuminati….

  1. george

    “The idea of placing a cycle lane running inside the parking spaces and loading bays will represent an even greater danger to cyclists.” completely incorrect.

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