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The former AIB Bankcentre Headquarters, Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

This deal will see it acquire the 14-acre site in the south Dublin suburb, allowing it to grow its floor space to 870,000 square feet.

The new campus will play host to the 60 teams it has in Ireland across engineering, safety, legal, policy, marketing and sales.

The move will substantially increase its floorspace in the city enabling it to expand its workforce by up to 5,000.

But where will they live, anyone?

Facebook to lease AIB Bank Centre for new Dublin campus (RTÉ)

Pic: Scollard & Doyle

Chartered Land’s Lansdowne Place development

Kitty Holland, in The Irish Times, reports:

The developer behind an exclusive new housing development in Dublin will not be providing any social housing on-site.

In the move, approved by Dublin City Council, Chartered Land developments has bought a block of apartments in Ringsend for social housing rather than provide such housing at its prestigious new Lansdowne Place development of apartments and penthouses in Ballsbridge.

… Up to 2015, under Part V of the Planning and Development Act 2000 developers had to provide 20 per cent of units in a development to the local authority at a reduced rate for social housing. Developers could, however, make a financial contribution or provide land elsewhere to the council to fulfil their Part V obligations.

Amendments to the Act in 2015, intended to end this practice of developers “buying their way out” of the Part V rules reduced the Part V requirement to 10 per cent but also removed the “buy-out” options.

There is a provision, however, in the amended regulations that developers may, “subject to the agreement of the planning authority”, instead “transfer…units on site or off site” to the local authority.

…Housing analyst Lorcan Sirr said while he could understand the “pragmatism” of the council’s approach, “it shows how fluid a concept ‘social mix’ really is”.

“It seems to be absolutely crucial in poorer places like O’Devaney Gardens, but not so in Ballsbridge. It also throws into sharp relief the consequences of the State relying on the private sector to provide social housing it should be providing itself.”

Developer not providing social housing at Ballsbridge site (Kitty Holland, The Irish Times)

Pics: Chartered Land

This morning/afternoon

Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Jennifer Cooling writes:

“Bomb squad… Hand grenade found in the river [Dodder].”

More as we get it.


Jennifer writes:

There are sandbags stacked up and a cable running into them – can’t see in the picture but it’s underneath the bridge on the right.

More as we get it.

waterloolaneScreen Shot 2016-05-12 at 14.43.58

This afternoon.

Waterloo Lane, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

Luke Brennan writes:

Can’t help thinking that these new offices being built are trying to line up PwC as a client….

walford‘Walford’, Shrewsbury Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4


Walford, Shresbury  Road, was purchased by Sean Dunne and Gayle Killilea for €58 million in 2006.

Their plan was to build four more properties out the back and triple their money. Or something.

But that was then.

…In its decision refusing permission for the entire development, the board described Walford as an example of the ‘Arts and Crafts’ style from the early 20th century and Shrewsbury Road as being of unique character in Dublin city.

It said development in the garden would interfere with the historic design of the house and its parkland setting.

Planning consultant Dr Diarmuid Ó Gráda, who acted for one of the objectors, said it was a sophisticated decision that looked at the whole streetscape.

“It’s an important decision for the culture and heritage of Dublin,” he said.




Redevelopment of Ireland’s most expensive house refused (RTÉ)



Elgin Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin

“Euro sceptics out , etc. but this has been bugging me for days. They would have needed a ladder! By the American Embassy…”


90309779903097749030977190309772The former “public convenience” on the junction between Anglesea Road and Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin across the road from the RDS, one of 70 public toilets that used to operate in Dublin.

As heard on RTE R1’s Mooney Goes Wild today, the toilet is now up for auction by Dublin City Council.

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)