Apocalypse Anois


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‘Go mBeirimid Beo’ (That we may live to see) presented by Oisín Mistéil (top).

Are you ready for the end?

Deirdre Ni Chostain writes:

Can we really prepare for an apocalypse? Or are we better off dead?

On a national journey that will bring him from a disused nuclear bunker in Galway to the only Survivalist store in the country in County Cork, Oisín Mistéil is determined to ask the awkward questions about how prepared we are for Armageddon.

Oisín will meet with preppers and nuclear physicists, with environmentalists and monastic historians. His aim? To discover how previous generations dealt with these existential threats and to ask how prepared we are for those of the future.


Go mBeirimid Beo on Wednesday, September 8 at 9:30pm.

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