Win Nick’s Esteem [Extended]


Thank Philomena it’s Friday.

What better way to bask in this glorious Indian Summer than to kick around this week’s voucher-less music question.

The theme this time is your favourite song whose title or lyrics refer to royalty/monarchy (as in kings, queens, princes etc).

Here’s mine.

Reply below for the craic.

Please include video links if possible.

Lines close on Saturday at Midday.

Nick says: Good luck!

Pic: Bunker Vinyl, Cork


The results are in.

Last week’s esteem was won by The Ferg, who chose The Bear by My Morning Jacket as the most underrated song of the 1990s.

The Ferg wrote:

“Sneaking in to the ’90s in June of ‘99 is the hauntingly wonderful ‘The Bear’ from My Morning Jacket. It’s about stepping back from the edge, “There’s still time..” I saw them live in Queens [New York] just before de ‘rona and the epic voice of Jim James is just as incredible in person.”

Nick says: Well done, The Ferg, and thanks all.

Last week; Win Nick’s Esteem

52 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Esteem [Extended]

  1. Rosette of Sirius

    Another underrated band I meant to mention last week was early 90’s jangly power pop band Jellyfish. Their sound was infections and had some great tunes. A talented bunch but never really took advantage of their MTV friendly video success.

    The King is Half Undressed –

    Anyways, I’m playing this week with Elvis Costello’s beautiful Any King’s Shilling from Spike.

    And live –

    I have a couple more in mind I may pop up later.

  2. Fergalito

    Well done The Ferg – there can be no arguments when MMJ are involved !

    Royalty you say? Can there be a better choice than Prefab Sprout – “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” to frolic to in the heat of an Indian Summer? No, there can not.

    “New broom, this room, sweep it clean”

        1. Bertie blenkinsop

          You sure about that Andy?
          I thought it was what “The Queen is dead” was going to be called…

  3. Niall

    Can’t remember where I heard this first……
    The lyric that really stuck with me is “ Trans-Siberian sex toys and what not, but at least it’s something different from what they’ve got in every other aero-port”
    I love the mix of punk and gypsy. Would love to see them live.

    Gogol Bordello: Wonderlust King

  4. eamonn

    XTC – King for a Day
    From the album Orange and Lemons.
    This takes me back to the days of the walkman and cassettes (not much use without them isuppose)
    Used to listen to this album front to back, back to front until it became stretched and twisted. It helped remove me from situstions otherwise unpleasant, fot that I am thankful.
    Mayor of simpleton is another beaut.
    I know today is not about undreated, but I reckon these guys never got the recognition deserved.
    enjoy the weekend

  5. TheFerg

    Thanks Nick! Glad to win your esteem!
    Don’t have time to play this week as literally walking in to get acupucture, and I fuppin’ hate needles!

    Any chance of an extension?

    The Ferg

  6. johnny

    ..perfect soundtrack for smoky lazy hazy summer days and evenings.

    Serve This Royalty by Cody Chestnut,mixed by..

    Dj Kicks Moodyman.

    ..he has been described,given he’s outta detroit as too sample-heavy,with a big draw from Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and Chic,

  7. CapernosityandFunction

    Wild Beasts – All The King’s Men

    Nick with a change of pace this week.

    I was fully prepared for the most underrated song of the 2000’s and I had this gem lined up. As it happens, it fits perfectly with this week’s theme. I saw Wild Beasts in the Olympia during their farewell tour a couple of years ago. What a valedictory occasion it was. They played a magnificent version of this to boot. Wild Beasts stood apart in terms of their unique vocal styles, their music and their lyrics. Maybe they benfited from being cocooned in their Cumbrian fastness brewing up their unique cocktail.

  8. Verbatim

    Song by Joan Baez where she equates Enrico Caruso with being a King
    Words and Music by Joan Baez
    Infinity gives me chills
    So could the waters of Iceland
    But there’s a difference in finding diamonds in rust
    And rhinestones in a dishpan
    Miracles bowl me over
    And often will they do so
    Now I think I was asleep till I heard
    The voice of the great Caruso
    Bring infinity home
    Let me embrace it one more time
    Make it the lilies of the field
    Or Caruso in his prime
    A friend of mine gave me a tape
    She’d copied from a record disc
    It was made at the turn of the century
    And found in a jacket labeled “misc.”
    And midst cellos, harps, and flugel horns
    With the precision of a hummingbird’s heart
    Was the lord of the monarch butterflies
    One-time ruler of the world of art
    Bring infinity home
    Let me embrace it one more time
    Make it the lilies of the field
    Or Caruso in his prime
    Yes, the king of them all was Enrico
    Whose singular chest could rival
    A hundred fervent Baptists
    Giving forth in a tent revival
    True he was a vocal miracle
    But that’s only secondary
    It’s the sound of the monarch butterfly
    That I find a little bit scary
    Bring infinity home
    Let me embrace it one more time
    Make it the lilies of the field
    Or Caruso in his prime
    Perhaps he’s just a vehicle
    To bear us to the hills of Truth
    That’s Truth spelled with a great big T
    And peddled in the mystic’s booth
    There are oh so many miracles
    That the western sky exposes
    Why go looking for lilacs
    When you’re lying in a bed of roses?

  9. Otis Blue

    Never mind the Bolsheviks.

    The Stones casually name check Tsar Nicholas and Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia in the song that came to represent the death of the American hippie dream. Charlie keeps it all in check with a delicious samba groove.

    The Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil

  10. Otis Blue

    Nothing to do with royalty but Blur’s Graham Coxon has composed the soundtrack to Superstate, a new graphic novel released this week. First release of the album is very decent IMO.

    Superstate – Yoga Town (ft Graham Coxon and Valentina Pappalardo

  11. Andy Pipkin

    I think it’s late enough that I’m not going too get too much backlash from Janet, but I really don’t know how she doesn’t appreciate the absolute brilliance of their music?.

    The whole structure of the chords and songwriting plus the vocal harmonies and recording, remember this was 70’s/80’s is unreal!

    If their music is still prevalent today it must mean they done something right?.

    I just have this vision that when little Miss Dreams Of grows up and is in her friends house and someone plays ABBA and Lil Miss thinks, that’s really good…..cue Janet!


    A bit like when I discovered,
    The Clash!!! My dad went mad !!

    ABBA – Dancing Queen


  12. Johnny

    ..rock n roll royalty,Lyndon with his back to audience,Wobble with a tooth blacked out,sitting.

    Swan lake aka death disco is from metal box,humpreys guitar melody is ripped from Tchaikovsky, Levene was a classically trained musician,as good as it ever gets.

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