Ladyparts For Art’s Sake [Extended]


Prints by ‘Vadge of Honour’ at Jam Art



Mark at Jam Art Prints writes:

We’ve a new designer in Jam Art this week – Vadge of Honour. Her work celebrates the female body in all its wonderful forms.

For a chance to win one of her square or A3 signed prints from us, let us know your favourite nicknames for your private parts (tee-hee). Best name wins!

Lines remain open not closed until 2am.

Jam Art Prints

The Jam Art Print competition runs here every second Thursday.

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68 thoughts on “Ladyparts For Art’s Sake [Extended]

  1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    I always liked the term growler but I think Madame prefers to be known as ” La foufoune “, slightly flamboyant, picky but fun when rubbed up the right way

  2. Cian

    This would be brilliantly amusing if Bodger’s replace-naughty-word-omiter goes into overdrive and everyone’s nickname gets replaced by “tootle”.

  3. paul

    the WENUS because I’m looking at it and I’m not happy.

    Realistically though, I occasionally have to say the word ‘penis’ while in work (and with a straight face) so at home it’s absolutely anything other than that. Willy, d*ck, John Thomas, c*ck, dong, wife’s best friend, dangler, wang and my personal favourite… just saying “THIS” while stepping from the shower.

  4. Fergalito

    Always like “mickey” and “lad” used on this fair island.

    “Standing over ya with his lad in his hand, wanting you to degrade yourself” as Mrs. Doyle says in an episode of Fr. Ted just as Ted is about to tear into the breakfast sausage on his fork.

    When i was a kid my parents told me mine was (plain old) “willy” while my sister had a much more interesting sounding word ascribed to her – “menagerie.”

    There’ll never be a shortage of colourful descriptions for ones appendages and bits. If you can raise a wry smile or snort why be vulgar!?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Another phrase (not from Father Ted) was “She’s dying for it…. it’s eating the leg off her”

    1. missred

      Remember a couple of years ago in either Penney’s or Forever 21, there was a plain grey or white t-shirt from a range of Disney merchandise. Below the outline of black mouse ears was the phrase “You’re never too old for Mickey” – and in the pre teens section, no less

  5. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    French men have a fun array of words for their equipment, I translate, the beast, the tail ( La queue), the engine et bien sûr La bite (can’t translate ( féminin …worth noting)) le zizi and the most bizarre le petit Jésus ….

  6. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    least favorite word used by a man, ” your little peach”…feck off

      1. Tony

        Maybe they’ve both had enough of your non-stop antivaxx hoo-hah Bodge!

        Hoo-hah is also my favourite fannyword

  7. Paulus

    Since the days of my own adolescence
    I’m possesed of the very quintessence.
    Whenever it’s slapped
    The nickname most apt
    Is, His Highness; The Royal Tumescence.

    (Blushing here).

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      I have a very proper English friend who calls it in a whisper her front bottom, it’s one of those opposites attract friendships

  8. alickdouglas

    Don’t use it for my own, and I wouldn’t say it in reference to someone else’s but ‘vertical smile’ always makes me chuckle. Thanks Podge and Rodge.

  9. missred

    I find gicker or guthar (both said in a proper Dub accent) to work the best in any situation. “Your gicker is showing” sums up an awful lot. Well, not in front of the family. The word “thingy” was used when I was a kid for one’s growler

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      my Mum always called a gentleman’s tackle The Crown Jewels…” kick him in the crown jewels ” was her dating advice , right after ” keep always the width of the bible between you “

      1. missred

        I’m remembering only now that my younger cousin used to say weesie, his mum told him to call it that instead of willy. He used to sing innocently about weesie rubs.

        I’m amazed and horrified with the amount of biblical euphemisms that were assigned to our bits, never had that in my house

        1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

          I always liked  “c’est le bon Dieu en culotte de velours qui descend dans l’estomac” – it’s the good Lord in velvet pants going down your tummy or “le petit Jésus en culotte de soie” – baby Jesus in silk pants to describe a good glass of wine

  10. GiggidyGoo

    Dublin wan says to her friend, another Wan. “I got my pubic hair cut today”
    “Show us” says the other wan.
    She lifts her skirt, drops the knickers and shows the job in all its glory.

    “Aye, it suits ye” came the response.

    I’ll get Paulus’ coat

    1. Bitnboxy

      Eeewwh! I know this is in jest but coming from a mad auld lad GiggidyGums, just a smidgen creepy. Just don’t go showing anyone d’aul GiggidyGut yourself! ROFL.

  11. Lush

    It’s not a nickname per sé, but here chez Lush, it’s Samantha.
    But that moniker is only for my own secret garden you understand.

    We also have a phrase here, which I think I inadvertently introduced to the poor bewildered locals, to be used when you find yourself in a toilet without the requisite toilet paper; one has to ‘shake one’s salad’, in order to avoid dampening one’s undergarments.

    Right, that’s more than enough for a Thursday evening.

  12. H

    I feel a Slightyesque anecdote is in order for this one….

    Many years ago, when my son was about 4 or 5 years old, our little family visited Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, the hunting Lodge where Elizabeth I was staying when she heard she had ascended the throne.

    We decided to take a walk around the grounds and were following a signposted route so as not to get lost. When we were about half a mile from the House we could hear a cuckoo calling in the nearby trees. I was quite excited by this, as I’d never heard one before, so my son also got excited about it, in the way children of that age pick up on things.

    The path we were walking on was empty except for us and another couple who looked like love’s young dream as they walked arm in arm.

    After a while they veered off the path and headed towards some trees so my son asked us where they were going. My husband looked at him blankly so I quickly interjected that they were looking for the cuckoo’s nest…

    And that is my second favourite euphemism, after the title of this article!

  13. Eoghan

    A good looking female acquaintance was walking near Smithfield around 1999 when a car full of Dublin boyos slowed down, with one fella shouting out the window “aghh, giiis a taste of your furry burger, would you!!!”

    It cracked her up something else and we’ve enjoyed the term ever since, always amplifying the pronunciation of “Fouwiii Bouughaa” in it’s original tone of delivery.

    You have to hand it to the Dubs for their colloquial witticism

  14. Cú Chulainn

    Show us your gee, I said as she winked at me with the hairy eye.. and said I will in me hole… I will in all your holes says I.. you’re only bragging, a langer like you couldn’t satisfy these rashers.. I’m like the rock jayus was on for 3 days.. oh go on so, but start with my goul.. ye big mickey ye..

  15. Clampers Outside

    ‘Beetle Bonnet’ is my favourite name for a woman’s front lower region :)

    Think of the curve, and think of the front of a VW Beetle :)

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