Win Nick’s Esteem [Extended]


Thank Fungi it’s Friday.

Never mind the long gone voucher, feel the sense of conviviality, congeniality and community. What more could a Broadsheet reader want? (Don’t answer that).

This week, I want to know: What’s your favourite song whose title or lyrics mention animals?

Here’s mine.

Lines MUST close at 10.45pm.

Please include video link if possible.

Nick says: Good luck!

Pic: Steamboat Vinyl, Limerick


Last week, we asked you to name your favourite song whose title or lyrics refer to royalty.

Bertie Blenkinsop won my esteem with this fitting entry:

“UB40 – King. For the week that’s in it [UB40’s sax player extraordinaire Brian Travers died last week].”

Last week: Win Nick’s Esteem

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88 thoughts on “Win Nick’s Esteem [Extended]

  1. Rosette of Sirius

    I was a kid of about 6 when I saw this song performed on TOTP.

    Needless to say as a family nuts about dogs, it was a huge hit with us all. Even now, when I hear it, it thumps me hard right in the feels for all my past pups gone to Rainbow Bridge…

    Can only be Love Me Love my Dog by Peter Shelley…

  2. alickdouglas

    Title doesn’t mention animals, but they heavily feature in the last few verses of… oh dear, the title of the song would get me on the naughty step. So we’ll have to go with National Sh**e Day by Half Man Half Biscuit

    “Found a dead wading bird
    Took it home, parcelled it up, and sent it off to the rubber-faced irritant Phil Cool
    With a note inside which read: “Is this your Sanderling?”

  3. alickdouglas

    Oh, and since I think of it, is ‘Animals’ by Talking Heads too literal an interpretation of the theme?

    They’re never there when you need them
    They never come when you call them
    They’re never there when you need them
    The never come when you call them down down down down

  4. eamonn

    Big Rock Candy Mountain
    I know an old lady

    Two from Burl Yves, so far back in the day, but not as far back as wind up turntables, there was a young lad who used to listen to these and others over and over and over on a Burl Yves compilation,(Thanks Mum) it might even have included the Owl & the Pussycat – couldn’t swear to that though. Either way more animals than you could shake a stick at. That same, not so young lad would later,much later pepper the threads of Broadsheet on a Friday in an effort to win the esteem of a fella known as Nick – Happy Friday Nick.
    Back to work now for me.

    PS Well don Bertie – a stellar choice

    1. H

      Song? I have the music for the whole service picked out this long time. I go back and review it every now and then but I haven’t changed it for about 5 years….

    2. Rosette of Sirius

      I’ll be recommending “I Don’t Need No Doctor” by Humble Pie for our vax averse readers…. ;).

  5. nicorigo

    Beck -Painted eyelids-

    In this gem of a lo-fi ballad, Beck uses this powerful animal image: “there is a police siren singing like a tiger with no skin.” Not only it’s one of my favorite Beck song but it is the best image ever too. I mean the screetching sound is definitly piercing your ears (metaphorically speaking of course.)

  6. Liam Deliverance

    George Clinton – Atomic Dog

    “Yeah, this is a story of a famous dog
    For the dog that chases its tail will be dizzy
    These are clapping dogs, rhythmic dogs
    Harmonic dogs, house dogs, street dogs
    Dog of the world unite – dancin’ dogs
    Yeah, countin’ dogs, funky dogs
    Nasty dogs (Dog)
    Atomic dog
    Atomic dog”

  7. CapernosityandFunction

    The theme from Monkey

    When this came out many years ago it used to be shown on BBC2 around dinner time. There were a lot of these dubbed foreign dramas for children on the telly at the time. I couldn’t tell you anything that ever happened in an episode of Monkey; I have never forgotten this theme tune.

  8. Clampers Outside

    It has to be for me… Horses! Horses! Horses!

    Patti Smith’s – Horses :)
    Simple music, thundering chord progression like the gallop of wild horses and fantasical lyrics delivered in a manner so tied to the 60s early punk… What’s in there not to love!
    Now turn it up and dance wildly until you sweat like no one is watching for the near ten minutes of this piece of epic brilliance :)

  9. Lilly

    Any excuse to hear Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. Thirsty Dog:

    I know you’ve heard it all before
    But I’m sorry for this three-year war
    For the setting up of camps
 and wire and trenches
    I’m sorry for the other night
    I know sorry it don’t make it right
    I’m sorry for things I can’t even mention

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