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This afternoon.

Via RTÉ:

Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald (above) said if the Taoiseach fails to act, Sinn Féin would take action and a no-confidence motion would be on the table.

She said that Mr Coveney’s behaviour was not of the standard expected of a minister.

Asked again if Sinn Féin would table that no-confidence motion, she said: “It could come to that.”

Taoiseach must sack Coveney today – McDonald (RTÉ)


This afternoon.


Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney before the Committee on Foreign Affairs yesterday over the appointment of Katherine Zappone to a special UN envoy role last July

This morning.

Following Simon Coveney’s appearance at an oireachtas hearing to explain the appointment of Katherine Zappone to a position within the UN…

…via Irish Times:

An Oireachtas committee is not the place to go for forensic interrogation. But between rambling speeches yesterday, a number of incisive questioners succeeded in highlighting the legitimate reasons for public disquiet over the affair.

They may not have disproved Coveney’s version of events, but even that account presents a decidedly unflattering picture. If one were to accept everything Coveney says at face value – and many certainly will not – he made at least five big mistakes.

He failed to see that there might be anything wrong with unilaterally appointing a former colleague to a nice position in New York, or the political impact that might have.

In March he failed to tell Zappone she had not actually been offered that job even though her texts to him clearly show she believed that to be the case – well before Department of Foreign Affairs officials began thinking about creating an envoy role.

He blindsided the Taoiseach by failing to tell him about the appointment before it came up at Cabinet.

He deleted official records which should be kept for archiving and transparency purposes and admitted that he does this routinely (Coveney’s definition of official business was extremely narrow and totally unconvincing).

And, when the controversy ignited, he gave partial and confusing evidence to an Oireachtas committee.

Coveney is adamant that the envoy role was not designed for Zappone, and that its creation was the result of extensive deliberations in his department. But the plain fact is that Zappone got it because she had a direct line into the Minister.’

A Debacle Of His Own Making (irish Times)


Pic: Oireachtas TV

27 thoughts on “Forensic [Updated]

  1. scottser

    also begs the question why michael martin hasn’t removed him from office – after all the buck stops with him.

    1. goldenbrown

      we know why

      any disciplinary => GE => game over for MM + FF + all current beneficiaries of the trough

      its really (GUBU levels I know but) that barefaced simple as

  2. hmmm

    Original project to continue to give cover to Zappone’s unnecessary, unwarranted and unwanted influence on the offices and officers of the Irish state has failed.

    Now the failure of that narrative is being used to distract and provide cover for the collapse/failure of pandemic/vaccine project.

    Recycled bull – it’s all the Irish political class offers the nation it notionally serves.

  3. Otis Blue

    One of the most refreshing aspects of all of this is to see the patrician, decent guy, Just Society persona crafted by Coveney and his supporters completely demolished. At yesterday’s session he made the point that this was the first time in his 23 year political career that the integrity of his political actions were questioned. That he’s revealed as no different – and certainly no better – than the other grifters and trough dwellers is what really hurts him.

    Stick a fork in his ass, turn him over, he’s done.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      He has form in lying. He told us one time that Hugh Coveney didn’t have an offshore account, when he did in fact have one. Integrity?

      1. johnny

        ..have seen him and BIG MaryLou ‘work’ a room….she may as well be representing,comedy centrals Integrity farms,he’s just a class act,just is,the haters gonna hate.

        Do you have any tegridy,do you want some F …

        south park this season.

    2. goldenbrown

      nah, I don’t find anything particularly endearing or valuable in Coveney
      he’s just another well heeled well connected dynasty member playing the game
      worse still there’s no discernable vocation in him
      it’s just rungs on the ladder he can brag about around the table at xmas dinner
      his stint in real measurable portfolios like Housing (lol) told me everything I needed to know about him
      he’s a bs merchant just like most of the top end of FG

      1. johnny

        Former guy.
        No majority.
        Leakin duplicitous mendacious Leo

        I think Ireland should be more grateful for Simon and his THANKLESS public service,he sure does not need the access nor the chump change,he simply is one Ireland’s greatest recent Minister’s and yeah diplomat, history will judge him kindly,he’s just fun,witty,well educated,debonair,kinda handsome and tall …wtf,is there not to like and admire,he really handles himself with aplomb,its likable,ever met Leo,i checked for my wallet after.

        1. scottser

          you make decent points johnny, but please for the love all things decent would ye learn how to fekn type.

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    Of coure Eamon’s gonna stand by his man. Those pension entitlements won’t kick in on their own.

  5. Mr T

    The coalition has to last a few years before ministerial pensions are earned – dont expect anyone to rock the boat before then.

    Money before morals, the way it’s always been.

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